The socialist country Venezuela is collapsing yet again thanks to their endless stream of mismanagement and corruption thanks to their dictator and now are begging the U.S. to send them more crude oil to help their failing country, reports Hot Air.

Venezuela is sitting on top of one of the richest crude oil deposits on the planet and yet they cannot keep their infrastructure running properly long enough to supply their citizens with enough oil. It’s a sad country when they can’t even do that.

“‘Struggling Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA has launched tenders to purchase a total 4.2 million barrels of U.S. and Russian crude oil, which includes up to 3 million barrels of U.S. light sweet and 1.2 million barrels of Russian Urals, Reuters reports citing tender documents.

One tender is for five cargoes, 600,000 barrels each, of WTI or DSW crude blends. According to the documents, the company would also consider taking it in alternate increments of two 1-million-barrel cargoes of U.S. crude, plus another 600,000-barrel shipment.

The other tender is for two cargoes of 600,000 barrels of Urals crude each, both for January delivery. The crude will be processed at Venezuela’s Isla refinery, which has a capacity of 335,000 bpd, but Isla has been working at reduced utilization rates because of a shortage of light crude,’ reports Oil Price.”

Hot Air says that Russia will likely make a delivery assuming they can spare some. Maduro has no assurance that he’ll get the oil from the U.S. for a couple of reasons.

One is that the U.S. sanctions against him are still in place with more being considered. The second is the fact that someone will have to be willing to take the chance to extend credit to Venezuela, a country that’s current economy is in tatters.

Oil Price reports that oil tankers are causing jams in the ports of Venezuela because they are waiting until they receive enough oil to transport.

At the other end of the supply chain, ten tankers full of crude are sitting offshore awaiting orders to unload which have not come because the sellers are not being paid. The system is nearly shut down.

The current crude oil output from Venezuela is at historic lows and they’re sitting at 13% capacity utilization in their refineries.

This all is the result of what happens when a country tries to make socialism work. The New York Times has even reported that the people of Venezuela are starving in the streets and are protesting in the streets. The country is falling apart thanks to its disgusting dictator and his socialist reign.

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  • Indiana Mike

    Hey, Venezuela is just Socialist’s being Socialist.

  • donl

    ….And this is what Soros and the Demo-Commies want us to have, we almost became Socialists in the last election, thanks to Trump and the REAL American people we are still Free.

    • Raymond Martucci

      The Americans that support this kind of a socialist country should move to Venezuela since they support this kind of economy

      • donl


  • Burney Fordham

    I say keep our oil and let’em suffer…..


    Venezuela is what o$$$$$hiiiitthead wanted the USA to become. What a freakin idiot.

  • Nikola’s Notion

    You got it. We’ll load 20 gigantic cargo vessels and 10 supertankers and anchor them on the horizon from the Caracas waterfront. The people will know what to do, if they want those ships to dock. Bye-bye Maduro and company.

    • antilib

      I like that.

      • Nikola’s Notion


  • Morgan23

    Let them stew in their own juices.The ”people” put these morons in power let them figure out to make the system they want work. It won’t work just like it didn’t work n the Soviet Union, it won’t work here even though there are people stupid enough to think so.

  • joe

    Venezuela, a case study in how to turn a prosperous Capitalist first world country into a failed Socialist third world country in only 19 years!

    Are you listening Democrats/Marxists Obama, Hillary and Bernie??

  • bbb

    Alas, political empires like Venezuela are fully as corrupt as the American FBI.
    No matter what they ask or need, anyone who tries to step in with kindness or generosity or even as part of NATO will find this crocodile will bite off the hand that feeds it.
    Until Venezuela arrives at a political place of stasis there is nothing the US can do or not do that won’t be soundly criticized and despised.

    • Thomas L. Stafford

      BBB, It is in stasis. The country is in a politically enduced coma. Socialism will eventually do it every single time. It is worse when a despot and his cronies take over. The Castros’ Cuba, Kim Sums’ Korea, Putins’ Russia, etcetera are festering examples. There are other mixes of political and economic principles which have produced baleful results. They all have one thing in common, an overly powerful central government. Why the people that want more federal programs and resist any decrease in what is already in place cannot see that is beyond me.

      • Marc Leap

        Don’t forget: just about every nation in sub Saharan Africa is a socialist country run by a despot. What a mess that entire continent is.

  • Socialism (power) is only cured when Free Enterprise Capitalism (freedom) takes hold.

    The people must ask themselves if they want corrupt politicians running their lives or do they want to sort it out among themselves?

  • Big Ed

    It seems Ronald Reagan was right when he said if you put a socialist in charge of the Sahara Desert, soon there would be a shortage of sand. With one of the largest oil finds on earth, the Venezuelan Socialists find they have a shortage of oil. Socialism is a joke, but not a funny joke-it kills people by starving them to death. It does serve to give a little light to Bernie Sanders intelligence-it more than proves he is a moron, as are all of his followers.

    • Marc Leap

      His followers are mostly just a bunch of free-loading bums who want something for nothing and believe his lies.

  • nimbii

    Huh? We send them oil?

    Socialism lives!!!

  • Morgan23

    Now Cathy Griffith has somewhere to go to be funny.