Colby Covington

UFC fighter Colby Covington has a chance to win the UFC Welterweight title this weekend. And if he does, he wants to visit the White House to honor American institutions and the presidency.

Colby also expressed displeasure that so many professional athletes are disrespecting the country, our flag, and the national anthem.

“It’s a complete joke,” Covington said of sports teams boycotting White House visits under President Trump. “The Philadelphia Eagles suck. The Golden State Warriors — they suck. What a joke. You live in America.”

He also said that he wanted to hand his belt over to President Trump:

“You stand for this flag. You stand for the troops — the women and men that were brave and put their lives on the line so you guys can have your freedoms today,” he said. “I definitely want to bring the belt to the White House and see Trump.”

Check out the interview: