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On Tuesday the Weinstein Company board said they had no idea about the payoffs Harvey Weinstein had made to sexual harassment accusers. Today, we learn that is a complete lie. And another layer of protection for his reprehensible behavior is exposed.

Variety reports that the board knew about the payments back in 2015:

“The Weinstein Company board, which stated on Tuesday that it was not aware of the cash settlements Harvey Weinstein had made regarding sexual harassment allegations, was alerted to the payments in 2015, according to an interview by the New York Times with lawyer David Boies.

“Boies represented Harvey Weinstein in 2015 when Weinstein’s contract was up for renewal. According to the interview, Boies stated that the board was informed of three or four of the settlements Weinstein had reached.

“Lance Maerov, the board member who was in charge of Weinstein’s contract negotiations at the time, also said in an interview that he had been made aware of settlements but had assumed they were to cover up consensual affairs, and, as he was assured there were no pending lawsuits against Weinstein and that Weinstein hadn’t used company money to make the settlements, he granted Weinstein’s contract.”

We now know there are at least eight women who have accepted settlements from Weinstein for sexual harassment and/or assault.

Maerov explained that he thought the accusations were based on “consensual liaisons” because he knew Weinstein was a “philanderer.”

So in other words, he knew Weinstein was a complete creep and was not surprised that he had to pay off women to keep them quiet about his salacious lifestyle.

Absolutely disgusting. The more we learn about this man the more we see giant red flags that should have exposed him a long time ago. Due to the cowardice of journalists and his peers alike, he irreparably harmed women for decades.

Mark my words, there will be others in Hollywood exposed for similar behavior. Ben Affleck is already getting examined for his past abuses. And the shoe is going to drop on others as well. Whenever a story like this comes out it snowballs. And there have been rumblings of Caligula-like practices in Hollywood for years.

It took allegations like this to clean up Fox News (we hope). Now, we wish this will lead towards a culture change in the sinful land of Hollyweird.

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BY Alan Moore

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