One of President Donald Trump’s attorney’s, Jay Sekulow said Tuesday that there is an “unprecedented level of corruption” in the FBI/DOJ investigation and the alleged ties to corruption with Russia, Sara Carter reported.

The president’s lawyer told Fox News host Sean Hannity, “The depth of corruption that led to this investigation and that frankly continues to permeate this investigation is unprecedented.”

Sekulow also addressed whether or not President Trump will be sitting down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller for an interview. “Frankly it is the position of the legal team…that there’s not a constitutional basis to move an interview forward,” he said. Ultimately, though, he said that President Trump would decide whether or not he will talk to Mueller.

Hannity responded with a hypothetical situation.

“If you told me, absolutely not, I don’t think you would appreciate or accept me saying ‘I’m gonna do it anyway,’ that’s my view.”

“I understand that Sean,” Sekulow replied, “but you’re not the President of the United States, so there is a different calculus that goes on there for him.”

“Our inclination is no, I could put 100 lawyers in a room, and all 100 of them are going to say that. I make the joke when I’m talking to reporters, that if you put the president up for an interview, you’ll have 12 lawyers that will say, ‘I can’t believe they did that,’ but if you don’t put the president up for an interview, the same 12 lawyers will say, ‘what are you hiding?'”

Ultimately, it is Trump’s decision.

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