Nancy Pelosi displayed her inability to properly speak during her press briefings yet again and making it even more clear how she should step down and retire soon, reports The American Mirror.

Her strange behavior and apparent issues continued on Friday during her weekly press conference, as a jaw problem seemed to impact her speech, she suffered at least two brain freezes and garbled words.

Once again denouncing the Republicans’ popular tax cut, Pelosi said, “After adding $2 trillion to the debt, Republicans plan 2 thousand — 2 trillion worth of cuts.”

Congratulating the astroturf groups organizing against the tax plan, she said, “All over the country we’re having, uh, tax scam — the tax march…”

Claiming the tax plan is bad for some states, Pelosi said, “What does this mean to your state? In Arizona, in Texas, in Illinois, in Florida, in New York, in Massachusetts, in California — did I say California more than once? It’s a big state.”

She said “California” only once.

“House Re, uh, Democrats introduced H.R. 5-oh– Fifty-eleven,” she said about a bill she nearly claimed was brought by Republicans.

Riffing on Republicans, Pelosi said, “You have to ask yourself, why would they not want to protect the integrity of our elections? That’s so fundamental. Everybody cares about that,” she said, gazing off, before realizing she was off her script.

Rifling through papers, she continued, “Well…in any case, uh, uh, onto for (unintelligible) I’ve called on the administration of both parties— oh, I wanted to just say another thing here,” she said, confusing herself and rifling through more papers. “This week we had,” she said before trailing off, seemingly groping for words.

While discussing the bank bill, she suffered a brain freeze.

“There’s some features that you might say how do we help community— uh, community banks. How do we help, um, S, um, um—” she attempted to continue. “Raise that number, I think that number could be raised,” she finally said, her words again aligning with her brain.

Even when you write out everything she says, you still can’t really understand her. Democrats need to come up with a new spokesperson or just a new leader in general if they want to make any kind of progress in their party.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


I am a staff writer for DC Statesman and like to report on current events happening in the Trump administration as well as the political world.