Those in glass houses should not throw stones. CNN’s Brian Stelter, of Reliable Sources fame, failed miserably to ridicule President Trump over the weekend. Trump wrote an embarrassing typo recently in a tweet about Melania’s health where he referred to her as “Melanie.”

It was embarrassing to be sure, but hey, everyone writes typos now and then. But it wouldn’t be unfair for the media to poke fun at a man who misspelled his wife’s name. OK, we get it. But Stelter tried to turn it into some massive conspiracy and even said it had “big meanings” behind it. He then somehow turned it into a diatribe about Iran and nuclear weapons.

It was downright bizarre. Then Stelter completely loses his perceived moral authority when he says Marine “Corpse” instead of “Corps” (pronounced CORE) and does not correct himself.

Here is the transcript:

“We are only interested in the president’s typos because they are a part of a pattern. This one was particularly funny or embarrassing or whatever because it involved the First Lady. For the last, you know, 16, 17 months, the president’s Twitter account has had all sorts of typos, misspellings, errors, things like that. And it does have people talking, not just English teachers, but a lot of people are talking about why the misspelling or sloppiness matters. He’s misspelled council, and weather, Marine Corps, unprecedented — lots of different words. The president was not elected to be a spelling bee champ. If you get the smaller stuff right while the big stuff matters. It’s not just the president’s Twitter feed it also happens on White House announcements on press releases and official statements. Sometimes these have big, big meanings when you say Iran had versus Iran has nuclear weapons and those sort of issues have been problematic. I think the bottom line, guys, everybody needs an editor. Even the president’s Twitter feed.”