Footage has surfaced of a dramatic moment in which a car comes barreling towards President Trump’s motorcade. The car came out from nowhere in the woods just as his caravan of vehicles passed by in Missouri. Secret Service immediately thought the driver was attempting to harm the president.

The out-of-control car can be seen in the video above. Bystanders are recording the highway as the president’s police escort arrives. When the limo’s are seen, the car comes speeding out of
the woods on the right side of the screen. It hits the barrier on the highway and comes to a stop. The video was shot by Clayte Hefner. He said there were two women in the car.

After the white car is stopped another vehicle from the motorcade turns around and parks directly in front of the vehicle. A number of men in suits emerge and walk towards the car. We assume this is Secret Service but the video stops after that.

You can see more in this picture:

Police later learned that failed brakes were to blame, although the timing with the motorcade is concerning:

“The vehicle hit a ditch and was disabled, Ozarksfirst reports.

“A man in the video is heard shouting: ‘Oh my gosh! Look at the car that came out of the woods. That car right there just drove out of the woods!’

“But police in Springfield have said failed brakes appear to be to blame.

“A spokesman told KYTV that the driver had driven down an embankment from a nearby Bass Pro warehouse.”

You can hear a crunch sound as the car hits the embankment.

Someone then exits the car, clearly distressed.

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