Tucker Carlson

In light of recent events surrounding statues of prominent political figures being taken down, Washington DC is planning to erect a statue of known racist and drug addict Mayor Marion Barry Jr. (D).

Tucker Carlson grilled talk show radio host Garland Nixon about the statue of Washington DC’s Mayor Marion Barry Jr. (D) and its appropriateness.

“[Carlson] said that Barry, who he personally liked and once invited to dinner at his home, is just as controversial as many of those figures the left wants scrubbed from town squares,” reported Fox News Insider.

Mayor Marion Barry Jr., who died in 2014 at 74 years old, was a four term mayor of DC.  During his time as mayor, Barry was seen smoking crack cocaine on camera.

“Carlson said that when Barry was reelected in 1994, he declared that ‘white people [should] get over it.'”

Barry made other racist comments during his time as mayor, one notably toward the Asian community.

“Barry also angered the Asian community when he said ‘we got to do something about these Asians coming in. These dirty shops: they’ve got to go'”, reported Fox News.

Nixon attempts to defend Barry in the interview, but is quickly brought down with Barry’s racist and bigoted comments.

“If you’ll recall though, [Barry] was brought to task about that, and he discussed it, and he talked about the issue there was in the black community that a lot of black people didn’t own the businesses and he came back and he apologized for it.” said Nixon.

Carlson points out the message that erecting such a monument would bear.

“The only reason you would put Marion Barry’s statue up is to give the finger to certain people in the city who hated him because he hated them, and said so, out loud. This guy was an open race baiter, and I’m not sure why we’re giving him a pass on that” says Carlson.

If we can’t have statues of prominent figures like Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus and even George Washington, what makes it alright for a known racist and drug addict to be memorialized?