Ben Shapiro And Barack Obama

Ben Shapiro was on fire this morning. Appearing on ‘Fox and Friends’ on Fox News he was asked about the secret FISA memo and if it should be released. In a span of about a minute, Shapiro laid out a strong case against the Obama Administration for impeding the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Shapiro said, “It’s pretty clear at this point that the Obama Administration was impeding the Hillary Clinton investigation with the help of the FBI, or at least players within the FBI.”

The whole interview is worth watching. Shapiro explains that the secret FISA memo could be extremely damaging to the FBI and the Obama Administration. But we won’t know for sure until it’s released and the American people deserve to know the facts.

Shapiro ended the interview with a parting shot regarding the recent tax cuts. He was asked if he was going to see any benefits and he indicated he probably wouldn’t because he lives in California and they would find a way to ruin it in some way because “California is a terrible state.”

But these comments sent liberal on Twitter into a frenzy. They immediately blew up in anger, tweeting out the most ridiculous things:

This gem right here, oh my…

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  • TrueAmerican781

    Typical left “I don’t care if the Obama Admin killed somebody…” The left is ok if some dies (Benghazi, Border Patrol, millions of babies) but if you are impeding the “rights” of illegal aliens or “cheated” to win the presidency (only the Dems are aloud to cheat), then thats the tipping point for the left.

  • GrizzMann

    Know the truth and it shall set you free.

  • markypolo

    All democrats are liars, crooks and thieves. PERIOD.
    I don’t need to read no stinking memo to know that.

  • Jmanjo

    The left is chock full of desperate critters that should have never seen the light of day! Trump and his administration have been straight shooters from the start and the liberals have lied about every step along the way. Obama is the criminal here and Hillary is the back water tramp that should never have been in politics as crooked as she is! Dems from California should be exempt from breathing real air in America as they are not qualified to be citizens here…just inmates!

  • dan690

    This would be just the tip of the iceberg of Obamas crimes. He should be in prison.

    • He should be under the prison; Hillary too.

  • RLS

    Hey folks, Hillary and Obama are the enemies within. Their agenda is disorder, division, and destruction for the United States.

  • RLS

    Hillary and Obama actually enabled the Russians by selling them uranium. Putin wants to be a Superpower and the new Czar of Russia, who better to help him than the Communists in the Democrat party!

  • wga8888

    I wish the Federal government had agencies to serve the American people similar to the Democrat Party’s FBI, IRS, Justice Dept, CIA, NSA, FISA court, judicial system, etc.

    • TrueAmerican781

      It could, but it would take a while. We need good people who will do whats best for ‘the people’ and the country as opposed to whats best for their own selfish needs/wants. Also we need people to educate themselves of those they elect or re-elect. McConnell, Graham, etc… should have been out of Congress years ago but their constitutients fail to look at the past behavior and either vote them in because of name recognition or because they believe the ‘promises’ they are told.

  • geoffreybramhall

    Democrats (many of them) really are unhinged. Do you think they really
    understand the meaning of what they are saying? Not sure here.


    “Shapiro explains that the secret FISA memo could be extremely damaging to the FBI and the Obama Administration.”

    The SECRET memo.

    The taxpaying citizens have the right to know!!!! We foot the bill. They work for us.

    So what if the memo could be extremely damaging to the obamie administration. These elected officials are entrusted to uphold the Constitution, the rule of law and to protect and serve the CITIZENS of the USA. Any abuse or shenanigans should be dealt with swiftly and with severe penalties to include REAL jail time.

    I really don’t care if a former president is taken away and locked up for breaking the rules. We are witnessing how these lying parasites are held to a lower standard than the average Jane and John Doe. They are NOT above the law!

  • jackw97224

    Politics is violence; it is organized crime. So, yes, obumma was and is a criminal. We don’t need political government. We would be wise to give organized government based on voluntary contracting a chance. Sure, I would contract with the police but I would make damned sure they had to show a claim for any ticket, i.e. the officer would have to show how he was harmed or how his property was damaged and the damned judges would have to prove jurisdiction, i.e. they would have to provide factual evidence that the constitution and law apply to me just because I am physically present in some state like corruptifornia. BTW, the judges don’t have such “factual evidence” and never have else we would be stinkin’ slaves on the plantation state subject to masters/politicians and their overseers/enforcers/judge.

  • Big Ed

    Democrats are despicable. The statement by one leftist that they “didn’t care if Obama killed someone, that doesn’t give Trump the right to do illegal things” is very telling. In fact, Obama did kill many, many people (like the killing of millions of babies, allowing the deaths of four Americans including an ambassador in Benghazi, and as I understand it for the last few years under Obamacare the life expectancy in the US has fallen). So Obama is killing them at birth, at death and everywhere in between. As for allowing Trump to do illegal things, I have seen no proof of any illegality by him since he has been in office-if he did do something illegal, it would be quickly found because he has two Congressional committees and a special prosecutor investigating him. The only signs of illegality they have found so far are a few things that will send about half of the Democrat Party to jail eventually-including Obama.