Since Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital or Israel he has been facing constant backlash from Democrats. He is also planning on moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Other countries are starting to follow in his amazing footsteps. Romanian politicians were among the first to consider moving their embassy as well. Guatemala was also among the first to announce their thoughts on moving.

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has stated 10 more countries have come forth and said they would like to consider moving their embassies to the Jewish holy city. Honduras is supposedly the next country planning to publicly announce the move. Honduras is one of the few countries that voted in favor of the U.S. by voting now against the General Assembly’s resolution that condemned the U.S. plan to recognize Jerusalem.

Independent Journal Review says this about the U.N. situation right now:

“U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said the U.S. was going to take note on who stood with it and was able to negotiate a $285 million cut in its contribution to the United Nations for next year.

“In addition to these significant cost savings, we reduced the U.N.’s bloated management and support functions, bolstered support for key U.S. priorities throughout the world, and instilled more discipline and accountability throughout the U.N. system,” the statement announcing the cut in spending read.”

The recognition of Jerusalem will prove to bring many allies to us in the future. President Trump know’s exactly what he’s doing and is making sure the U.N. knows what they’re doing and how things will affect them if they don’t cooperate.

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  • AmericanMan2012

    Justice, Righteousness, is a firm hand, and Trump acts rightful, not like other’s for 70 years, of fake , stupid peace accords, willing to cut a baby in half ,before finding out who rightfully belongs in Israel!!!!

  • jackw97224

    The thing to keep in mind is that politics is violence (Tolstoy We would be better off to try organizational government based on voluntary contracting. Most of the political junk and arguments would vanish if we got rid of political government. Political government has caused or provoked wars of slaughter, economic recessions or depressions and has facilitated the looting of most people via its fiat currency inflations(thefts). Make not mistake, taxation is extortion and government/politicians have sanctioned legalized plunder via the income taxes and other taxes. Oh, and the gd judges are criminals or they would throw out all income tax cases!

  • Bruce

    Good, but hardly staggering number.

    • mbnick

      Just think of it as a 100% increase.

  • domar1938

    Ambassadors vote in the UN with their buttons. Countries vote with their feet.

  • Nikola’s Notion

    I think Putin would very much like to follow Trump’s lead, but he doesn’t dare because he must curry favor with the Iranians, Hezbollah and the Alawites, all of whom consider Jerusalem a muslim city.

  • Luis D. Rey

    Domar 1938,
    Did you mean? they voted with their bottoms, lol….

    • Mike Smith

      Luis are you a legal citizen of this country???

    • bluesea

      You can see how the Dems lie and cheat to win. All the dems in Cali and the other Dem states should ALL be arrested on voter fraud because they signed up many many illegal aliens to vote when the Constitution clearly states that you MUST BE A CITIZEN to vote.


    Is it required that you lie through your teeth when you become a conservative? The reason I ask is that Mr. Kingsley’s article, with it headline/claims is an out and out lie; He would like to have you believe that nations are actually following Trump’s move. When in fact, there are 8 countries out some 180, “considering” such a move.
    Why not tell the truth with no misleading headline/claims? Is that asking to much? Or is the fact that Trump is such a poor leader you must lie to make him look good?

    • LInda

      Yes you are correct, BUT 8 countries will grow to more and more as the other leach countries see US money stop flowing into the UN. No one has to lie for Trump. No one has to prop up his leadership. If you can’t see how this country is benefiting from only 1 year in office you are as deaf, dumb and blind as all the other liberal lunatics. Keep feeding yourself all the “Anti-Trump” garbage. You are a looser. So sorry. Have a Happy New Year!

      • DUTCHIET

        Linda, If I am unable to recognize Trump’s leadership, I am not alone. His own party’s leadership has declared that he is not a leader. He has given up the role of leader of the free world. He had made the USA a laughing stock of the world.
        I believe you are a true Trumper. You live in the unreal world of Trumpisms. All he has done is taken credit for what our last guy did and that in its self is sad.
        Happy New Year and try to understand the real world before you call anyone a looser, they may think you are talking about yourself.

      • Mike Smith

        dutchiet you need to look at reality , and not with the high school fantasy that you live in now.

      • DUTCHIET

        MIKE, Happy New Year. We live in a great country. We can express are thoughts without reprisal, even if we are wrong. And clearly one of us thinks the other live in neverland. All we can do is wait to see how history judges this clown, The last one was at least civil and we did no have to go to Twitter to find out national policy

    • Mike Smith

      If you kids think that conservatives lie through their teeth then you have been listening to the liberal teachers, and media to long. Democrats are constantly lying to the American people just to buy votes and stay in office. Look at hillary, and Benghazi, obuma and his so called affordable health care plan that no one can afford to have. Bill clinton and his ( I didn’t not have sex with that woman, then admitted that he did.) Democrats are always lying about everything that they do just to remain in office. STOP LISTENING TO YOUR TEACHERS AND LOOK AT THE REAL WORLD. THEY ARE PAID TO GIVE YOU A PACK OF LIES BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Just like Hitler did during ww2 to his country.

  • Tom

    Trump is a Pres who does the right thing. He is honest, straight forward, ethical, and deals in reality not fantasy.

  • Rodney Aho

    Prayer for Jerusalem and PRAISE GOD !! Thank you President Trump Notice in spelling JerUSAlem The USA is right in the middle !!