According to a Friday report by The Hill, Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of 21st Century Fox and Fox News, has inquired about buying the leftist news station CNN.

Sources say that Murdoch has inquired, not once but twice, about buying CNN from AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson:

“According to one source, Murdoch offered to purchase CNN in both conversations. But another source said Murdoch had “zero interest” in purchasing the 37-year-old cable news network,” reported The Hill. 

AT&T agreed to buy Time Warner 13 months ago but is awaiting approval from the US Antitrust regulators.  However, conflicting reports have emerged over whether the Justice Department has required the sale of Turner Broadcasting prior to approval of the deal:

Stephenson on Thursday denied that the demand had ever been made and that he would not even consider it,” reported The Hill. 

Matt Drudge tweeted that the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker, will be “out either way,” whether AT&T acquires Time Warner or not:

However, CNN has fired back at Drudge claiming that the news source has “strong ratings when compared to the network’s past performance”.

If Murdoch does end up purchasing CNN, Trump fans and Republicans alike will jump for joy. It would be a bittersweet end for CNN as they would have someone in charge who actually knows how to be successful in news coverage, but would undoubtedly shift the network right.

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  • Finder1009

    Even if the “New Owner” shifted CNN to the center, it would even be better than what it is now. If CNN actually reported real news instead of fabricating and distorting what they publish, it would be a HUGE success.

  • Bruce

    With the Murdoch sons in charge, I doubt if we would see that much of a difference from what it is now. The new name for CNN could be Pravda Today.

  • Toni Macrie

    That acquisition would be a God send. I hope the transaction comes to fruition. It would help the conservative movement’s momentum.

  • Esau’s Message

    CNN touting its ratings is like a college football teaming bragging over its 4-8 record this year, because its record last year was 2-10. “We won twice as many games as last year. Yay!”

    I don’t why Murdoch would want CNN. I can understand acquiring CNN International. That would be a nice fit for Sky News and Fox News both. I can understand acquiring TBS. That’s a cash cow among cable entertainment channels. But CNN itself. I have no clue what he would do with it.

  • dan690

    And fire and replace all of their employees.

  • donl

    ( IF ) that happened, it would be nice to see some REAL NEW faces with some REAL NEWS.

  • Cecil J

    The two party system needs to end. We need a 1 term limit Constitutional Amendment so none of those jerk politicians can go up there make a career out of selling out the rest of the Country to the highest bidders all so they can have their little name in the lights and collect some graft at everyone else’s expense-pigs!!!

  • JohnB

    I remember in 1989, while Attending Corpsmen school at Naval Station Great lakes that CNN played on a TV in the school lobby which we watched with great interest back then. It was a great news source back then. Today not so much as it merely reflects the socialist politics of its owner