US Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s husband, Steven Schultz,  is now being accused of trying to rip off an elderly homeowner.  A lawsuit filed in Fort Lauderdale, FL, states that Schultz tried to have 70-year-old investor Frank DiMaria hand Schultz the deed to his $4 million commercial property.

“Because DiMaria was having troubles reimbursing credit lines and mortgages issued by Schultz’s now-defunct Community Bank of Broward, the bank would eventually launch the foreclosure of DiMaria’s property on the heavily traveled Atlantic Boulevard beachfront area.”

DiMaria is now saying that Schultz used intimidation tactics to get him to surrender his property without proper proceedings from the law. 

“’Mr. Schultz called Mr. DiMaria and proposed that he sign the Pompano Beach property over to Mr. Schultz personally,’ the lawsuit reads. ‘Mr. DiMaria replied by stating, ‘Are you out of your mind?’

“Mr. Schultz replied by stating ‘no’ and further stating something to the effect of ‘no matter how big a lawyer you get or how many, I will destroy you and them and you know I have the power to do it.”

Schultz is using the defense that DiMaria knows about Schultz’s marriage to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to create a conspiracy involving the two.  

“’Mr. DiMaria knows I’m married to Debbie, so he might believe in some big conspiracy theory involving me and Debbie,’ Schultz said. ‘But that’s not the case. I couldn’t personally seize his property even if I wanted to.

“He is a crazy old guy who cost the bank a lot of money. Eventually, we had to sell his mortgage to another party at a $200,000 loss.”

Schultz is also blaming DiMaria’s Italian accent on the “misunderstanding”.  He also is questioning DiMaria’s business sense, saying that he overpaid for the 17,000-square-foot strip mall. Road work that occurred shortly after DiMaria’s purchase hurt traffic to the mall and caused tenants to lose business. 

“’What is definitely possible is that someone at the bank asked Mr. DiMaria to sign over the property without a costly court fight. A full-fledged foreclosure battle costs money not only to the bank but to the landowner as well.

“But I never asked that he deed the property to me. Besides, I’m not interested in commercial properties.”

Wasserman Schultz has stepped down from her position as head of the DNC  during this last presidential campaign after emails surfaced showing she favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

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  • gwedem5995

    I remember my asking my dad why he didn’t vote and he said if they weren’t crooks before they were elected, they soon would be. I am beginning to agree.
    And what gets me the most is that anyone else would be in jail or lose their job, but it doesn’t seem the case if you are in govt.

    • mbnick

      She should be sharing a cell with Brown from Jacksonville.

  • GOPerson

    I believe the land owner. Another shady lawyer and a Democrat. But I am being redundant.

  • Gatofuzz

    Are the Russians involved ??

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      “…um….uh..right!….um…I was on my way to…uh…volunteer at the…um…orphanage when…um…Trump pulled me aside and uh…started dangling a watch in front of me…telling me slowly in Russian that I was…uh…getting really …um…sleepy and that…er…I had to devote the rest of my life to…um…ripping off seniors and uh…”

  • dan690

    Democrats are known for ripping off seniors. They robbed Social Security and also started taxing Social Security.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    This is outrageous; what a slacker the Pedocrats have on their hands! What’s his excuse for not ripping off TENS and HUNDREDS of millions like the party expects of him?

    • Gnowark

      LBJ, 1964 CRA “vote 200 years” conversation on USAF1. (World Record Holders can always include the deceased, as long as they still vote).

  • William Sasman

    Wow. What is going on. Both her and him maybe in the jail house together.

    • jackw97224

      We can hope.

  • June Gagnon

    If Mr. DeMaria was unfortunate enough to get mixed up with “schultz snakes”, I would definitely believe Mr. DeMaria and not the other sleaze bag; you CAN judge a book by it’s cover and here, we have a “sleaze bag” married to a “sleazier bag”!

  • mbnick

    Just another above the law Democrat who escapes prosecution.
    Fired from the DNC for exposed racist e-mails and not a peep out of the NAACP or BLM.

  • Morgan23

    A failed Bank? Married to a Democrat. Where have we heard that before? This woman is in a perpetual state of looking unkempt and guilty. She can’t hide her lying.

  • Pat

    A liberal with a war against old people. Who would have ever thought of it?

    • jackw97224

      Social Security is a gigantic quasi-Ponzi Scheme, i.e. it was and is a commie/socialist DemonKrait game designed to loot A to satisfy B. And sadly Amerikan “bought” the filthy and continue to vote for politicians that perpetuate it.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        It’s THE Ponzi scheme….actually it was Ponzi who perpetrated an FDR scheme.

      • jackw97224

        The reason I call it a “quasi” Ponzi Scheme is that it operates as a contract of adhesion wherein one party, in this case the politicians, have the power to alter the SS scheme at their discretion, i.e. they and leave the “benefits” alone, or they can increase or decrease them. So, while SS might never go bust, the people will be punished for this commie/socialist monstrosity. Recall:

        The Social Security Swindle with Proxmire Quote

        excerpt: Page 152-154

        There are, of course, a number of misconceptions in this short excerpt from [Martin] Feldstein’s lengthy testimony. First of all, he states that current beneficiaries and covered workers are expected
        to receive over “… $2 trillion in benefits more than they are expected to pay in future taxes”. Please tell me, Mr. Feldstein, just who is going to pay
        the extra “$2 trillion” (in real purchasing power) more than was paid in? The taxpayers of France… or England … or the Soviet Union?

        How is this financial hat trick to be pulled off? How are Americans going to (collectively) take $2 trillion more out of a program than they (collectively) put into it — without any capital creation from which such payments will be generated? In case you’re wondering, Senator Proxmire (as will soon be shown) supplied the answer! But when Feldstein admits that Social Security would need more than $2 trillion to be currently solvent (four times as much as the then reported national debt), and that it only had 2% of its obligations,13 he is obviously admitting that Social Security even then was way beyond salvaging! Note Feldstein’s admission that “… Social Security is bankrupt by the conventional standards used to determine the actual soundness of private pension programs…”. But that was the basis upon which the system was sold to the nation and the basis upon which it was held to be constitutional by the Supreme
        Court. And, if the plan is bankrupt by “conventional standards”, then on what standards is it solvent? Feldstein’s answer is that it is solvent because “the government can continue to compel future generations of workers to pay Social Security taxes”.

        Proxmire’s Answer to Feldstein’s Riddle

        I now offer the piece de resistance—proof that not only is Social Security a fraud that can wreak havoc on the nation — but that politicians cannot be trusted to administer this or any other financial program.

        At these same hearings, Senator Proxmire was questioning James P. Cardwell, the Commissioner of Social Security, regarding the prospect of “default”
        which had been raised by Senator [Charles] Percy
        [Illinois]. Senator Proxmire noted that between
        32 and 34 million people were drawing Social Security benefits and then went on to add:

        “Almost all of them, or many of them, are voters.
        In my State, I figure there are 600,000 voters that receive Social Security.

        Can you imagine a Senator or Congressman
        under those circumstances saying, we are going to
        repudiate that high a proportion of the electorate? No.

        Furthermore, we have the capacity under the Constitution, the Congress does, to coin money, [note the phrase “coin money.” Only real money can be coined. Fiat currency and computer bit currency cannot be “coined” and that exposes the truth that fiat currency is not “money” by definition. By definition, only “money” can be coined.] as well as to regulate the value thereof. And therefore we have the power to provide that money. And we are going to do it. It may not be worth anything when the recipient gets it, but he is going to get his benefits paid.” (emphasis added) [As history has proved, the government is a giant counterfeiting crime syndicate and it simply creates fiat currency and fiat computer bit currency to cover the promised “benefits.” And the government via that counterfeiting scheme loots the world, the people. – JW]

        13 By 1982 the
        OASI had 0% of its obligations and would need over $5

        trillion to be “currently solvent”, or five
        times the reported

        national debt!

        To which Commissioner Cardwell replied,
        “I tend to agree.”

        So here we have Senator Proxmire stating that
        while politicians might be reluctant (due to political considerations) to
        repudiate Social Security benefits honestly and openly, they would have no
        compunction about doing so underhandedly and surreptitiously—by the use of
        printing press money.

        The apparent answer to Feldstein’s riddle is
        that the printing press is expected to supply the extra $2trillion! Now mind
        you, Senator Proxmire was head of

        the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

  • Gary McQuistion

    Schultz is also blaming DiMaria’s Italian accent on the “misunderstanding”. He also is questioning DiMaria’s business sense, saying that he overpaid for the 17,000-square-foot strip mall.
    LMAO>>>>who lent who the money

  • Esau’s Message

    If I know Debbie, then I assume her husband is lying.

  • jackw97224

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a commie/socialist DemonKrait and should be terminated and confined to the boobyhatch farm for her filthy life. Oh, and the same for her crooked spouse.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Man, things just keep getting better & better for Debbie Stickemup Schultz.