While conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren may love how beautiful it is to live in California, she doesn’t appreciate it’s governor and his liberal ways of trying to regulate everything, except illegal immigration, reports Fox News.

Lahren destroys the recently passed law that doesn’t allow local law enforcement officials to ask a criminal about their immigration status.

“‘Thank you, Governor Jerry Brown, for reminding all Americans and legal immigrants that law-breaking, line-cutting and a general disregard for our nation’s safety and security is celebrated. See, the law known here as SB 54, passed last October, and now in effect, bans – among other things – local law enforcement officials from asking about a person’s immigration status,’ Lahren says.”

Lahren can’t seem to fathom how the 39 million residents of California are possibly ok with allowing illegal and dangerous criminal immigrants run around their state. so she tries to connect with them.

“39 million of you are okay with welcoming and harboring people, from God knows where, here to do God knows what? Are you sure? That’s quite the gamble your favorite Democrats are willing to take,” Lahren asks.

Lahren sees what will happen as a result of this new law, and it isn’t good for any of those 39 million citizens either.

“‘This new law is going to spread faster than California wildfires to the illegal communities. And what will it do? It will open the floodgates for more illegal immigrants, more people living in the shadows, and yes – more crime. That means blissful Californians could be more likely to meet the same fate as Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw II – both killed by illegal immigrants,’ said Lahren.”

And what does this kind of stance on immigration say to those who are waiting patiently in line to come to the country legally? Well, Lahren has an answer to that as well.

“I’ll tell you what it says, ‘Why bother?’ Why respect the law when you can cheat, and leaders like Jerry Brown will welcome you with open arms, and pocketbooks?” says Lahren.

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  • We need common sense.

    As much as I loved California, we moved away years ago, thank the Lord.

    • frankstclair

      Me too. 1993 we took significant pay cuts and moved to KY. It’s still a free state, for now.

      • Jan Koecke

        I think it is great that the state of freaks wants to harbor all of the criminals. Maybe the criminals in my state will flock there too and leave the good people to live their lives without all the crime. All of the freaks in this country should flock there. Hey, Jerry Brown can have all of them for all I care! Keep them!

  • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

    Left Cali in the very early 80’s. Could already see where it was headed, sadly. Now….the area we lived in isn’t even recognizable. 🙁

  • WesTexan

    Used to visit Cali in the summers back in the ’60s, but I would never live there. Hollyweirds were bad enough, but now it’s become a quagmire of illegals.

  • mattolegal

    Leaving the state soon on a jet plane. Can’t do it fast enough even though I have lived here for 58 years. Not my home any longer.

  • messup
  • Crew-servedFiddler

    People need to remember that the vast bloodletting of the U.S. Civil War (Ever heard of *that*??) was brought on by states that defied the will of the greater majority of the nation and refused to be bound by federal law.

    Do we really want that all over again? Why is it that so many on the Left refuse to acknowledge any difference between Legal Immigration and ILLEGAL? No other country on the planet allows undocumented movement across its frontiers. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

    Finally, allowing and encouraging ILLEGAL immigration is an utter betrayal of those who followed the law to become citizens. And anyone who comes here looking to become a citizen is being shown that THEIR CITIZENSHIP means NOTHING. To the Democrat Party, your citizenship rights come LAST, when they see they can bring in crowds they can immediately expect to vote for them, and make YOU Pay the bill for all their education & welfare.

    • BuddyBoy53

      Cheap slave labor and liberal votes.

  • Jose Lopez

    Was born in San Diego, beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, mountains etc. but could never live there again this state is on its way to ruin thanks to the stupid liberals.

    • deusexmachina1

      I lived in Santa Monica in ’67…..

      I could never go back, as it would ruin my memories….

  • Jmanjo

    Jerry Brown is an idiot. He should never have been governor. He would barely qualify to clean toilets at the state capitol.

    • Wayne Wilson

      get rid of the shit head

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Nature has a way of honoring death wishes.

  • AFGus

    I was born and raised in the small town of Rialto, just adjacent to San Bernardino in Southern California. I left in ’77 when i joined the USAF. Between that time and the mid nineties, all of my family picked up and got out of there as the State was overtaken by liberals and illegals. That wonderful and quiet small town that I grew up in now looks like the Barrios of South Central LA. Gangs, illegals and sky rocketed crime that we could never have fathomed in the sixties and seventies. I didn’t even give a first thought, much less a second to going back to California after my retirement from the USAF. It is no longer the great place that I grew up in, rather a place rapidly approaching third world status due to liberal government and policies.

    • William Childress

      Don’t call them democrats, liberals, or progressives. They are clearly Marxists.

      • AFGus

        Yep….those too!

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Many families are most likely concerned about loved ones living in this sanctuary state–and most likely wishing they would move back “home.” Are more killings going to be on the shoulders of the Sacramento lawmakers?

  • takeitbacknow42012

    Why would you want to live there Tomi, seriously? I don’t think it’s even safe for you to be there, especially with your conservative views and willingness to speak the truth! California doesn’t care about laws, only about allow illegals to stay there and VOTE!!!!

  • John P

    I wish I could leave Ca. 93 yrs not possible.

  • donl

    The Democrats admitted they “USE” them for their future voters, other then that, they could not care less about these people. Is that what they use these people for in La-La land? I wonder how the immigrants feel about that? The Democrats do like ignorant people, they prey on them.

  • BuddyBoy53

    Gave up everything snd moved two years ago. BEST thing I ever did in my life. Moved to a State that is still the America I grew up in. Now all of my friends have already visited and are preparing to move here in the spring. Nothing will be left in CA except welfare cheats and illegals living for free until all the money is gone. No workers left to tax. What then? Get out of CA. You won’t regret it and the money you save by the cheaper living elsehere, you can finally enjoy living.

    • SufferingInCali

      I’m getting ready to pack my bags. Next election cycle will be my final determination. More more push to the left and I don’t think the state will be able to ever come back.

      • BuddyBoy53

        Don’t wait. There are no elections in CA. Only voter fraud. CA is finished.

      • SufferingInCali

        Totally agree. I don’t see anyway back without this whole state collapsing, purging the liberals and illegals and starting over. I personally think the area to the west of the San Andreas be allowed to secede…but make sure a wall it built first as they will pour over to the land of the Free(money). As has been said by many people, the problem with Socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money. CA is already across that line. Don’t believe a word of Brown Stains “balanced budget”. It’s based on imaginary numbers. We will be in a short fall again.

      • BuddyBoy53

        The only “balanced” budget libs understand is tent cities for you and Beverly Hills mansions for them. They are they party that creates poverty. They are mentally deranged and cause destruction everywhere they rule.

      • SufferingInCali

        Yep. Steal a ton from the people that work and the businesses that produce jobs. Give just enough to the poor to keep them voting for them. Then mismanage the rest (aka line their pockets). See. All nice and balanced…

      • BuddyBoy53

        Only the mentally ill could look at Venezuala, N Korea, Mexico, Iran, Chons, Russia etc., see them as paradice and want to emulate them. That’s the liberal mind for ya.

  • Brian P Fussmucker

    Fortunately this will Balkanize ole Cali until governor James woods has them all shot

  • Timothy Toroian

    Arrest Jerry and the members of Calif. legislature that voted Yea, for sedition. They ARE trying to establish another government within the country.

    • SufferingInCali

      Trying…they already have. The stuff they are pulling with opening talk with other countries is bordering on violating the Treaty Clause.

      • Timothy Toroian

        By trying I mean “in the process of”.

  • wga8888

    With 20M+ illegals in California immune from prosecution (they really have no idea how many), it is pointless for cities in California to have a police force. There is no purpose to arrest an illegal for any crime when you have to let them go. Restrictive gun laws require you be defenseless, the illegals have to make a living.

  • Crew-servedFiddler

    My experience working for a decade in San Francisco area was that the Left-inclined Residents are the nicest people you could imagine… until the moment they realize you disagree with them about ANYTHING at all.

  • 1Waste_Eliminator

    I think when stupid people finally elect another Democrat/Socialist as president, conservatives should declare sanctuary status from all of the garbage laws, taxes and regulations that the Dims want to pass. If we’re not going to have a country anyway, why should we comply with the Great Socialist Deep State?

  • Wayne Wilson

    going to be a shit hole like canada is becoming get it together people

  • Scottar

    I’ve been to California and it’s one pretty state crapped up by moonbeam people who are too progressive for their own good. And it’s so crowded it’s a nightmare to get around along the S coastal areas and just outside the big metro areas. It’s one state that needs flying cars. And you talk about expensive, it would give a Scotsman the hives.