The left-wing CNN spin-off of CNN, HLN, just had an epiphany that most people realized a long time ago. They finally admitted that ANTIFA are violent criminals.

The network’s show, Cupp Unfiltered, finally saw the destruction and violence that ANTIFA has been causing and that the left has been inciting.

And while SE Cupp, a noted conservative, is the host of the show, the fact that CNN would even allow this type of discussion to take place is remarkable:

“’I wanted to talk about the Antifa violence out at Berkeley, which I think is finally, finally being covered in the mainstream media now,’ exclaimed Dave Smith, host of the ‘Part of the Problem’ podcast. ‘If you had been relying on the mainstream media for the last six months you’d have no idea. But if you watched the internet, that news, you do find out about this stuff.’

“Smith described Antifa as a ‘borderline terrorist group’ which violently pushed communism wherever they went, with no accountability being placed on the left to denounce them. ‘They come out with hammer and sickle flags all the time, and while everyone on the left is demanding that the right-wing, you know, repudiate Nazism, as if that’s actually in fashion,’ he argued.

“The podcaster chastised the left-wing professors who supported Antifa’s attacks. ‘They’re anti-free speech and the nerve of them to call themselves ‘anti-fascists’ as they violently shut down free speech,’ he added.”

The panel continued to discover that other media networks are allowing ANTIFA to just take over the news cycles.

“Let me just say in the wake of Charlottesville there is no equivalency between being a Nazi and marching through the streets and opposing Nazis,” she asserted.

“What’s the difference between holding a hammer and sickle and attacking people, and holding a swastika and attacking people,” Smith quickly asked Ball, which she didn’t answer.

TV’s Andy Levy expertly pointed out that Antifa’s definition of a “fascist” included almost anyone who was not them directly. “Also, one of the problems here is that Antifa they pretty much think anyone to the right of— I don’t know—like maybe Bernie Sanders is a Nazi,” he noted. “So when they talk about violence against Nazis, they’re really talking about violence against anyone who doesn’t share their views.”

“The other pernicious part of this is the masks. The masks are a way to avoid any sort of responsibility for what they’re doing,” added Weekly Standard writer Mike Warren. “And just what a coward move,” Smith concluded.

For HLN to have this discovery is liberating. But they should have denounced ANTIFA from the beginning. The criticism is way over due and we are glad that this panel was smart enough to bring the issue to light. But for too long these hooligans have been beating their opposition and are unafraid to hide their crimes. The evidence has mounted against this radical group yet the media has embraced them as some sort of revolutionaries. Violence only begets further violence, and it must be stopped.