Fox Business host Lou Dobbs went on an epic tirade against special counsel Robert Mueller last night. Speaking with Gregg Jarrett, Dobbs denounced the “witch hunt” in light of the FBI raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office.

Dobbs, who has been a big pro-Trump voice since the campaign, was visibly upset with the news. In the video above you can see the entire segment in which he says, “We’re witnessing an orchestrated assault on the President of the United States.”

But that was not all, Mediaite reports:

“Jarrett joined Dobbs to say, ‘The Attorney General is incompetent, the FBI is corrupt, and Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein are unethical and abusive of the legal process. All of them deserve to be fired, not that I’m suggesting the President should do it.’

“They were appalled by the FBI raid today, with Jarrett denouncing the ‘thuggish tactics’ by Mueller.

“’He had a reputation for being a reckless and egregiously abusive investigator and prosecutor,” Dobbs said. “But now he is taking it to a new level. Immediately we recall the pre-dawn raid of Manafort’s home… This is now a man that has to be brought under control, it would seem to me. Frankly, I can’t imagine, because each of us has to come to terms with our own heart and conscience –– I would fire the SOB in three seconds if it were me.”