Anthony Bourdain

CNN Host and celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain just ripped Hillary Clinton to shreds over her weak condemnation of Harvey Weinstein.

This is noteworthy for two reasons: First, Bourdain is a committed leftist who has gone out of his way to do the most despicable things to conservatives and Republicans. Second, he works for CNN, the network that has made it their mission to promote the liberal agenda.

His comments came from Hillary Clinton’s interview with Fareed Zakaria in which she gave perhaps the worst answer in this history of answers when asked if she’ll give the money back she took from Weinstein:

“’Well, there’s no one to give it back to. What other people are saying, what my former colleagues are saying, is that they’re going to donate it to charity, and of course I will do that,’ Clinton said, following in the footsteps of other Democratic politicians who have pledged to give Weinstein’s contributions to charity. Clinton added that the donations will be “part of” the 10 percent of her income that she donates to charity each year, but it was unclear whether she meant that the money from Weinstein would be in addition to that 10 percent. Weinstein was a major Democratic donor, having contributed the maximum $5,400 to Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Clinton told Zakaria said she would have called him a ‘friend’ in the past.”

That set off Bourdain, who is dating Asia Argento, who claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her in 1997.

Here is the series of tweets:

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