Dick Durbin

Dick Durbin caused quite a firestorm last week when he claimed President Trump said some countries were just ‘S***holes.’ Since then, the media has been accusing the president of being a racist and worse for these closed-door comments. But now it looks like Durbin made the whole thing up and now we know why.

Durbin was the only Democrat in the closed-door meeting about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). And he’s the only one to accuse President Trump of making these comments. In fact, Senator David Perdue (R-GA) said it never happened:

Speaking to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on “This Week,” Perdue slammed reports that Trump used the word “s—hole” to reference Haiti and Africa during a bipartisan immigration meeting on Thursday.

“I’m telling you he did not use that word, George,” Perdue said. “And I’m telling you it’s a gross misrepresentation.”

And Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) also backed the president:

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., had released a joint statement on Friday with Perdue, denying the offensive language.

“President Trump brought everyone to the table this week and listened to both sides. But regrettably, it seems that not everyone is committed to negotiating in good faith. In regards to Senator Durbin’s accusation, we do not recall the President saying these comments specifically but what he did call out was the imbalance in our current immigration system, which does not protect American workers and our national interest.”

Earlier today Durbin was at the Gale Community Academy in Rogers Park for a Martin Luther King Day celebration. When asked about the comments he tipped his hand and practically admitted that he used the ‘S***hole’ accusation as a bargaining chip in the DACA negotiations. He claimed that the only way Trump could prove he’s not a racist is if he approves DACA:

And, he noted, “If Trump’s not a racist, Durbin said, “the president and the Republican Party have a chance to prove it” through a bipartisan compromise on immigration that helps the so-called “Dreamers” — people who were brought here illegally as children, through no fault of their own. President Obama had protected them through the DACA program, which stood for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, but Trump wants to end the program.

So there it is, just another slimeball tactic by a shady Democrat. He is trying to publicly shame President Trump into approving amnesty for illegal aliens. What a disgrace.

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  • TrueAmerican781

    Didnt Purdue and Cotton just change their stories to say Trump did say those things?
    Even if Trump did say they are s@*&holes he’s right. Calling the country a s@*&hole is different then calling the people s@*&holes. The fact is these countries are that way because of corrupt governments who steal money for their own personal wealth. Haiti had millions donated to “charities” to help out after the earthquake, but very little of it was used. Instead many of those collecting donations fot Haiti ran off with the money.
    One final thing, if these countries aren’t s@*&oles then why are so many of them coming here and why arent more people (the left) wanting to move to these countries?

    • Bdog

      I think they changed their stories from, “We don’t recall…” to he didn’t say that.” This difference might have been “S-hole” vs. “S-house”?

      • pemaddin

        Loved it when the DHS head Kirsten stated there was so much profanity in the room it overtook the speaking. Oh wait those little dems have never heard any profanity hahahahahahahaha.

      • Bdog

        She seemed to be ‘clearly’ caught in a lie as well…. from “I don’t recall…” to “I don’t remember it that way…” to… ‘well, everyone was doing it. At some point these people need to realize, their misplaced loyalty can ruin their careers and subject them to ‘obstruction’… that will be the beginning of the end for this administration.

  • Bill

    Do demoRATS ever tell the truth??? What a slime ball dicky boy is! Let’s not do anything that is good for the country! When are those who voted these slime bags in going to realize it’s time to take our country back or lose it to the one world government sleaze bags! Disgraceful bunch of commie demoRATS!!!

    • ken ptasnick

      This man should be removed from his position. Liars in Congress…unacceptable

      • Joseph Gutowski

        We would’nt have a congress

      • ken ptasnick

        With the exception of a few good men, are we really being represented? At times, I think not.

      • Donna Harris

        No honor in the Democratic Party…

      • Diane Woodard

        Amen Sister! Preach on!

      • Vital Rights

        The REAL name of the “Party” is Democrat Party not Democratic…
        More FAKERY

      • CaptTurbo

        The democommunists are all traitors along with the RINOs.

      • pemaddin

        WE need to primary all these RINOS and get them out of our favorite cesspool. They are poluting it even worse. We The People are watching RINOs and we will definitely make our voices heard in November.

      • Donna Harris

        Ken….The condition of our Country proves you to be correct. Remove them….drain the swamp!

      • Bdog

        What about liars in the White House?

      • Richard I Ellis


      • Myke Britt


      • tunamister

        …butt dog…all dims lie..!! And should be bared from the WHITEHOUSE..!!

      • Bdog

        Typical, cowardly, brain-dead and utterly stupid comment. Your support for the contemptible ‘Sh#t-hole’ in the White House… says EVERYTHING about you. Lying Trump has brought shame to this country…. making America GAG again…

      • FIRE1949

        bdog is about as uninformed as koolaid drinkers come. TRUMP has done more for Americans in a year than bdog’s obama did in eight years. To rebuild America after the obama disaster will be a monumental task.

      • Bdog

        I guess YOU would know about ‘koolaid drinking’, blind, brain-dead, racist, brown-shirt dolt. Of course, if you’re talking about “done more for Americans in a year than… Obama…”… in terms of tearing down our international reputation and credibility, in stripping civil rights, the environment, attacking health-care, social security and human rights, advancing alt-right racist, fascist agendas… let alone dignity, honor, honesty and moral, ethical sensibilities… then you’re absolutely correct. But, thanks for your comments little Hitler-boy!

      • Jean A.

        Hyperbole much? He hasn’t removed any human rights. He’s actually trying to fix a healthcare system many of us are angry about because obamacare resulted in skyrocketing premiums, deductibles and copays, he is doing more for blacks than the halfrican did, as their unemployment is way down, his tax plan means most Americans will keep more of their money, he is trying to reduce the possibility that an American citizen will be harmed by an illegal alien. He truly believes it is his job to put Americans first, and I appreciate that so much.

      • Bdog

        Spoken like a true Trump propagandist, Russian troll…. but, if you actually believe all that from this pathological lying, serial sexual assaulting narcissist who ONLY cares about the Trump Brand… and doesn’t give a rats ass about you or me… you go right ahead!

        “He truly believes it is his job to put Americans first…” REALLY?????? He has NEVER… EVER… in his entire career put anyone but himself first. I really, truly hope you wake up to that FACT. Best of luck.

      • Jean A.

        You fail to actually participate in a discussion, you just call people names, because bullies like you think that’s how you win arguments. Maybe in kindergarten that works, but adults actually exchange ideas.

      • Bdog

        Your ideas cannot be discussed or debated. They live in the realm of delusion and lies. You should start acknowledging that your feckless leader will most likely be impeached and probably jailed for obstruction of justice, money laundering and a host of other crimes. He never should have run for president to put himself under the scrutiny of facts, ethics, morality and law. It’s going to happen… but, I’m guessing no matter what, you may be one of those who just thinks… ‘they’re out to get him’… fake news… witch hunt… phony… despite overwhelming evidence.

      • Jean A.

        You are suffering from TDS, and the only inking of a cure so far is filing your taxes, perhaps this will lead to your healing. Hope you enjoy your savings bigly, God bless you brother, see you on the other side.

      • Bdog

        TDS…. is our local phone & Internet carrier. I can only guess you’re using some kind of scripted acronym invented by your ‘puppet masters’. “Bigly”….. REALLY!? How ‘Trumpian’ of you. We clearly ‘share’ this planet, so I wish you no harm…. but YOU… live in a different world. A world of fantasy

      • dorcus

        With the outcomes of late, I am sure you must KNOW NOW that the impeachment lie is a moot point! The Russian collusion has always been there, but the culprits are on the DEMOCRAT side! With overwhelming evidence! The truth always prevails. Have a good day! You really must start getting your information from someone other than the communist/democrat media!

      • tunamister

        Butt-boy.., you are definitly a Classic- sno- flake-lgbtqitx – whatever- antifa- pantie- waste..!!! You must have been educated by common core and for that I appolige..!!..we understand that , obozo , gave you all these RIGHTS, BUTT, THEY WERE NOT HIS TO GIVE..!!!..Dim-libs , live in a FANTISAY WORLD..!!!… GRow a set for yourself, ..!!!

      • Bdog

        You seem to have a bit of an ‘anal-fixation’ there, Tuna. Perhaps your homophobic bravado is just a way to cover up your ‘closet desires’. But, that’s okay. This is America. I don’t roll that way, but you go with it ‘Tina’! Your level of ignorance and stupidity is stunning… and you DO need to… (now check this out) APOLOGIZE. I’m guessing it’s too late for you to ‘GRow a set’… probably best that you not perpetuate your genetic codes. I feel better now… how about you?

      • tunamister

        ..hey , Butt-boy.. are you Butt hurt now..??!!… I must have hit a NERVE..!!.. feel good..!! hahahaaa

      • Bdog

        Really? Hit a nerve? You wish. If you think anything you can say from the shallow end of the pool will bother me, then it just reflects the breadth of your delusion. i just suggest that your apparent obsession with “Butts”… or penchant for ‘name-calling’, when you don’t have a clear and valid point about anything is just a weak disguise for all your inadequacies as a human being. I know that’s a little too deep for you to comprehend, but dwell on it for a bit… maybe your very dim bulb will brighten up a bit. (I really hope you get over your anal-obsession… but, I guess, if that’s the way you like it… then so be it.) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • tunamister

        Butt- dog.. you truly are a product of the dims-libs- obozo-loving-socialists,that is stuck in nancy& clownboy chuckie & maxines degednerate world of debotchery- one world – climate controling bullchitt, look at all your scanctuary- cities & states crying for more – Conservitive-Repulican $$$$$, – to fund all your criminal illegals & muslim imigrents, and all your FOLLYwood degenerates trying to push their , non- gender- it- lgbtqsitx-antifa- pantie-waist- agendas on “**AMERICAN – FLAG – Country – and PRESIDENT RESPECTING- CITIZENS & PATRIOTS..”**..!!!.. YOU ARE LOST ..!!!.. WAKE UP FROM YOUR NIGHTMARE..!!!.. NO MORE CORESPONDENCE ..!!! YOU ARE A NEGITIVE – DRAIN OF ENERGY..!!! ..A SNO- FLAKE – TROLL..!!!

      • Paulus

        What Fascist agenda? Do you even have a clue what Fascism was all about? Trump has done nothing even close to what Hitler did. What civil rights did Trump strip? The environment scam was shown for what it is–a huge scam. Obamacare was another socialistic disaster and will soon die, thank goodness. Social Security is still running well. What human rights has he stripped? The only Brown or Black Shirts in America are worn by libs and demoncrats – such as Antifa etc. Also, we are learning daily about the total lack of honesty by leftists in the FBI and DOJ, all holdovers RATs from the disaster that was obamaism!

      • Bdog

        Yep…. I have a clues what fascism was all about. You clearly don’t… nor, do you seem to have any historical knowledge of Hitlers rise through the late 1920s and 30s. if it makes you feel more current and relevant, let’s compare your feckless hero-Drumph to a Putin-wanna-be. He admits to being a great admirer and craves to have the kind of ruthless power, control and wealth that Putin does.

        Here’s a definition, if it helps you: “often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”
        Looks like textbook Trumpism to me!

        On the other hand… just blame the black guy, if it’s easier!

      • dorcus

        You have been completely indoctrinated by the communist democrat party and their complicit media. Do you even know that there are over 70 democrat congressmen listed on the communist web-site! Look it up! So throw your Hitler comments to the left side of the aisle!
        Obama created the mess in the Middle East by bringing our troops home from Iraq, then funded all of our enemies to purchase weapons, etc., which were then used against us! He couldn’t go anywhere to other countries without bad-mouthing the United States, so who started the tearing down of our international reputation and credibility! Go online you can hear him yourself!
        What civil rights have you lost? If you are talking about the illegals, THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION! Who gave you that idea? Of course Obama! As for health care: It was written to implode under its design! It was written by a man who mocked the people as being “stupid” and wouldn’t know what was going on! A video is also online! The purpose was to get all people on a one government health care, which then is easier to get control over the people! It has been used many times in dictator countries! How about doing some of your own research! READ: Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, read up on George Soros, research Agenda 21! Don’t be led by the nose by the communist democrat party!

      • psychosally

        there have been lots of trolls on these blogs and although most of them are intellectually compromised because of following their heroes,you ,by far,are the dumbest, Why dont you walk away from your computer get yourself a glass of milk and think about how you got so stupid

      • Bdog

        “Psycho-Sally”…. what a perfectly appropriate name for you! LOL! An ‘alleged’ female supporting a pathological liar, narcissistic ego-maniac and serial sexual predator, calling into question MY intelligence. Really funny! Good one! Thanks for the laugh.

      • tunamister

        …Butt- dog… your a TROLL..!!! GO PLAY IN Chuckie & nancys crap box..!!!, turds like you have a low servival rating out of it..!!!

      • Bdog

        What a fun, witty, original… and highly intellectual response. Did you work out the details with your crayon BEFORE you actually submitted it?

        (it’s ‘survival’, by the way. Usually, when I try to make an emphatic point on something with CAPITAL LETTERS and many exclamation points…. I try to get the spelling correct!!!… )

      • Myke Britt

        YOU must stand out among all the hucksters in the demo/commie party if you can spell. TOO BAD YOU ARE INCAPABLE OF THINKING

      • Bdog

        OMG… that’s so funny! Really, pretty clever for a ‘Russian Troll’. Well done, little Putin-Puke!

        As far as your ‘thinking’ comment… it’s not even worth a response. You just drone on and on…. and on, like all the other racist, cracker fascists on this thread.

      • Joseph Gutowski

        Truth hurts

      • Mary Dine Wilson


      • Myke Britt


      • Bdog

        Another ‘faux-witty’, yet pointless and nonsensical retort. Perhaps if you actually changed your ‘Depends’, instead of just turning them inside out… you might be a bit less ornery.

      • Jules ODwyer

        You have to be Talking about the Previos,Transparent Muslim that Occupied the White House,the one that Sealed everything about himself that Group?

      • Bdog

        Perhaps, if you reviewed your message BEFORE sending, it might have a vague resemblance to to an actual sentence… with a point. (The question mark seemed appropriate though!)

      • dorcus

        The left overs of Obama’s team, YOU ARE RIGHT!

      • LelandTC

        I think you are confusing liars in the wh with the Obama admin. He was the professional liar (and was good at it, people believed him) as seems most democrats with their “ends justifies the means” motto.
        RINOs btw are liars as well and should be drained.
        I am an independent and did not vote for Trump.
        Trump exaggerates many times, but the basis of his statements are from analytical sources. Leftists don’t care about analytics, they believe they are right but are afraid of how the data may show them reaching (global warming). “Someone my DIE!” Is another leftist cliche, yet they support abortion by choice not medical need (I believe they may use this to reduce poor minority populations (genocide-check the proportion of abortions by race it may open your eyes). Who’s the white supremacist?
        If a democrat points out a “flaw” in someone check them for that flaw first, they project what they see in themselves and can’t imagine anybody being different. Their methodology is reactionary and has and will create chaos and anarchy.
        If Trump continues making good on his campaign promises, I will vote for him next time. Peace.

      • James Jones

        Why is it Congressional members can’t be impeached? I do think their constituents can vote them out in a recall vote and put someone in who would better represent their interests.

      • Diane Woodard

        I think that the states would not agree t the additional cost of such elections. This what I have been told by my Al state reps.

      • Myke Britt

        Limit the times they can run and CUT OFF THEIR LIFETIME PENSIONS 100%

      • Jonas Miller

        If we get rid of all the liars in congress, the place would have to close down, wouldn’t be anybody left.

      • ken ptasnick

        If you look at Congress, federal, state,and local that’s a lot people representing us who are not representing us. We’ve gone from none to too little to too much. Maybe the time has really come to reduce the size of government. When party overrules people, we’ve gpt a serious problem. It’s all about re-election and then dam with the rest. Demand term limits across the board. Our political elite or political class if you will, has gotten way out of hand. They forget their true purpose as soon as they take their oath, though there are some exceptions.(probably). Two and done period. If they won’t address this themselves, do it yourself…..do not vote for anyone who has been in office more than 2 terms…end of story

      • LelandTC

        If we have to limit terms at the voting booth due to our reps not creating a 2 term limit, I’d say vote one term only.

      • ken ptasnick

        Now you’re starting to get it. I want pete the plumber. I want Betty the bus driver. I want charlie the carpenter. These are the people i wish to run our government. Regular people not BS lawyers. People who want to get in, do the job and move on

      • kinijane

        Its stuffed to the gills with them.

      • Terry Rushing

        The best part of your idea is that liar McConnell would be out the door along with Dickie boy. Birds of a feather…

      • Dan

        That would get rid of just about everyone.

    • TrueAmerican781

      Its not just democrats who lie, there are many so-called republicans who lie or say what their constitutients want to hear just to vote the opposite way. Thats why term limits are needed, why we the people need to take back control of the government, and elect people who are in DC for the country and the Constitution and not for themselves.

    • Mark parisi

      Can you provide the question and exact quote where he talked about using the s-hole word as a bargains chip? Or a video? I watched a clip and there was nothing in there. Thank you” if you can, please send to me at markp1@comcast.net

  • John

    Glad to see the news media jumped on the side of the demo-commies. Just shows that they have nothing good to report about this republican administration. It also shows that they will never let any republican become president. The voters need to smarten up and elect more republicans to the House and Senate. New laws need to be passed to put the habitual news media liars on trial, and sue them out of business, for trying to glorify a lie. There should be no monetary rewards for trying to overthrow the United States Constitution.

  • donl

    Ole Dicky Boy just lost all credibility he had, which wasn’t much.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


      • GrizzMann

        Kick in the butt? Were would you start? He’s all butt.

      • elmcqueen3

        Durbin is an a$$…not a butt…being a “butt” is too informal.

      • tunamister

        ..Kick . butt-boy there too.. he’s having a MELTDOWN..!! Hahahaha

    • GrizzMann

      He is still a Great Democrat.

      • Adrian Johnson

        Afraid so.

      • 7littleangels

        Seriously? One thing sure – he is ALL democrat. He has all the qualifications – lying, cheating, delusional, unpatriotic, and downright stupid! Yep! He’s a democrat!!

      • GrizzMann

        A Great Democrat.

      • James Kelly

        He did not lie.

      • GrizzMann

        Prevarication means what? No one present there heard the imaginary slur.

      • tunamister

        …THATS ALL HE DOES IS LIE..!! Durbin ,,LIES..!!!

    • Donna Harris

      Amen…..I would not want to be known as a liar when reviewed for History!

      • Johnny Mac

        You are right!!!! wrong characters!! OBama and HIllary the epitome of liars!!! Liberals are liars!!!

      • pemaddin

        Would love to still be alive and read what history says about him and the flake Flake. Their families will be embarrassed forever that these men even existed.

  • Steve Queipo

    Lil Dicky got played and now that he looks like a complete idiot ,(once again) he is doing what liberals and demorats do best..LIE.

  • incognito

    Please, This is straight up BS

  • Marc E.

    He’s a Chicago politician. Should anyone with a “working” brain expect anything different?

  • incognito

    Release the transcript of the meeting that should clear things up. What better way to prove Durbin had lied, right?

    • Bdog

      Why default to “it’s ALWAYS one party’s fault”…. instead of being tolerant of “The Truth”… no matter what it is? Personally, I don’t care which party it comes from… I’m sick of all the lying… PERIOD!

  • dan690

    Durbin’s reason for lying is because he is a democrats. Democrats cannot tell the truth because truth is not on their side. DACA is bad for the country and Durbin knows it.

    • GrizzMann

      DACA was also ruled an illegal action and Obama put a sunset clause in it.

    • dennis w


      • dan690

        Hillary just goes into coughing fits.

      • dennis w


  • Allen

    If any harm was done to any person, or place he should be libel and held accountable. He lied to further getting votes. When will the American people wake up. These people need to be removed. Drain the swamp, both parties. I hope the mid term elections show this to Dems and eliminate the party. They have shown they are corrupt.

  • Pat

    I am completely convinced the Democrat party is demonic in so many ways. We even have a few Rino’s that need to come out of the closet they think they are hiding in.

    • GrizzMann

      Followers of Saul Alinsky.

      • Pat


  • toxicz

    We should not allow these excuses for human beings to exist in Congress forever. Representing the people of the USA should not be a career and the job should not come with a pension and health benefits forever..

  • GrizzMann

    Durbin, a graduate of the Saul Alinsky school of Prevarication and a Great Democrat. Harry Reid’s comment on lying is, well it worked.

  • Rick

    Am I wrong or didn’t Lindsey Graham also say that Trump said “shithole countries” too? Of course, there’s not much difference between the two except for the D and R after their names.

    • GrizzMann

      He recanted.

    • aztex7007

      They just need $$ signs behind their names, more
      appropriate. Is Lindy hoping to make another
      run for POTUS ? Oh, please !

  • K Mora

    Any person who gladly abandons their country of origin to forge anew into the unknown of a new country(America), is declaring themselves that the country they are willing to leave is a “dump”.

  • Lori

    Chuckie and Dickie once again show the stupidity and bigotry of their party besides their disdain of our constitution in which they took an oath to uphold the laws of our nation. They should be removed from office one way or another as they are unfit to serve. Americans first always.

  • antilib

    If the Senate had any integrity (they don’t) Durbin would be expelled for bringing dishonor to the Congress’ upper chamber. But, for our Congress, it’s just another day in DC. We have neither honor
    nor integrity in our Congress. The Cosa Nostra has MUCH more integrity than our government that holds itself up as the standard of the World. Every time each of these Democrats and most of the Republicans takes to a mic I’m thoroughly embarrassed for our country. They lie to our faces without a second thought. That’s because they are NEVER held accountable. Yet they send Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart to prison if the corrupted FBI happens to trap them in a memory process. It truly is disgusting.

    • Bdog

      Holding them accountable… would have landed LBJ, Reagan/Bush, Clinton, Bush/Cheney AND Obama in prison for crimes against the United States. It’s a big rabbit hole.

      LBJ = Golf of Tonkin, JFK coverup/ Reagan = Treason for subverting the Iran-Hostage crisis/ GHW Bush for orchestrating Reagan’s treason, and starting a war, based on lies/ Clinton for laundering money through Mena, AK as gov./ Bush/Cheney for 9-11 and two illegal wars (huh, starting a war, based on lies just like daddy!), Obama for complicity and cover-up, and the murder of US citizen and his 16 year old son.

      This is NOT party affiliated… it is big corporate, big bank, military industrial complex run government. Our politicians are puppets, both democraps and repooplicans….

  • Jerry Cochran

    Durbin is a Democrate who will do or say anything to get his way. Term Limits would solve this problem. He hurt and damaged President Trump with a bald face lie—most Democrats and many Republicans do this. Term Limits are needed.

  • wga8888

    Democrats (both the Communist and Muslim factions) advocate deceit as a political tool.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Even against each other– I hear Ellison’s ISIS wing and Perez’ MS13 wing of the party are on the verge of waging all-out “peace” on themselves.

  • domar1938

    Look at what comes out of Illinois, any surprise?

  • CaptTurbo

    Didn’t that disgusting POS, RINO Graham accuse our President as well. That little RINO troll Lindsey, is a “Me Too’er” in the race to the bottom.

  • Jonas Miller

    This kind of thing is just typical of what democrats do. they know that calling somebody racist pulls on the heartstrings of Americans, and especially stirs up more hatred for the Trump haters. and might even cause some Trump supporters to wonder if they should keep supporting him. I believe nothing coming from any democrap, unless I know beforehand that it’s actually true.

  • madhatter46

    Shame on Illinois citizens (and some dead, illegal, and multiple residency voters) for re-electing these characterless, feckless, panjandrums. Maybe the state has become a s***hole of progressivism’s failed ideology. Do the ends justify any means–senator?

  • BuddyBoy53

    So when did it become a requirement to be a criminal liar to gain office? Under what laws are they not considered for prosecution for treason? Is this still America or some s—t h—e country in Europe?

  • jreg9304

    Little dicky Durban lost his turban and blames trump.. this senatorial Flake belongs in Iran, not here in our America!!

  • James Prim

    Another reason I have said over and over the demon rats do not need to hold any political office nor judicial appointments, they are the cancer to this country and have proved it over and over. Their intent is to destroy our constitution, start a racial war, and make us a third world socialist nation.

    • CJ

      They are doing a good job. And have been for years.

  • If Durbin’s lying, then why did Trump call his friends and brag about saying it?


    Conservative writer: Trump called friends to brag about ‘s—hole countries’ remark

    • 7littleangels

      How stupid!

  • geoffreybramhall

    I just don’t get it. The President more or less said that he’d go along with DACA
    if he got his wall, which the Democrats had gone along with in the past, and that
    chain migration and the lottery fiascoes be eliminated, that the vast number of
    Americans agree with. I think Trump has it right again, the Democrats don’t care
    about the children who came here illegally with their parents by “no fault of their
    own” and just want this issue and are willing to shut down the government to
    keep it going. A blind man could see through this ruse.

  • mbnick

    When will bitter Democrats confess why they are against MERIT based immigration?

  • victor brum

    Agreeing that the Republican Senator from South Carolina, (L. Graham) also lied.
    His memory didn’t evolved like the other Republicans Trolls. He remembers what Trum said, unequivocally.

  • Donna Harris

    If Durbin’s constituents do not hold him responsible for his “lies against a sitting President” (our President to be exact), all of them should be kicked out of office. He was the only Demo in the meeting and has taken the liberty of spreading lies about what President Trump was supposed to have said….all to gain the upper hand and try to force the President to give in to the DACA deal. Hold your ground President Trump!!! We have your back!! Durbin’s lies are part of his DNA!

  • Alex Peshansky

    Sensation! Extra, extra! Democrat lied!

  • Gail Davis

    I knew slicky Dicky was a liar. This is not the first time he has done it or been caught. He should resign right now as he can’t be trusted. Sad that the dem communists would vote a low life like that in to represent them! DACA DReamers and their illegal parents need to leave. This was an illegal act by communist Muslim Obama and we can’t afford them to the tune of 62 billion a year. AMERICAN FIRST! Our Veterans and American kids need to have dreams, not illegals demanding what we should do for them! Go back and come in the proper way!

  • elmcqueen3

    None of the other persons in that room including those sitting next to the President never heard Trump use the word “$hit hole” in his dialogue…Yet the MSM has come out with more “fake” news the whole world is on fire because of Donald Trump’s so called derogatory statement…This is how dangerous the MSM has become to the well being of this country…they want absolute control of your thoughts and of your mind…Sadly as good communists they are doing just that.

  • Jules ODwyer

    It’s a Demonrat Tactic that the Moronic,Communist,Socialist,trash use Every Day and with the Media Hugging the Demonrats it get pushed all over at such a great rate of speed.I am 62 yrs old and have Never seen the Hate they have for President Trump.I say Deal with it we dealt with that Communist,Socialist for 8 damn Years and Praise Jesus that POS and his husband Mikey are Gone at least out of the Whitehouse

  • Linda Ballard

    Now that Durbin has pretty much said it was a setup, now you have all these Dem congressional members crying about how shocked and disgusted they are with DJT. Nothing like keeping the fire going. The Pres realized that would be the only thing signed and everything else would be ‘addressed’ later. It would never have happened. I’m glad he said no.
    Booker said 80% of Americans want DACA fixed, but most of that 80% don’t agree with the path he’s trying to lead the public down. 8 years of destruction done deliberately by the Obama administration, came close to destroying our country, economy and our way of life. No more!

  • Bdog

    This article is a JOKE… and a LIE. Durbin didn’t lie and HOW this author comes to that conclusion is a flight of fantasy. Then again, ‘his’ agenda is to fire up an extremely gullible base… and the “demoRATS” comments in this blog are clear proof of it. Trump is a chronic liar, a clear racist (well beyond anything that came out of this meeting), most likely a corporate, money laundering criminal, an obstructionist… and a political imbecile. Is is a constant and growing embarrassment to the global community. He has shaken our trust with allies and endangered military and covert assets around the globe. AND… as far as the metric of forcing people to resign for inappropriate sexual behavior…. Donald Trump is a serial abuser. How many excuses to you need to dismiss this schmuck? Wake up people.

    Yeah, yeah… you’ll start with the name-calling, say things like ‘typical brain-washed, liberal, commie, socialist, George Soros paid rhetoric ,blah, blah, blah’ So, don’t bother. You are a small and shrinking group of horribly misinformed delusional people with failing critical thinking skills. Prove me wrong!

  • janjomi

    I was not at that meeting so I can’t say whether he said that or not. But I have heard democrats lie before! I seriously doubt that he said that and had I been at the meeting I might have said much worse about Haiti. The democrats are anti-american and put their agenda ahead of us, the citizens.

  • James Kelly

    This article is a bald faced lie. Durban did Not say he lied. He did not change his position.

  • ch

    Oh dickie boy, where was your outrage when your idol muslime obama called Libya a shit show. You are such a liar as are your comrades in arms. Someday you will yell fire and no one will show up.
    WE the LEGAL people in this country do NOT want the Federal Criminal ILLEGAL ALIENS. They suck this country of resources that could be used to help our homeless, our veterans, the sick and poor. We could rebuild our infrastructure and a BIG Beautiful Wall

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly,
    Dems gotta throw $#!t each day till they die.

  • Richard I Ellis

    DURBIN is nothing more than a LIYING BACK STABBING FILTHY SWINE that now needs to be censored and BOOTED OUT OF CONGRESS for using this rotten tactic to SMEAR THE PRESIDENT AND HIS OFFICE!

  • Sue

    Donkey dirt bag. Not uncommon for him to make shit up. When will the unions begin asking their participants to vote for the best candidate instead of the party line useless talking heads.

  • RDB

    Durbin was doing what he naturally does – tell lies. Didn’t he know the others present would tell on him? Stupid! He should resign in ignominy. He is a disgrace to his profession.The Senate majority leader needs to call Durbin out for his lies on the Senate floor and sensor him.

  • Willie

    Charges should be brought against Durbin for trying to publicly shame President Trump into approving amnesty for illegal aliens. This Crap has to stop.

  • MSG Leo

    Imagine that a Democrat lying about Trump, that’s never happened before, ha ha.

  • Bruce Rowe

    All the negative comments about Durbin are totally unjustified. Just because he was the only Democrat in the room and no one else heard the Presidents remark, means absolutely nothing. After all, Mr. Durbin has the national news media on his side. That should prove he is telling the truth.

  • Clay Loomis

    Republican Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue said they do not recall Trump’s remarks. Sen. Lindsey Graham said Trump had said “something questionable”, but would not say what it was. Republican Sen. Tim Scott said Graham told him the reported comments were “basically accurate”. How does this article prove Durbin is a liar? Sounds to me like the others are just protecting their party from damage by the big, orange Humpty.

  • pmat33

    Durbin is part of the “Deep State Elite” that will continually (daily by design) make up and misuse comments they will attribute to Trump as part of an ongoing conspiracy to discredit the President in any and every way! Durbin is not the kind of person you want in any government or political position!

  • Thechla

    What a disgraceful person. This is just beyond immature. This is not fantasy island. Democrats’ ignorance is being exposed. Politician have betrayed this country long enough. The Communists are in every niche of our country. We are going to rid this country of our enemies. The tide will turn. Pray for our country. Speak out against the evil progressives. Take out the liberal ideology. Educate those who are brain washed. Liberals are the true mentally challenged people. They are under a spell like the North Koreans.

  • Timothy Thompson

    He’s from Illinois so you can’t expect much from him. He’s the typical super career Democratic Senator 100 in all who thinks they are above the law. During Obama’s admin they didn’t get anything done, nothing under the leadership of Harry Reid all planned to stop anything going through to them. We have suffered through Democrats who are so anti American that they don’t care about the people who elected them.

  • Big Ed

    Durbin told a lie because he is a Democrat and they cannot tell the truth about anything under any circumstances. The mistake some people make is believing anything a Democrat says in the first place. Say it with me-Democrats will do anything to gain power, but they have such pitiful ideas that they can’t really talk about them. Therefore, they must lie, cheat and steal to gain power. It makes them look small, petty and evil, but that is only because they are small, petty and evil. The thing I wonder about is why Durbin admitted he lied-very unlike a Democrat-they’ll usually go to their deaths continuing the lie they started.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    Durban is a flat out liar, they thought that they could slip one by the President because they thought he was so desperate for a deal they could get him to go against his principles! If he had of agreed to their with their ploy they would have called him a racist anyway!
    Slime balls!!

  • higgy01

    Little Dickie Durbin is not only a perennial liar he is a sworn democrat trouble maker. He also claimed there was an agreement reached on the illegal alien issue and there was not. Durbin is not very subtly trying to box the administration in so he and his miscreants can blame any adverse result, such as a shutdown, on Trump and the republicans. It won’t wok this time because a decision on DACA is not necessary until March and any shutdown is definitely the fault of the dems.

  • balboaactually

    What…? This is all assumption and dot-connecting that is far from proven true.

  • Nikola’s Notion

    Moreover, Trump has already agreed to DACA in concept. But he has laid out conditions to the agreement, specifically full funding for the Wall, an end to the various visa programs devoted to extended family reunification, an end to the Visa Lottery Program, and additional border security measures. Therefore, according to Tricky Dicky Durbin, the president has already proved the negative. Now the whole bunch of them are supposed to be hammering out the DACA details. What the Freedom Caucus and the President want is to assure that the Dems don’t cut too many holes in DACA and the end of family reunification, so that thousands more undesirables do not continue to flood across our borders and overstay their visas.

  • Mark parisi

    I received a reply to my question but it was just a copy of the same article. Is this a quote “that he used the s hole accusation as a bargain chip in DACA” negotiation?

  • Bob350

    Illinois must be so proud of this guys lying all the time. They keep sending him back so it must be ok with them if he is fighting for illegals and not for their best interest. After all that is what Dems (socialists) do!!!!

  • cvick

    Durbin has been lying since he took office. Can’t stand even looking at the man.

  • Doris Will

    This is disgusting, the people of Durbin’s state should save what’s left of their dignity and recall him. That makes 2 Democrats proven to be liars by their own admission, Harry Reed is already gone Thank Heaven.

  • full

    the left media has helped these s-$#%$%holes get away with this S-$$%%% for years, The truth show is on he road, in spite of ABC CNN and all the rest of them.. Trump will pick them off and the rest will rot an fall off all by themselves.
    Watch the exit door for the corrupt Mullner, Tomey ++++++

  • Rick Swengel

    Sorry, guys, but your headline is a lie. Do you read the stories first? I absolutely do NOT like Durbin. I support the President on this, but don’t mislead people with your headlines.

  • nimbii

    What good is power if it can’t be abused?

  • Ken V

    Turbin Durbin is a real piece of work.

  • mbnick

    It appears that the S***heads think illegal is a race!

  • JOE

    the demoRAT party is going straight to HELL!

  • Paul

    Where are the public apologies from democraps nationwide?

  • Allen

    We do need term limits for following reason:
    If entrenched, they build up a war chest so any bright newcomer can’t defeat them. We have term limits on President, mayors, governors, local politicians, why not them. Also get rid of a lot of perks they have like benefits for life. They are all millionaires, they can afford it. Look into their finances, how do you get three houses in high priced areas on a salary of $175,000 a year? Then have the Gaul to give raises to them selves in the middle of the night. I could go on, but termlimits would reduce a lot of this.

  • Sue

    The only sh**h**e is dirtbins piehole.

  • Jules ODwyer

    Maggot Kaufman where are on this one,I know it’s all made up.The part Lil Sick Durbin trying to hold President and Republicans hostage over DACA is Not very Hard to Believe,that’s a Demonrat Tactic and Disgusting tactic.Now the Demonrats could care less about these People but their Votes are very Important.The Sad Part they Care more for Illegals than the American US People

  • dan690

    Democrats have to lie, the facts are never on their side.

  • Jmanjo

    Durbin is as we all knew…a liar! Very much the in the style of his fellow liberal Congress buddies! Pelosi has never told the truth and you cannot look at Schumer without getting squeamish!

  • antilib

    I’m not sure if the Democrats own the media, or if the media owns the Democrats. But they absolutely march in lockstep against the United States.

    • reagangs

      They are both are owned by old commie Georgie Soros and his UN, EU and US RINO minions and sheeple.

  • VanceJ

    Why on God’s green earth would anyone vote for a Democrap ?

    • reagangs

      Old socialist Georgie Soros would.

  • Skyknight2

    It doesn’t prove any thing about President Trump, but does prove that Durbin is a lying SOB.

  • Big Ed

    How the hell can anyone negotiate, in good faith, with someone who is so willing to lie to gain an advantage. Trump should have demanded that the Democrats dump Durbin and refuse to negotiate as long as Durbin is part of the Democrat team. What a piece of crap-McCain always says he wants to get things for the people by working with the Democrats. How can you work with or negotiate with a slug like Durbin?.