At Tuesday’s White House Press Briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked the burning question that I’m sure everyone would love to hear what President Trump has to say. Does the President of the United States believe in UFOs?

Town Hall reports that Jordan Fabian, a reporter for The Hill, asked Sanders about whether or not the President believes in extraterrestrials in light of the recent reports made public that the Pentagon has had a secret program looking into UFO citings.

Funding for the program ran out in 2012 and Fabian also wondered if Trump would also consider funding the program again if he thought the program was of interest to him.

Sanders, of course, started laughing before he even finished asking the question and she said, “I feel like I already want to pass on this question given that you’ve got aliens sitting among you,” after the reporter’s phone started going off as he asked the question.

Sanders did respond however and say that she and the president hadn’t exactly discussed that topic yet, but she would “check in with that and be happy to circle back.”

If President Trump did admit to believing in the UFO sitting then he would be the first sitting president to admit that. Jimmy Carter and his wife admitted to seeing a UFO when he was governor of Georgia in 1969 and said he saw it in Leary, Georgia.

Former President Ronald Reagan also reported seeing a UFO. Reagan saw the unidentified object while on a small plane near Bakersfield, California in 1974.

This could be the first time a president gave extraterrestrial life an actual consideration, or we could just be laughing about how a reporter actually asked the white house if the President believed in Aliens.