At Tuesday’s White House Press Briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked the burning question that I’m sure everyone would love to hear what President Trump has to say. Does the President of the United States believe in UFOs?

Town Hall reports that Jordan Fabian, a reporter for The Hill, asked Sanders about whether or not the President believes in extraterrestrials in light of the recent reports made public that the Pentagon has had a secret program looking into UFO citings.

Funding for the program ran out in 2012 and Fabian also wondered if Trump would also consider funding the program again if he thought the program was of interest to him.

Sanders, of course, started laughing before he even finished asking the question and she said, “I feel like I already want to pass on this question given that you’ve got aliens sitting among you,” after the reporter’s phone started going off as he asked the question.

Sanders did respond however and say that she and the president hadn’t exactly discussed that topic yet, but she would “check in with that and be happy to circle back.”

If President Trump did admit to believing in the UFO sitting then he would be the first sitting president to admit that. Jimmy Carter and his wife admitted to seeing a UFO when he was governor of Georgia in 1969 and said he saw it in Leary, Georgia.

Former President Ronald Reagan also reported seeing a UFO. Reagan saw the unidentified object while on a small plane near Bakersfield, California in 1974.

This could be the first time a president gave extraterrestrial life an actual consideration, or we could just be laughing about how a reporter actually asked the white house if the President believed in Aliens.

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  • deusexmachina1

    There are aliens among us….

    I’ve seen them in my sanctuary city….

    • David Mulloy

      If you look at it that way, the little Effers are Everywhere!!
      To damn bad they all aren’t Green with Antennas; They would be Easier to Catch!!

      • deusexmachina1

        All you need to do is have a package on your doorstep as bait…

    • sandraleesmith46

      Yep; they’re here in rural AZ too!

      • deusexmachina1

        Between them, Anrifa, and the arselifters, we’ve got a target rich environment, here in the Twin Cities….

      • sandraleesmith46

        Yeah? Have FUN then; I have a friend out there’ll be helping you out!

      • deusexmachina1

        He won’t be alone…..

      • sandraleesmith46

        I’m sure not; I just know him in that area, not the rest of them.

      • deusexmachina1

        I know a few that went to Az to retire, saw the mess there, and returned home….

      • sandraleesmith46

        The urban centers down south are a mess, and Flag; because of the campus, but most of us aren’t so crazy.

      • deusexmachina1

        I don’t doubt that….

        and things should improve after McCain and Flake are gone…

      • sandraleesmith46

        Hopefully, if we can get Kelli Ward and another good Constitutionalist in those seats, yes.

  • irene

    There have been “many” experiences that I’ve had that I’ve considered this to be true. SOMETHING is out there that’s “unlike” the dimension we live in here on earth.

    • dennis w


    • sandraleesmith46

      I’m not sure if you realized it or intended it, but you DID just nail it! There are things out there; BUT they aren’t from other “worlds”, they’re from different dimensions. Even though it doesn’t speak to it directly, the Bible shows us that there are beings, called angels, who operated in this world from a different dimension than those on which we operate; and Jesus more than once, simply appeared, physically, inside closed and locked chambers, in a form that others could touch and feel. He didn’t walk through a door or even a wall, He simply appeared there, where He hadn’t been moments before. None of the witnesses to those events attempted to explain whence those beings came, including Jesus, beyond “Heaven”; but science now accepts that there are at least 11 dimensions; we operate on a maximum of 4 of them.

      • irene

        Sandraleesmith:46″ I “did” say “dimensions unlike here on earth” as “earth is ALSO a dimension.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Earth exists and operates in those same 4 of the dimensions in which we humans do: length, width, height and time; Jesus functions outside those 4, as do angels, both those fallen and those still under God’s service.

      • irene

        Sandra: There are MANY dimensions, NOT just 4. Divine Intelligence (God) functions in MANY dimensions, earth being just ONE of them that has the 4 you mentioned, however, there’s MORE that are being discovered scientifically DAILY.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Well, since you FAILED to read my original post on this, I’ll repeat that science agrees there are at least 11 dimensions; EARTH is NOT a “dimension”; our entire known universe operate in 4 of those dimensions. Do try to wake up and smell the coffee?

      • irene

        Sandra: You’re obviously looking for an argument. I agree that this earth has it’s OWN dimensions. However, as a student of theology, science & personal experience, I KNOW that divine angels appear to us in different forms & are NOT limited by OUR dimensions. I’m NOT looking for an argument, I’m simply stating what I know as a member of “reality”, NOT denial. I’m stating what I KNOW that is beyond religion.

      • sandraleesmith46

        What you’re saying is simply WRONG, scientifically! Earth isn’t a dimension, and doesn’t “have its own dimensions”; it sits and functions WITHIN the dimensions in which the entire universe sits and operates; angels and God operate in OTHER dimensions outside the 4 in which we live and function! That’s “reality”; I’m not looking for arguments either; simply trying to correct your erroneous information here. Earth sits inside it’s 4 dimensions in the same way an ice cube floats in water; it’s not the water and it doesn’t control the water in which it floats; but it’s subject to the whims of that water as to how it floats therein.

      • irene

        sandra: Obviously you do want to argue. However, I don’t bother with people like you that think they know it all. GOD is the only one that knows it all, not you. So smell your own coffee.

  • Real American

    I think Anyone admitted to these press briefings should be drug and alcohol tested. And screened for mental illness.

    • sandraleesmith46

      In that person’s case, skip the screening; he is for certain.

  • Veteran

    Of course there are aliens among us…exactly 9 months after the Area 51 encounter with aliens in the Kalifornia desert…Hillary was born! THAT answers the perennial question…”where are these people from?”

  • Pat

    Can you imagine the freak out if she had said he does, or even does not? Either way, the libs would go even more nuts.

  • reagangs

    Here’s proof: Our previous POTUSA is an extraterrestrial.

  • reagangs

    Calling agents Scully and Mulder. Where are the X-files ??? Hide them before the Clintons get them.

  • Bob McCormick

    ETs aren’t interested in our planet; “no intelligent life down there”

  • Douglas Miraldi

    aren’t they called democrats,

  • Morgan23

    Citings?? Really?? Shouldn’t it be ”sightings”….like with your eyes? Get a new editor.

    • Brother

      Citings/sightings show you how good these journalist did in school and their professors passed them on to us anyway.

  • supergun

    We have many illegal aliens in our land.

  • kinijane

    I love watching her, the media wants to play gotya and she knows how to do the dance.

  • pemaddin

    Their favorite dem Reid is the one who funneled money into the UFO program. why are they attacking him with their inane questions.

  • irene

    To assume that “we” are the ONLY form of life is a very narrow view of God’s creations.

  • bbb

    These are not reporters. They are broadcast personalities who seek the limelight any way possible.
    UFO could stand for any number of things these days, like LOL.