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The Democrats have not been shy about flaunting what they think are locked up elections for the House and Senate in 2018. However, Rush Limbaugh may have some bad news for them, and great news for Republicans.

Limbaugh took some of his last couple of minutes before taking a break for the Christmas holiday to make three succinct predictions about the 2018 elections.

“I’m gonna go on record December 22, 2017: Based on all that is known now, the Republican Party is not gonna lose control of the House, they’re not gonna lose control of the Senate — and, in fact, the Democrats may lose even more seats in the Senate. They’re getting so far ahead of themselves that they’re out walking a plank, and they have no idea how thin and precariously balanced it is.”

Democrats knew that taking the house was a longshot so that news may not be as damaging to them, but not gaining control of the Senate. Or even losing seats? Democrats will probably struggle to try to comprehend what Limbaugh means. I mean Trump colluded with Russia and once the people find out that its true all the Republican candidates will fall, right? And the new tax reform that puts more money in the pocket of nearly all people is bad for everyone, right?

Limbaugh expertly silences the Democrats on both points.

“If there was any collusion, it was between Hillary and the Democrats and the DOJ and the FBI with a tinge of Russia thrown in with the Trump dossier, and this doesn’t take any detective work. They have as much as admitted this in books written about the Clinton campaign, the Trump dossier and how that was commissioned…There’s no doubt in any of our minds what’s really been going on here.

They’re repeating almost verbatim the same mistakes… They’re gonna be campaigning on this tax bill. They think they can really make points by criticizing the Republicans for letting you keep more of your money. The Democrats think there’s some election to be won by promising to take your money back and giving it to Washington so that we can repay what the government has been heisted.”

The Democrats have another thing coming if they think the 2018 elections are going to be a landslide in their favor. The best they can hope for is that they are close, because the way it’s looking now, they may lose in a landslide.

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  • kinijane

    Let’s hope he is correct.

  • Patriotic American

    The dems are complete Morons, Schumer thinks America is falling for his LIES. We the People ARE AWAKE and ready to vote them out. DemoRats will be a party of the Past.

    • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

      The critical variable is going to be how many Communists are we dealing with?
      Popularity of Bernie Sanders among Millennials exceeded my expectations.
      Helping the young ones understand more lessons of history is crucial.

    • Rich Girod

      25% at best is not “We The People”

  • Francis Chandler Forsberg

    How can the party of NO run on what they have done.? I think they are making a huge mistake.

    • Rich Girod

      The Republicans did it under Obama and won back the House and Senate, so…..

  • donald540

    IF everything I read is TRUE then there are NO QUESTION as to WHO will win the elections (democRATS), BUT a LOT of things are NOT true but I still think that the DemocRATS seem to think they are ABOVE the LAW and so they keep doing everything they can to eliminate the republicans from the races so they are to only ones to get the vote and that will NEVER HAPPEN.

    • Tar Heel58

      I have never not voted but if they continue to make their own rules and Hillary and Company don’t pay for the crimes they have committed, then no I won’t vote for any of them.

      • donald540

        It sounds like YOU have NOT experienced much of LIFE and those in POLITICS YET and but you also sound like you might have heard a LOT of those FALSE news reports and are trying to sort out what is TRUE and what is FALSE and I hope you make the RIGHT choices.
        You sound like you might still be in school or just out of school where you are subject to a LOT of BAD information (I do NOT know the school or what they are really teaching) about what those in politics are doing to America, but a LOT of schools are teaching our children THEIR own weerd look at what our government is doing to our government system and what the people can and can NOT do in our personal lives.

      • Tar Heel58

        I’m 65, I was saying that I have always voted State, Local and Federal. I have experienced more in life good and bad than anyone else. Been in other Countries that where Dictatorship and everything in between. I love America and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do even now to protect our Democracy. What George Bush done and then Obama took it even further on domestic surveillance.Here we are, things just aren’t moving back to normal fast enough. That’s all.

      • Rich Girod
      • Bruce

        Just look at the reference. “washington Post”.
        There goes your credibility!

      • Rich Girod

        bad mistake to “shot the messenger”-when the message is the truth.

      • Tar Heel58

        You wouldn’t know truth if you you stepped in a pile of it at your Communist Progressives meeting. Brain Dead and obviously like that state of mind, you reveille in being BD.

      • Rich Girod

        Shot the messenger?

      • Rich Girod

        That’s great because, based on your comments on PND, your vote is based on ignorance.

  • Bill Clare

    Caution!!! The “smear” playbook was updated and executed in the Alabama special election. Dems will use this tactic in many of the 2018 Senate races and the GOP better be ready. No radioactive candidates!!! And, a powerful rebuttal plan in their pockets.

    • Big Ed

      I agree with you completely. The Democrats have no agenda but to stop Trump. They can’t win an honest election because all they can promise is a larger minimum wage and food stamps for all-not many people are thrilled about a return to the last eight years. When you have no program, all you have is voter fraud and playing the misogyny card-and I can almost guarantee you they will do a lot of both.

  • Zundfolge

    Rush, by his own admission, is an optimist. Even if he thought the Republicans would lose the house and senate he wouldn’t say so.

    • tbone51

      He’s perfectly rational to me. And if he was pessimist, he wouldn’t dare say anything either way. If Trump does well throughout this year, the democrats in both houses are doomed. They don’t know how to deal with a real president. When I say real, I mean “not only in politics but personality”, he’s got wit, he’s extremely intelligent, he stays three moves ahead of any democrat and he’s down to earth to the point where Americans are feeling that he’s simply one of us – rather than one of the establishment (that’s because he really is).

    • Rich Girod

      Rush is a big fat drug addled hypocrite whose “time” has past…talk about losers.

      You haven’t thought about him in years-It took lame nit picking low issue importance Rex McMillian to ressurrect his rotting carcass

  • LJJ1937

    Dem’s have high hopes. They keep bring up Virginia…….All work in D.C. and are afraid they will lose their cushioned jobs. New Jersey…….That state is a joke… I should know. born and raised there and have lots of family living in the state. Those who have Government jobs, love the Dem’s……Want those good pensions!!!!!, the rest of the people that are hard working are conservatives, and are working hard, paying taxes!!!!! to pay High taxes on everything to keep most of the rest of people living in the state on the DOLE. Alabama: We had a bad person running for the Senate……. Now what are they (Dem’s) got going for them???????……I am sick and tired hearing about those WINS!!!!!!

    • Diane Woodard

      I live in Alabama, Yes, the interim election was a farce cause primarly by Roy Moore (yuck) abd Mo
      Brooks. A sitting house member should never gambol his favor during an interim election. I like Mo but he caused the split vote which should have gone to Strange.

  • James Prim

    When you have demonrats smearing lies about their opponents and having judges and state leaders who side with the fraud (case in point Alabama) it may be the downfall of conservatism in this great nation. We already see the fraud going on in many elections local, state and national. They will keep it up as long as demonrat judges refuse to comply with the law as well as state leaders. We need to get rid of those demonrat judges by voting them out, impeaching them or whatever legally remove them and disbar them.

  • Patricia Gill

    Today’s Democratic Party is not what it was years ago. They have gone so far left that they are totally out of touch with the people and no longer believe in what was written in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have become “LOSERS”.

    • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

      “Patricia Gill”
      It is worse than that. Democrats from John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s times cared about their
      country. Now, they advocate against America and for World Communist Government led
      by United Nations bureaucrats. Their actions are a covert creeping gradualism dividing us
      and preaching abstract “social justice”, “saving the planet” and “wealth redistribution” which
      amount to a massive theft disguised as altruistic charity.

      • Rich Girod

        “Now, they advocate against America and for World Communist Government led
        by United Nations bureaucrats”

        Got any facts to back up that statement? Probably not……

  • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

    Democrats are pushing their newly developed doctrine. Democrats from John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s times cared about their country. Now, they advocate against America and for World Communist Government led by the United Nations bureaucrats.
    Their methods have changed as well. DNC employs a covert creeping gradualism dividing us
    and preaching abstract “social justice”, “saving the planet” and “wealth redistribution” which
    amount to a massive theft disguised as altruistic charity. It sounds attractive to young idealistic or
    “underprivileged” people.
    Misinformation (fake news) became a serious enemy of Americans and Europeans as well.

    • Old Vet

      I was a Democrat until LBJ started his “social engineering” crap to enslave the poor of this country with welfare programs. Didn’t vote again for many years. Now is am an Independent and not holding to any party……free at last!!!

    • Rich Girod

      Hypocrite-The right/republicans accused JFK as being a communist-Same BS from PND commentors today.A tired broken record.

  • rockthebenz

    Thanks to real Americans President Trump is now in office. He has destroyed the republicrat party and the dumbocrat party. It is now going to be the People’s Party! It is time to elect more tea party type candidates so the dems and repubs are no longer in office. As soon as we can get those “lifers”, like hatch (42 years; ridiculous!!) out of there the people can take their country back. Adios, government parasites!!

  • Nikola’s Notion

    The Senate map really disfavors the Dems in 2018. They are defending 24 seats plus the two independents (Bernie Sanders & Angus King). Republicans are only defending eight. Of the 23 states held by Democrats, Trump carried 11 of them in 2016. Minnesota is the wildest of wild cards because Trump came very close there and it has two Senate seats up 2018: Amy Klobuchar’s and Tina Smith’s (special election). Depending on candidate selection, it is very possible for the Republicans to pick up a net four or five seats.

    The hindrances to Republican pick ups are failure to pass Obamacare Repeal and Replace; a possible failure to fully fund and commence construction on the Wall; and the extreme unpopularity of the GOP Congressional leadership (especially McConnell) among the grassroots conservative base and independent voters. The boosts to Republican strength are (a) a strengthening economy perhaps reaching boomtown range; (b) the tax cuts; (c) the dying out of the War on Women Part 2; and (d) a possible strengthening of Trump’s poll numbers based on his accomplishments more than any change in his public persona. The wild cards are overseas crises, perhaps in the Middle East and more likely on the Korean Peninsula.