Rush Limbaugh

The Democrats have not been shy about flaunting what they think are locked up elections for the House and Senate in 2018. However, Rush Limbaugh may have some bad news for them, and great news for Republicans.

Limbaugh took some of his last couple of minutes before taking a break for the Christmas holiday to make three succinct predictions about the 2018 elections.

“I’m gonna go on record December 22, 2017: Based on all that is known now, the Republican Party is not gonna lose control of the House, they’re not gonna lose control of the Senate — and, in fact, the Democrats may lose even more seats in the Senate. They’re getting so far ahead of themselves that they’re out walking a plank, and they have no idea how thin and precariously balanced it is.”

Democrats knew that taking the house was a longshot so that news may not be as damaging to them, but not gaining control of the Senate. Or even losing seats? Democrats will probably struggle to try to comprehend what Limbaugh means. I mean Trump colluded with Russia and once the people find out that its true all the Republican candidates will fall, right? And the new tax reform that puts more money in the pocket of nearly all people is bad for everyone, right?

Limbaugh expertly silences the Democrats on both points.

“If there was any collusion, it was between Hillary and the Democrats and the DOJ and the FBI with a tinge of Russia thrown in with the Trump dossier, and this doesn’t take any detective work. They have as much as admitted this in books written about the Clinton campaign, the Trump dossier and how that was commissioned…There’s no doubt in any of our minds what’s really been going on here.

They’re repeating almost verbatim the same mistakes… They’re gonna be campaigning on this tax bill. They think they can really make points by criticizing the Republicans for letting you keep more of your money. The Democrats think there’s some election to be won by promising to take your money back and giving it to Washington so that we can repay what the government has been heisted.”

The Democrats have another thing coming if they think the 2018 elections are going to be a landslide in their favor. The best they can hope for is that they are close, because the way it’s looking now, they may lose in a landslide.