After Republicans faced a shocking loss in Alabama with Roy Moore leading the Democrat Doug Jones to win the Senate seat, Rush Limbaugh reveals the secret weapon that Democrats have been cultivating for a while now that led to Jones winning the seat.

Limbaugh reveals that Democrats are using the stories of these women who claim various Republican lawmakers have sexually harassed them at some point in their lives, doesn’t matter if it was when they were teenagers or just a year ago, Limbaugh claims that this is an organized effort by these women to take down Republicans.

“‘In fact, because of the success Democrats had with this, it’s entirely possible that men who haven’t done a single thing in terms of mistreating a woman, abusing her or harassing her are still nevertheless going to be accused of it. It has become a political tactic. We have now had…,’ said Limbaugh.”

Limbaugh says that he doesn’t want to decrease the seriousness of the problem of sexual assault and harassment against women, but now it has been utilized as a tool for Democrats and cannot be entirely trusted as the truth anymore.

“The use of sexual harassment and the mistreatment of women or others in the workplace is a legitimate thing. But it’s now just been corrupted and weaponized and made to look like a political opposition-research weapon. And that’s exactly what’s happened,” said Limbaugh.

Rush also points out the how are men suppose to defend themselves when these accusations are made against them. It is nearly impossible and everyone only believes the accuser and there is nothing the accused can do to defend themselves. Rush thinks the Democrats will continue to use this to their advantage till more Republicans are taken out of office.

“‘And so anybody can see. And you can see that when one of these allegations is made, the women are believed, and the men who are accused are not. Which means the men have to prove a negative, and the accusers don’t have to prove anything. That is a powerful weapon the Democrats have decided to use. And believe me, as we speak, they are behind closed doors creating further stratagems using this. And they are picking their targets. And you’re gonna see more of it, I predict,’ said Limbaugh.”

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  • donl

    I do Not believe the Demo-Commies have won an election “Fairly” since JFK. They need to Lie, cheat and steal to win. That is why they aim there goals at the less “informed” people.

    • We need common sense.

      Something feels evil in our gov’t, much more than
      in the past. Liberal TV doesn’t help at all.

  • David McAllister

    The liberals have basically admitted that they know they can’t win elections honestly.

  • AmericanMan2012

    The Dems act lawless, Godless, ruthless, and society does nothing.
    Totally the workers of Satan.
    No wonder Trump is causing the upheaval between good and evil.

  • axle357

    since this seems to be the new norm..maybe we should outlaw the demarat party as a terrorist org>!!!

  • mikey2046

    Ever notice how the Left accuses Republicans of wrong-doing, and then it comes out that they have been doing just that thing all along?

    • We need common sense.

      My eyes are beginning to open from all the fraud we’ve
      been faced with ever since 1992 & before

  • Doris Will

    As far back as I can remember every Democrat President and their wives have been disbarred. Now it is infecting non-politician lawyers. Time for the Bar Association to drain their swamp.

    • We need common sense.

      Right on! Both he and she were disbarred.

  • G03Maxine

    Rush certainly does make an interesting point in his assessment of how Jones ‘won’ the election … through false accusations! But the false accusations against Moore were more than adequately debunked … and the overwhelming majority of Alabamians who were very well aware of Moore’s character (and his well-known stellar record as a model citizen for decades) … did not believe those lies at all!
    And besides that, the false accuser attacks against Moore is only a small part of the story! The rest of the FAR MORE POTENT (and not as easily rebutted) story is about the highly credible (and substantive) reporting … on massive and wide-spread voter fraud.
    Although currently in process, that aspect of Jones’ ‘win’ has yet to be fully dealt with!

  • Robert Hewitt


  • We need common sense.

    Well, those FILTHY FISH-TARDS. That’s hitting so low the belt that it’s time to start fighting back. Problem is: dems are down & dirty and conservatives are way too forgiving. Must be a way to counter-act.