Mark Levin

Mark Levin told his listeners on “The Mark Levin Show” the truth about what is going on with Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion and the most recent development involving Michael Flynn, which is that nothing at all is happening.

While many in the liberal media want to blow the situation with Flynn out of proportion, Levin explains that there still has been no charges of collusion brought to the Trump administration.

“‘Mr. Mueller hasn’t brought a single charge related to collusion with the Russians… before the election, he hasn’t brought a single charge related to collusion with the Russians to influence the election,’ said Levin.”

Levin also talked about how the Former FBI director, James Comey apparently “passed on false statements charges against Mike Flynn, because he didn’t think he was intentionally lying.”

The radio personality also disclosed that someone very close to Flynn told Fox News that he had been broken in many different ways so he would have to bend to Mueller’s will.

“Somebody very close to Mike Flynn told Fox News he pled because he was emotionally broken, financially broken, and his family said enough,’ Levin continued. “Which was exactly what Mr. Mueller was out to do. Destroy the man, and then have him dance on his finger. And now he has him tied around his finger, like the mob would do.”

Levin laid out plainly all of the charges that have actually been made with regards to Mueller’s investigation and points out that none of them are for collusion to influence the election with Russia.

“‘We have charges in this investigation with Mr. Manafort and Gates related to failure to file as federal agents, charges that are almost never brought. We have charges on tax violations without bringing any tax evasion charges. We have false statement pleas, with [George Papadopolous]… we have it now with Mike Flynn. That’s it, that’s all there is,’ Levin said.”

An incoming administration talking to a foreign government is not a criminal offense and the liberals need to stop reporting about it like it is.

Levin explains that if there were any evidence of collusion with Russia, Mueller would have found it by now thanks to all of the constant leaks and acts of espionage that have allowed him essentially unlimited access to any communications between people in or associated with the Trump administration and Russia.

“So they know what was discussed. And yet there is no charge of collusion, they know it was discussed, but there is no collusion charge, no substantive, underlying criminal charge,” said Levin.

Despite all the attention this investigation has been given in recent weeks, Levin says the one thing Mueller has been able to prove is that there is practically no case for collusion against anyone.

Mueller tried it with the former campaign chairman for Trump, Paul Manafort, and failed and he’s trying to do it now with Flynn.

“This special prosecutor isn’t so special,” Levin said. “And these hatchet men that he has hired, Obama and Clinton supporters, have brought not a single case related to collusion, not a single case related to any crimes related to collusion. Nothing, zero. Cases involving taxes, foreign reporting, lying — but nothing, zero [about collusion].”

Levin finishes by stating that what the liberal media should be reporting about this investigation is that there isn’t a case for collusion anymore and everything Mueller has been doing is absolutely pathetic.