Representative Nancy Pelosi finally realized nothing was going to get accomplished if she did not work with President Trump. So she started to. And then backed out.

House Minority Leader Pelosi was asked if Trump would sign a solution to the Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals(DACA) if Congress proposed one. Here is where she blew up about President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“The president, both yesterday in the meeting and today, made it very clear: He wants Congress to act to get this done. Now, just — and kind of in the back-and-forth of all of this, what was interesting to me is that the president — well, the attorney general’s statement was something that was the equivalent of the worst statue you could ever think of.

“I mean, it was about white people in America, and it was a terrible, terrible statement. It was consistent with what the Bannon folks talk about when they want the purification of America. That’s why they want to export — they want to deport so many — the 11 million people in our country.”

“So — so, in that, shall we say, concern that we have — I mean, the president said, six months, and Congress should act, and if they don’t, I’ll revisit it.”

“Well, if you’re saying that the act that — action that President Obama took was not legal, how are you going to revisit it? They’re — going to be legal for you, but it wasn’t legal for President Obama, and that’s why you have to overturn it now?”

“So I think we all came to a good place. Congress should act. We should remove all doubt. There should be statutory protection for the Dreamers. And quite — the fact is — is that we need comprehensive immigration reform, and that would cover a lot more than just the Dreamers.”

“But, for right now, we have to strike while the iron is hot, that iron being what President Lincoln talked about, that I quote all the time: ‘Public sentiment is everything,’ and public sentiment is with the Dreamers.”

Pelosi claims the Trump Administration wants the ‘purification of America.’ How absurd. Nutty Nancy really deserves her nickname.