Bette Midler

Actress and Obama supporter Bette Midler sent shockwaves through Twitter today after calling for violence against Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). Last night, Paul challenged Republicans on the budget that was ultimately passed, avoiding a prolonged government shutdown.

Late last night Middler tweeted this out:

She was referencing a recent assault against Paul by his neighbor, Rene Boucher, 58, of Bowling Green, KY. Paul was doing yard work when Boucher attacked him. Paul suffered from bruises to his lungs, broken ribs, and cuts to his face. It was difficult for Paul to speak and breathe after that. Boucher was sentenced to 21 months in prison after pleading guilty.

So Midler thought it was appropriate to call for more violence against Paul because Paul had given a speech last night on the Senate floor, which is what senators do from time to time.

Midler has been tweeting out a lot of nasty things about Republicans lately, including these gems:

Many were rightfully appalled by her Paul tweet, like former Secret Service agent and conservative commentator Dan Bongino:

Bette Midler was a proud supporter of Barack Obama. She even donated over $60,000 to his campaign efforts.

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  • travelwise42

    Midler suffers from the same mouth diarrhea that other
    Overweight, butt-ugly, has-beens suffer from…Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Rob Reiner, Harvey Weinstein, Michael Moore, Steven King, Pelosi…
    They are interchangeable with the sea cows sleeping on the piers off Santa Rosa. Slovenly ape descendants again proving evolution doesn’t work.
    If ‘slobs’ were an Olympic event they’d bring home the team gold!

  • JOE

    b.m.your brain on drugs!

  • Marc E.

    More proof that #metoo is in some ways, a farce imo. Hard to protest (for some)allegations of assault on “perceived” victims (still waiting for that “due process” thing), yet these “advocates” for “victims” call for violence on those with differing viewpoints. Also more reason, imo that “liberalism is a mental disorder”(Savage).

  • Jacks are Wild

    Ran Paul’s neighbor is moving next door to Midler. He has assured us that he will tune her up.

  • olmstra7

    butt munch says what? why don’t these commie bastards move somewhere with full on socialist governments, absent American ideals like personal responsibility and liberty, since they seem to so covet those types of system so much.

  • reagangs

    Real classy, Bette. Maybe someone should silence you with some Duct tape across your mouth.

  • JimZimmerman
  • tom2

    Washed? Up? Those aren’t the words that come to my mind when I hear Bette Midler.