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A recent study found that California’s plan to increase the minimum wage to $15 could cost the state as much as 400,000 jobs.

The Employment Policies Institute study analyzed employment trends between 1990 and 2017, finding that the minimum wage increase could cost the state 400,000 jobs.

“The job loss is not spread evenly. Slightly more than one-half of the job loss is projected to be in two industries: accommodation and food services, and retail trade,” the report states.

The study also found that for every 10% minimum wage increase passed, employment declined 2%. This will have the greatest impact on low-income workers, who could see a 5% job cut.

The jobs lost account for roughly 4.1% of California’s state employment in the 31 counties that participated in the study.

Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed the $15 minimum wage legislation in April 2016 and it will increase the minimum wage to $15 by 2022.

Under the law, the minimum wage would increase to $11 per hour from $10.50 per hour by January 1, 2018, for businesses employing 26 or more people. After 2018, the minimum wage would increase $1 per year until it reaches $15 per hour in 2022.

By 2023, the law will go into effect for businesses with 25 total employees or less.

As a result of the Democrats and Gov. Brown, many people are already beginning to see their jobs being replaced.

A little more than a week after signing the minimum wage bill into law, the clothing company American Apparel fired 500 workers and announced that manufacturing of more complex pieces of clothing could be outsourced to third-party contractors.

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  • Saab340A

    CA will pretty much get what it deserves. Brown destroyed their economy in the 70’s, and these idiots have brought him back for more. Hard to see any logic in the liberal agenda…

  • We need common sense.

    I had met his daddy years ago who was running for Governor. Don’t remember
    how bad or good he was, but the son is killing California more than anyone.
    That’s why we moved away. You fools just keep voting for his kind.

    • Front Sight

      Edmund Brown replaced Governor Knight, who became a US Supreme Court Justice. I believe he retired and Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown was elected in his place. When Jerry was Governor, California was almost bankrupted. The voting citizens voted him office because he was an unindicted crook. 34 years later, Jerry promised “free stuff” to California residents that couldn’t afford the price of luxury.

      • Nikola’s Notion

        Not quite.

        Edmund Sr., usually referred to as Pat, was defeated for re-election to a third term by Ronald Reagan in 1966. Reagan was re-elected in 1970. Then Edmund Jr., always referred to as Jerry, won election in 1974, as part of the anti-Republican wave following Watergate and Nixon’s resignation. He served two terms himself. He is now in his fourth term as California governor, after having served in several other offices between 1983 and 2010 (including Attorney General and Mayor of Oakland).

        Knight was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1946 and then acceded to the Governor’s office in 1953, when Earl Warren was appointed Chief Justice of the United States. (Before his political career, Knight was a Superior Court judge in California.) He won an additional term in his own right in 1954. But when he sought re-election Knight was shoved aside by Bill Knowland (with the support of Vice President Richard Nixon) for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. As a consolation, Knight was given the GOP nomination for the open US Senate seat. Pat Brown defeated Bill Knowland and Clair Engle defeated Goodwin Knight.

  • Sue

    How much is minimum unemployment compensation in CA, which BTW is fully funded BY the state. Way to go moonbeam. A bankrupt, over regulated state that needs to fall off into the ocean. I’m planning to buy oceanfront land in one of the neighboring states. Make sure you go “down with the ship”.

    • markypolo

      Democrats don’t work that way. When they pollute and destroy their own State, they run to Republican states to work their “magic” there. Look what they did to Oregon, Washington State, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico ( still working hard to destroy Arizona, Utah and Texas. Why do you think Obama flooded these States with Illegals and refugees?).

  • peteyone

    Moonbeam is a leftist TURD! Brain dead idiot who loves the thug unions and could care less about middle income families! Don’t forget to sign the petitions against the 12cent a gallon increase on gas! Greedy bastards!

  • donl

    I knew he was a Lowlife but not this Low!! Is he promoting Communism? Socialism? Sure sounds like it!

    • 7818TD

      Bright Red Marxist, through and through.

  • elmcqueen3

    Gov. Jerry Brown is a “commie” in disguise…He will do what ever it takes to make California a one party state…think DEMOCRAT.

  • GRComments

    That’s great! All the fast food restaurants will close and they’ll have to shop for better food in grocery stores. Or at least buy their junk food in a store rather than in a fast food place. They’ll save money, and maybe increase their health.

    On the other hand, unemployment will go up, and that among those most needing a job. Teens won’t get the experience that they need and won’t be worth as much in the job market later.

  • higgy01

    It would be justice if the 400,000 that lose their jobs are illegal aliens but that will probably not be the case as they have a strong lobby in the socialist realm of California. Seeing California being flushed down the toilet would not bother me even a little bit except that the rest of this country will be expected to bail them out. We should just give the state back to Mexico.

    • domar1938

      Give it back? Haven’t they moved here and reclaimed it?

  • David McAllister

    And you’re surprised??? Governor Brownstreak is a devout socialist. He won’t be happy until your whole paycheck is deposited directly into the state general fund.

  • Babsan

    Democrats/Communists don’t care,all they want is voters so they will have all the Illegals and Criminals and Muslims they want and when money runs out the state desists

  • domar1938

    DEM. = Destroying Economy Multiplied.

  • 7818TD

    Doesn’t take a genius to take Paradise, and turn it into a Hell-Hole. Brown is a White Obama, seize all you can, and use unsuspecting Fools to further your Agenda. Prop 13 is a case where the Citizens of California got Fed-Up enough, to take things into their own hands. This time they’d better hurry or they are going to be living an Immigrant Laden Detroit on the Pacific.