Former President Obama has come under fire for his involvement in allowing terrorist organizations to run free in the Middle East. Some of these accusations are not new, as there were significant questions raised following the raid by Libyan terrorists on the US Embassy in Benghazi. However, new accusations are being brought forth that Obama not only allowed those terrorist organizations to commit their acts of terror but actually helped fuel the fire that got them to a place they are today.

Representative Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.) requested that the House Oversight Committee headed by Republican Trey Gowdy (S.C.) investigate allegations that actions taken under the Obama administration are the cause of the rise of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah in the past 10 years.

The request comes after Politico published an in-depth story into the role of Project Cassandra in trying to stop Hezbollah’s rise and the Administration’s role in curtailing the effectiveness of the project. The administration reportedly refused to grant warrants that the project members needed to arrest high-level Hezbollah actors and delayed many other actions effectively rendering the project ineffective.

Project Cassandra was a Drug Enforcement Agency task force designed specifically to combat groups such as Hezbollah and had the chance to be extremely effective. However, the Obama administration felt that politics and political gain were more important than stopping a terrorist organization that was responsible for trafficking more than $3 billion in drugs into the US in the years prior.

You can read about Project Cassandra and the administration’s role in hindering its progress here.

If the committee decides to take up the investigation, it would deal a major blow to the already crumbling legacy of the Obama administration.