Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the National Rifle Association, went on to Sean Hannity’s show to point out the left’s “hypocrisy” on gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, reports Fox News.

LaPierre pointed out that most of the liberals that are advocating for gun control are constantly being protected by people who carry a firearm.  He also criticized the Hollywood liberal celebrities who also have been outspoken about gun control laws, when they have made millions from movies or television shows depicting gun violence and bloodshed.

“The hypocrisy is beyond belief,” LaPierre said.  He began by saying that a lot of NRA members have been affected by the Las Vegas shooting and that he has “been praying like everyone else in the country.”

He also went on to point out that Democrats shouldn’t be attacking to rights of lawful gun owners but instead the thugs and people like in Chicago who obtain firearms illegal and use them for terrible reasons.

“These monsters that were [killing people] in Chicago – they don’t care about the law,” he said.

Earlier on Thursday, the NRA called for a federal review of rifle “bump stocks” in the wake of the shooter in the Las Vegas massacre using one to kill in mass quantities in a short space of time by altering semi-automatic weapons in to more of an automatic weapon.

“The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations,” the NRA said in its written statement.

“In the aftermath of the evil and senseless attack in Las Vegas, the American people are looking for answers as to how future tragedies can be prevented. Unfortunately, the first response from some politicians has been to call for more gun control.  Banning guns from law-abiding Americans based on the criminal act of a madman will do nothing to prevent future attacks.’

‘This is a fact that has been proven time and again in countries across the world.  In Las Vegas, reports indicate that certain  devices were used to modify the firearms involved. Despite the fact that the Obama administration approved the sale of bump fire stocks on at least two occasions, the National Rifle Association is calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to immediately review whether these devices comply with federal law,’ the statement read.”

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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