According to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, there will be a “red wave, not a blue wave” in September and October, while the United States heads into the November midterms.

Gingrich explained that Americans will turn against the Democratic Party’s shift to the left and support Republican candidates that President Donald Trump has backed.

“The Democrats are talking themselves out on these radical left agendas which in The Washington Post and The New York Times and on CBS News all sounds terrific,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“But I think when you get down to September and October, we’ll discover there is a red wave, not a blue wave and that people will repudiate the kind of radical extremism we’re seeing emerge in the Democratic Party.”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has a “very strong personality,” and his activities are “wildly popular” with Republicans, said Gingrich.

“I think 88 percent of the Republicans approve of him, which is a higher number, except for the period right after 9/11, a higher number than any president in modern times has had in their own party’s approval.”

In Georgia, Secretary of State Brian Kemp won his primary for governor after Trump backed him. Kemp was in a hotly contested race for the primary with Casey Cagle, and after Trump endorsed Kemp, Kemp won the primary by over 30 points.

If Trump is right, the economy will keep growing for several years and the impact on politics in America will be “tremendous,” said Gingrich.

“You will have this huge contrast between food stamps and unemployment under Obama and better jobs, higher take home pay, greater opportunities under Trump,” said Gingrich.

“At some point the gap will be so wide that among Asian-Americans and Latino-Americans and African-Americans, you will see drift away from a Democratic Party.”

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BY Mark Graham


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