Elise Jordan

An MSNBC political analyst, Elise Jordan, said that it is “unfortunate” that the Republican Party is able to craft its tax reform bill with a congressional majority resulted from “how you voted in an election,” reports Polizette.  Apparently, Jordan doesn’t understand or believe in the basic tenets of a Democratic Republic.

The House and Senate reached a deal Wednesday in reconciling their separate bills, a move that brings President Trump’s campaign promise to deliver tax reform closer to fruition.

But apparently, the Time magazine columnist has issues with the fact that presidential and congressional election have consequences.

“And I think it’s unfortunate that we are designing — that we are designing public policy in a way that, you know, comes down to how you voted in an election,” Jordan said.

Jordan was responding to MSNBC’s host Katy Tur’s question about the upcoming tax reform bill’s components.  Tur highlighted the corporate tax rate reduction from 35 percent to 21 percent and the high-income individual tax rate cut from 39.6 percent to 37 percent.

Tur also noted that the mortgage interest deduction limits dropped from $1 million to $750,000, while the business income deduction dropped from 39.6 percent to 20 percent.

“Is that enough to assuage some Republican lawmakers in states like New York, New Jersey, and California?” Tur asked.

Jordan replied, “I don’t think so, because their taxpayers are going to be hit. They’re going to be hit hard. And it does — it, unfortunately, is a bill that seems targeted toward areas that didn’t necessarily vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.”

Yep, that is a fact of national elections.  I’m sure all of the people who didn’t vote for Obama were pretty upset when they had to sign up of Obamacare as well.

The liberal columnist also bemoaned the fact that voters in federal and state elections shape the crafting and approval of national policies and programs. Maybe this columnist should go back to her Government 101 class.

In response, Tur warned that “some lawmakers were pretty frank about who they were trying to appease with this bill.”

“And they said, very frankly, this is the donors who are asking for this. The donors are the wealthiest Americans who give a lot to campaigns and give a lot to these lawmakers in order to get re-elected,” Tur continued. “Isn’t that the sort of admission that will come back to, I don’t know, haunt you in an ad going forward for 2018 or 2020?”

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  • GrizzMann

    Democrats, in their make believe world, are just too cute.

  • Michael Davis

    Another Snowflake in need of a Care Bear!

    • Frankiedoodle

      And a brain, ms hollow head there, doesn’t have a worry in the world cuz she doesn’t have a thought in her
      head. I think we better quit pouring money into
      our public education system, because something just
      isn’t working and it’s not the lack of money.

  • John

    I like the last paragraph about the “donors”. If I remember correctly, didn’t the democrats campaign for Hillary amount to many times more than what Trump’s campaign spent?

  • House Mouse

    Where does MessNBC find these pathetic creatures?

  • Disgusted once again

    Unfortunately people her age are just ignorant when it comes to Americas founding principals. She is from the generation of gimme, gimme, gimme and rich people are evil unless they are democrats or Clintons or Husain’s of coarse…Where do these morons think the money will come from to fund all the freebies if rich people are no longer providing wealth by the way of jobs so we can all be taxed to death?

  • dallasorf

    Amazing. From one side of their mouths they complain that the tax bill helps the wealthy and out of the other side of their mouths they complain that the (wealthy) who have gazillion dollar homes have their mortgage interest capped at 10 million. Do they really think we are stupid?

  • Brother

    I Think MSNBC Is a Real Problem. I think the people are not waiting until 2018 & 2020 to vote against MSNBC by changing their choice of Networks.

  • stickytourbus

    “Apparently, Jordan doesn’t understand or believe in the basic tenets of a Democratic Republic.”
    “Maybe this columnist should go back to her Government 101 class.”
    Dear Isabella,
    I am a Constitutional Conservative Republican with a Libertarian bent. You my dear do not understand that we are NOT a “Democratic Republic”. We are a Constitutional Republic. Perhaps it is you that need the remedial Government 101 classes?
    We should ALL have a problem with democracy. We are not a democracy and for good reason. Shout it from the rooftops, “We are a Republic! A Constitutional Republic!”
    You can take your democracy and it’s doled out freedoms and place them on your person where the sun don’t shine.
    I demand Liberty, Constitution and Republic!
    Nothing angers me quite like this constant, modern day bastardization of our Republic and our Liberty; labeling them as democracy and freedom.
    Our Constitution gaurantees us a Republican form of government. Democracy is antithetical to a Republic.
    Democracies always fail, freedom isn’t free.
    The Republic will stand, you can’t buy or license Liberty.
    The founders were genius.
    The words they used are important.
    Liberty. Constitution. Republic.
    Not freedom, committee and democracy.
    Stop changing them.

    Journalistic integrity begins with Conservative writers in 3…2…1…

    Liberty. Constitution. Republic.

    • Patriot 10

      Great comment. Probably 90 % of the media journalist do not understand what type of government our founders created nor how it works. They certainly do not understand the capitalist free market system. They have been brainwashed with so much socialism and communism that they their brains are impervious to any enlightening information.

      • stickytourbus

        Thanks brother,
        I find myself repeating this a lot these days.
        Left, right, center, media, politicians, pundits, makes no difference; they are all out there exposing our “democracy and freedoms”, while constantly reminding us that “freedom isn’t free”. Every time I hear that I respond with, “I know, but Liberty is.”

        Liberty. Constitution. Republic. That’s my mantra.
        I repeat it in words and print daily.
        And always in that order!
        Our founders desire for Liberty brought about the Constitution, which gave us our Republic.

        P.S. I’m a bassist and have been playing with the same guitars for 30 years. They are Peavey…wait for it…Patriots! 30yrs ago I saw one of these in a store and thought, “Peavey Patriot! That’s the bass for me!” Eventually I found another and they are still my go to guitars! I own 20+bass guitars and they are my favorites and the only ones I play on stage. 🎸👍🇺🇸

        Liberty. Constitution. Republic.

    • mikey2046

      We are not a Democratic Republic. We are, however, a democratic republic in that the right to vote is democratic. That is, there are no special categories of voters who have more rights than other voters. We are a constitutional republic in that we are governed by a constitution. We are a republic in that we have representative government. We are not a democracy, where all issues are voted on and majority rules. We are a constitutional democratic republic. We could have been a constitutional non-democratic republic, where special groups of voters have more rights than others, as in the Israeli Knesset.

  • Captain Libslayer

    Awwwww, poor snowflakes! Soros, their boss, isn’t happy! He must be reducing pay this year, how sad 🙁

  • Rich Olmsted

    In a sports analogy, this is kind of like saying “it’s unfortunate that the team that scored the most points was awarded the victory.” and they let her on tv

  • Mac

    Too bad. A Republic is the People. What a scary individual. Probably upset she can’t be a czar…..

  • Raul Jimenez

    Same kind of leftist/progressive Airheads that in Europe are committing suicide…….by letting in millions of Muslim Morlocks.

  • wga8888

    One faction of the Democrat Party seeks a Communist state, the other faction wants an Islamic state. Historically the first action of either is to kill off a % of the population suspected of being subversive. Anarchists, Progressives, and Liberals are always the first to go as they have already demonstrated they are a threat to the state.

  • Steve Queipo

    This hypocrite snowflake should be made to go back to school. Her memory is short or like all liberals they don’t want to face the facts that for 8 yrs that the filthy kenyan terrorist was selling the US out and supporting his fellow PIG mooslum terrorist brothers , running guns ,badmouthing the US and that low life is still running around free instead of hanging from a rope

  • WesTexan

    “Elise Jordan, said that it is ‘unfortunate’ that the Republican Party is able to craft its tax reform bill with a congressional majority resulted from ‘how you voted in an election.’ ”

    This is an MSNBC political analyst? Was her resume on the back of a Cracker Jack box? They just keep getting dumber and dumber. She’s totally clueless as to the workings of a constitutional republic. Maybe she should move to Venezuela — or Saudi Arabia.

  • Nikola’s Notion

    Stupidity, ignorance, & derangement are now job qualifications for contributors on MSNBC and CNN.

  • nimbii

    Nobody complained when Obama said “…elections have consequences…” but now that the average American has tilted the scale away from beltway elites we see complaints about democracy.

    The Left sees themselves as too too visionary for the average simple proletarian grasp and continuously proves it to themselves with Democrats getting elected on lies and half-truths. What Democrat can argue with that?

    The Left is truly contemptuous of democracy unless they the ones getting elected. After all, what good is power if it can’t be abused???