Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra, the extremely less talented daughter of Frank Sinatra, lashed out against the NRA after the Las Vegas shooting. Her solution to gun violence? More gun violence, just directed at NRA members.

Sinatra tweeted out, “The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.”

Here it is in case she deletes it:

But it didn’t end there. When Twitter users called her out for being utterly insane, she pushed back:

She used the “I didn’t say every one, I said the ‘murderous members of the NRA'” excuse. Well, thanks for clearing that up Nancy.

But that didn’t stop the critics from piling on. So she responded with the “whatever” excuse:

And then called for the NRA to stop supporting gun rights all together:

But then she claimed to call for gun violence against the NRA in order to “save lives”

Sinatra then backed off her initial comments a bit after seemingly reading something on Huffington Post or some other lame brain news outlet:

When that didn’t work she just flat out lied:

And just for fun:

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  • DonRS

    Not only is she brain dead, she looks like the walking dead!

  • mbnick

    Further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. But she is not mad at Obama for approving the bump stocks.

  • david5300

    Someone should tell her that her ” STUPID ” is showing.

  • John Oberheuser

    Another has been celebrity trying to get their name out again.

  • oaking

    Perhaps she just brain dead.

  • Lois

    Nancy & Jane & all the rest of Hollywood elites should
    buy an island & live happily ever after w/their radical thoughts!! Just rid themselves of the deplorables.

  • Mark V

    No NRA member has been involved in mass shootings, maybe we should shoot he crazy Dumbocrats who own guns and a potential menace to society.

  • Bernie Lounds

    Nancy Sinatra is a no nothing screw.She should shut her mouth until she knows the facts.Most of the murders in this country are committed by people who don’t belong to the NRA and most of the mass murders are committed by democrats that hate guns and don’t know how to use them for pleasure,just to kill.

    • reagangs

      And the radical demowits that use armed security.

  • Sniffing glue all those years shows what brain cells she had are now all gone.

  • Gustavo DiGiovanni

    The lunatic left strikes again.

  • Eagle109

    These boots are made for walking…Nancy, put them on and walk out of here.

  • domar1938

    Careful child, your father’s influence even from the grave could cause the mafia to pay you a visit.

  • jhforsythe

    Nancy looks like crap. She is obviously brain dead, confirmed by her stupid comments regarding gun ownership.

  • Radman414

    So Nancy…let’s look at the tally for who’s really responsible for the violent acts of these whack jobs:

    Conclusion: As they are obviously stupid and prone to violence, it’s intuitively obvious that we should take guns away from Democrats!

    • msgdiane

      Facts are facts and you are correct. I am a registered Dem, a veteran, a gun owner with conceal. I, however, am also a conservative and support NRA. I have not shot anyone and hope to never have to, but in battle or for protection I would. I happen to also be a female and thoroughly enjoy hunting can kill, dress, and cook my own food. I do not hunt for sport, I hunt to enjoy what God has blessed us with for nourishment, these crazy women give us a bad name. Lastly, I also do not need my man to tell me what to think or do, I have a mind of my own and know how to make selections for myself. I do not think most of these supposed “women” talk or support “panels” are worth my time. Of course these days the liberal (womanized) men’s panels are not worth it most the time either. Sorry, I got carried away, I had only meant to say that yes, Radman414, you are totally correct in your comparison.

      • Radman414

        Thanks for the supporting comment. I, too, hunt and butcher game that will get to my table. I also sometimes donate to a great organization…”Hunters for the Hungry.”

        People, in general, and liberals specifically, always tend to fear what they don’t understand; they also tend to be naïve, and preach to others based upon their ignorance and their indoctrination from other liberals.

        Obviously, Nancy Sinatra never learned the old adage that it’s better to keep your mouth closed and just let people think you a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

        By the way, do you think (as many other former conservative Dems have concluded), that your party has “left” you?

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Hey DUMB DUMB the NRA had NOTHING to do with the killing. Now go put your head back up your butt where it belongs.

  • VanceJ

    UGH, talk about but ugly. in all way’s !!!!!

  • Someone needs to tell Nancy that she needs to put on her walking boots and just keep going, right to NoKo where guns are banned. She could take “Hanoi Jane” with her. And Mikey Moore too, he could stand to starve for a while!!!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Since there is no record of an NRA member causing mass murder, Nancy’s statement makes perfect sense – to the unhinged left.

  • Mida Widrig

    She talks because she has a mouth, but has no clue what she is talking about. She is so stupid and ignorant, typical liberal communist.

  • Cobra212

    These recent shooters, rather than being members of the NRA, are all liberals targeting innocent civilians. Blaming the NRA, Conservatives, White Men, or anyone but the hateful, violent, liberals, is simply a lie intended to deflect attention from the real problem facing this country… liberals who are totally “intolerant” of anyone who has an opinion different from their own. They preach “acceptance” and “tolerance” yet make statements such as this, when in fact it is because of liberals and the divisiveness and hatred they preach and encourage that are causing such attacks.

  • Steven

    Just to clarify, she wants to stop gun violence by engaging in FAR MORE gun violence. There are 5,000,000 NRA members, and approximately 34,000 gun deaths per year according to Everytown, an expressly ANTI-gun group, which is unlikely to understate that number. That means it would take nearly 150 years for the number of gun deaths to reach the number of people she proposes shooting.

    To be fair, the NRA would support the firing squad for MURDERERS even more strongly than she supports it for NRA members. Of course, the VAST majority of murderers are not NRA members, and the VAST majority of NRA members are not murderers.

  • msgdiane

    As a female, I am ashamed of how so many are speaking such nonsense. She is so like all the rest, they say things they know nothing about and they make promises they do not keep. ie: if “Bush” wins I will move to ????{whatever country they state}; if “Trump” wins I will leave this country – they are still all here living in their walled homes! I do not need them to tell me how to think, I have lived in foreign countries and know how wonderful this country is and can be again. Let them move and see how they survive.