A new report indicates that Megyn Kelly Today is so bad, it’s destroying the ratings of other shows on NBC. It was bad enough that no one is watching her horrible show. But now that she’s taking other shows with her, that might be the final straw.

Page 6 explains:

“’Not only are ratings plummeting since Megyn Kelly joined the ‘Today’ franchise, but the numbers show Kelly’s lead-in has also affected Kathie Lee [Gifford] and Hoda Kotb’s show, which follows straight afterwards,’ a source said.

“’They’ve taken a huge hit with Megyn as their lead-in,’ the insider added.

“Kelly’s hour of ‘Today’ is down 32 percent compared to a year ago. And ‘Kathie Lee & Hoda’ is down 26 percent.

“’Too many people are tuning out NBC. Hoda and Kathie Lee had been a bright spot in the mornings. People are alarmed,’ the source said of the slide. Another source told us that ‘Today’ talent is concerned.

“’The format for Megyn’s show doesn’t make sense. Her show distracts from the ‘Today’ franchise,’ the second source said.”

Apparently Megyn Kelly also parted ways with her publicist last month, indicating some tensions about her career.

Also, his might be the most bizarre exchange from the report by Page 6:

“But an NBC insider told us things aren’t all bad for Kelly. ‘Megyn posted her highest ratings yet in the ‘key demographic’ on Monday, and she had her biggest total viewer number since the premiere . . . Everyone knows that ratings fluctuate at the start of a new show, and there has been nothing but support for Megyn from all of the ‘Today’ show hosts. They have each taken her out to lunch — Kathie Lee just took her to lunch today.‘”

Lunch? That’s their explanation for her tanking the network? Everything is OK because people are taking her to lunch?

Hear that? That’s the sound of desperation.

Fox News fans and conservatives all saw this coming a mile away. Kelly alienated her fan base after attacking then candidate Donald Trump and liberals hate her because she worked for Fox News. So who exactly is going to watch this show? Her format indicates a strategy to get the type of crowd that watched Oprah and other similar daytime fluff. But Kelly’s background is news and politics. It seems that NBC is trying to push a round peg in a square hole. So it’s no surprise she’s failing so badly.

I can’t imagine she lasts a year. Although I could see NBC executives giving her a lot of leeway considering how much money she’s making. It’s also reminiscent to the Katie Couric experiment when she took over as anchor of CBS Evening News. She was just so repugnant as a host that viewers rejected her but executives kept her going in a desperate attempt to make it work. Couric has gone on to fail on just about every network and currently resides in career purgatory at Yahoo News.

It now appears that Kelly’s career is heading towards an even bigger train wreck than Katie Couric. Where she goes after this is anyone’s guess.

BY Alan Moore

| Managing Editor Of DC Statesman

Alan has previously worked in editorial, marketing, PR, and social networking roles for various websites and news outlets. These include Townhall Media, Newsbusters, MRCTV, and CNSNews. You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  • Borost Tuber
  • Duke St John

    Megyn Kelly is a has been. She’s screwed over too many good people to get where she is and hardly anyone cares about her any more. As I said before when she was at FOX, good ridance !


      good post Duke.

  • 46patrick46

    I think MSNBC can make room for her due to their current shortage of dumb blondes.

  • dan690

    NBC was going down the toilet before Kelly came along.

  • Nate Horn

    Kelly is incredibly smart and good at what she does. I loved her when she was at FOX but I always had a sneaking suspicion that she might not be as Conservative as she appeared. Looks like a case of compounded bad decisions in a complicated world and market.

    But if anyone can come back, it’s Megyn. It’s just a matter of if she wants to or not. She left the evening show at FOX to spend more time with her kids. She’s got TONS of money from FOX so she can do anything she wants and still have a very lovely life. If anyone loses in this train of events, it certainly won’t be Kelly… LoL…

  • antilib

    NBC has stunk L O N G before Kelly ever got there. She has absolutely nothing to do with why I never watch anything on NBC.

  • markypolo

    LOL. I have nothing to say. Just Laughing.

  • N6J

    My advice still holds Megyn. Get yourself on public access for a late night cabaret/burlesque show with your ventriloquist act featuring “Leftie” and “Rightie.”

  • domar1938

    All she has done is to add ballast to that sinking vessel known as NBC.

  • Lorilu

    I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly, but she can’t be blamed for everything that goes wrong at NBC.

  • disqus_kb90E89Vs6


  • old codger

    NBC – No Broadcasting Credibility or Nothing But Conjecture or Nothing But Corruption or Nothing But Crap!!!