Mark Levin dared Democrats to shut down the government on his national radio talk show, saying the United States “doesn’t exist to redistribute wealth,” reports CNS News.

“Shut it the hell down,” insisted Mark Levin. “Shut it down. And make sure members of Congress do not get paid, that they do not get medical care, and not one plug penny is added to their pensions. Shut it down because this country doesn’t exist to redistribute wealth.”

As the congressional deadline of Jan. 19 looms quickly, the tensions on Capitol Hill have been reignited with talks about whether lawmakers are going to pass a long-term spending bill that funds the government for the next year.

According to The Washington Post, “Republicans are focused on raising the caps for military spending to give Trump his requested increase of about $100 billion. Democrats are demanding a dollar-for-dollar raise on domestic spending, too.” This, notes the Post, “could turn off some fiscally inclined Republicans, putting the whole spending bill in jeopardy, and cause a shutdown.”

Levin also speaks about the idea of every dollar that is spent on increasing the military budget, also needs to be increased in the domestic spending.

What Levin points out that these Democrats clearly do not understand is that the U.S. military is essential, whereas cuts can be made to domestic spending.

“’And our military is essential. Particularly – there was a report out last week – that China, that China will pass the United States as a military power in 20 years. Does that concern anybody? No, apparently not. The Democrats have their agenda, and that’s it. The problem, you see, is Trump. ‘Trump is deranged. Trump is a nut. Trump is this.’ said Levin.”

Levin voices it perfectly when he said: “Democrats have their agenda” and that agenda doesn’t include the safety of Americans nor does it include the best possible budget that will keep our economy increasing and keep the spending where it needs to go.