A man in Sweden was put in jail for the most insane reason: eating bacon in front of Muslim women.

It happened on a train near Stockholm. The man was trying to eat his food when he made eye contact three veiled Muslim women.

“The man was prosecuted partly for dissolving, partly on behalf of the public. However, for the later crime, which involved a separate event from 2016, he was released because evidence was missing.

But he is judged to be unreasonable. The 53-year-old man will pay $5,000 in damages to the respective woman, as well as SEK 9,000 in daily fines.

The man denies crimes and thinks he just wanted to mumble his bacon. However, the prosecutor must have witnessed information from a trainer and another fellow traveler and surveillance pictures from the train. According to the man’s version, he followed the women to apologize if they were ill.”

The response on Twitter was hilariously accurate.

This whole political correctness thing has crossed into Europe. These liberals are scared. So scared that they threw an innocent man in prison for doing nothing wrong.