Harvey Weinstein

As the news about super-liberal Harvey Weinstein’s disturbingly inappropriate behavior continues to grow, the left has become increasingly erratic. A tidal wave of allegations have hit the wires and it seems his pattern of abuse has been going on for years.

And what’s worse? It looks like many on the left knew of his disgusting behavior and let it slide. And now, many are slow to condemn his antics. This includes Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, for example. Democrat Capri Cafaro wrote in the Washington Examiner recently that she is “disappointed” at their lack of action:

“I have always been proud to be a Democrat because of the way members of my party fought to bring a voice to the voiceless and to prioritize the needs of the vulnerable. Needless to say, I am more than disappointed it took five days for Hillary Clinton to make any public statement in the wake of the sexual assault allegations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

“As Democrats, we pride ourselves on striving for equity in all aspects of life. We fight for reproductive freedom, equal pay for equal work, affordable childcare, and family leave. We fight for victims. Victims like those exploited by Weinstein regardless of the social status of either the victim or the perp. I still believe these are core values defining Democrats today. So it made me wonder why Hillary Clinton, who campaigned touting her life’s work as protecting women and families, waited almost a week to say anything about Weinstein’s alleged conduct.

“Furthermore, we still have yet to hear from Joe Biden, who authored the Violence Against Women Act and championed combating campus sexual assault. Maybe they bought into Weinstein’s public brand as a progressive champion of women, a brand Weinstein built through giving to organizations such as Planned Parenthood or backing a film about the perils of campus sexual assault. Maybe its because Weinstein raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and bundled contributions for the Obama-Biden ticket.”

And it also looks like Matt Damon and Russell Crowe helped kill a story about his abuses back in 2004. So people have been covering for him for a long time.

To many, it seems that Democrats will give a pass to abhorrent behavior as long as the perpetrator is a donor or supporter. But if there is even a hint of impropriety on the right, they are quick to go to war to denounce them (and most times, they should).

So has the whole Weinsten affair exposed Democrats as just a bunch of hypocrites?

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BY Alan Moore

| Managing Editor

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