Even though Hillary Clinton has been a champion of stopping the wage gap between men and women in professional fields, WikiLeaks just released information that shows the Clinton Foundation has been paying men $190,000 more than women, reports Bizpac Review.

The email shown in the tweet is a part of the emails that were leaked from Hillary Clinton’s campaign Chairman, John Podesta, by WikiLeaks and shows concern about how much of a wage gap is going on within Hillary Clinton’s own employees.

The tweet not only shows just how much the average salary is the highest paid woman there, but it also shows that only three out of the 11 highest paid employees are women. Those are very dismal numbers coming from a woman who said she was a champion for women and women’s rights.

“Median salary of the highest paid men is $346,106, while the median salary of the highest paid women is $185,396 ($190K difference),” read the email from Clinton campaign staffer Karuna Seshasai to Democratic strategist and campaign consultant, Ian Mandel.

That is a huge difference in salary for the highest paid men and women who work there. Another interesting thing to point out as well is just that someone who works at a charitable foundation is being paid $346,106.

There were reports in October 2016 that came out as well about the Clinton Foundation underpaying women who work there in their public 990 tax forms from 2014. In the report, the men averaged $291,000 while the women averaged $210,000. Not as big of a gap that is just seen from Wikileaks, but still a large enough won that points to a gendered wage gap problem.

The women earned 72 cents for every dollar a male executive made on average, which is worse than the national average, 79 cents to the dollar, that Clinton herself cites in her “equal pay for equal work” speeches.

People on twitter were quick to criticise Hillary Clinton.

There has still been no word from Hillary herself or the Clinton foundation about this most recent realization.

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  • Sue

    Why are such high salaries being paid out by a “supposed non profit”?

    • Shadow

      It was really a political slush fund. The “jobs” were given to cronies as payback for other favors. You should know that.

      • Rick

        It’s not a matter of whether or not Sue should have known, it’s a matter of what’s ethical and right. I’m sure Sue and everyone else with a brain knows that it was/is a political slush fund, what we didn’t know is how much these people were paid and how great the difference was in pay between women and men. And why didn’t we know….because the MSM continues to cover for the Clintons and will until the cows come home!!!

  • mbnick

    No surprise here other than how absurd the salaries that Democrats give themselves.

  • Doc Savage

    Liars ……lie….that’s what they do…..constantly!!

    • Frankiedoodle

      @docsavage that’s the only thing they’re good at. I wonder if there’s
      a Nobel prize for lying. Oh wait a minute there is, obama got it, first minute in office.

  • Webb

    Well…ladies that are Democrats need to hold their party accountable for such discretion of equal pay…
    Champions of Women…Really?

  • Ralph – Msg Ret

    “Liberals Championing ‘Equal Pay’ Are Horrified At What They Just Found Out About Hillary Clinton”.

    What part of the sky just fell on them to realize what conservatives new back when she was running against obozoears?

  • dan690

    Democrats never do what they say.

  • kinijane

    This is bull…… that came out during the election was news then and they are just now getting mad.

    • pemaddin

      Someone just read the story to them and at least one of them woke up.

  • MSG Leo

    Being hypocritical is a prerequisite to be a Democrat.

  • Nikola’s Notion

    They are all overpaid, not matter how much they receive. Close up this political and personal slush fund.

  • DonRS

    FEMINAZIS “LIVID” – that is their constant state! Hilary and the Clinton Foundation paying men more than womem? That is not new news, it just takes repeated bashing over the head for it to sink into the pea brains of the these one trick ponies!

  • pemaddin

    What happened, did an actual feminist actually read the truth about hiliary and wake up. Wow maybe more than one at a time will wake up also.

  • GRComments

    You can find the same sort of data on her political committee to elect her President. And anything else that she has run.

  • ernst

    Crooked Hillary lives up to her name – again.

  • Lee Cumbie

    I suppose you could say “Sauce for the goose …” but really, the entire premise is and has been stupid ever since the first person came up with it 40 years ago. Unless you compare apples to apples in job positions then the numbers are meaningless and everybody who understands math knows it.
    Females have always taken a greater proportion of lower paying secretarial and assistant roles for their own valid reasons. This makes this type of mathematical overgeneralization useless.