Rush Limbaugh

The left is, once again, trying to make everything a racial and gender issue.  In a new report by The Guardian, women of the Marshall Islands and the Pacific have been fighting for justice… for the climate.  Rush Limbaugh commented on this article and how ridiculous it is on “The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

“‘You ever heard of climate justice? Do you have any idea what it is? You don’t. Because it’s silly,’ says Limbaugh.”

The article is focused on the challenges that the women of the Marshall Islands have experienced in regards to fighting for human rights and environmental rights.

“’For women, fighting for justice – including climate justice – can be downright dangerous. Last year was one of the deadliest for women fighting on the frontlines for human rights and environmental justice. Environmental defenders are being killed at the rate of almost four a week across the world, a staggering toll that disproportionately affects female activists and indigenous leaders,’ writes Hilda Heine.

Limbaugh commented throughout his retelling of the article on the ridiculousness of the topic.

“‘Among the most high-profile cases was Honduran indigenous Lenca leader Berta Cáceres, who was murdered in 2016,’ by a gust of wind. ‘And for every woman like Cáceres who is killed, dozens of others are threatened with violence,’ of heavy rain, ‘or destruction,’ of hailstones, ‘of their home or village.’

Look, I’m adding some things, but environmental injustice is murdering people?”

The article outlines the issues that these women are fighting for, including freedom of expression and participation, land rights, rights of indigenous and rural communities, as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender based discrimination.

The ideology behind this article is not unique to Guardian writers, but also reflects the ideas that the UN has been acknowledging. 

“‘At the UN climate talks in Bonn, the cause of these courageous women is being amplified by a host of organisations working on gender and climate justice issues through the Women and Gender Constituency. Together they are working to raise awareness of the work already done by women on the ground to combat climate change, and also, critically, how climate policies should address their specific needs and responsibilities and ensure the realisation of their rights,’ writes Heine.

Heine comments on the idea that it’s not only women who are hardest hit by global warming, but women of color. 

“‘The tragic reality of gender and climate is that women, especially women of colour,’ who are hardest hit, ‘are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change, but are far less likely to be empowered to cope because they have fewer resources such as power and access to finance and technology. A multitude of structural barriers means they are far less likely to take up position of political power and decision-making.’”

The article goes on to the idea that global warming should be a gender equality issue.  Limbaugh again comments on the ludicrous nature of the article and topic.

“‘It’s lunacy. It’s abject lunacy. But, you know what? This may be one of the best illustrations yet, the best exhibits of what climate change really is in terms of issues. And it isn’t about the temperature. And it isn’t about the weather. And it isn’t about climate. It’s not about any of that,’ Limbaugh says.”

Limbaugh goes on to say that the article is pointing that global warming is an issue of “anti-freedom and liberty.”  

“It’s all about the advancement of socialism and global governments and anti-freedom and liberty, anti-United States sentiments, blame the United States for all of this gender inequality and all that. Just asinine. And these people, by the way, this is the majority of thinking in the United Nations. This is how most of them think. And this is how young leftists in America, this is what they aspire to, this is the stuff that turns ’em on. This is the stuff that energizes them and activates ’em. And it is literally stupid. It’s literally devoid of any common sense.”

This just goes to show that the liberals are trying to make every issue about gender when it is clearly not.