Ohio attorney Joni Turner is trying to “hold CNN accountable” for their participation in spreading fake news. Turner is organizing a class action civil lawsuit against CNN for “defaming,” and spreading “fake news.” Turner announced her decision on Periscope and has since asked for class action members to sign up.

621 people signed up within a few hours of the website launching. Turner has gathered more than 150,000 likes and has had thousands of viewers for her Periscope videos.

“’I am using every avenue available to Legally go after CNN for using their ‘Fake’ News Platform to ‘Defame’ ‘Bully’ ‘Target’ and ‘Destroy’ Conservative Americans,’ Turner wrote.

In another Periscope video, Turner told her thousands of viewers that she was hoping CNN would say even “worse things.” She is doing some extra targeting on Don Lemon for his reporting.

Turner also claims that CNN is in violation of several laws including 18 USC 2385 due to an incident with Kathy Griffin advocating for overthrowing the government.

“’What do you think Kathy Griffin holding the bloody head of Donald Trump meant?’ Turner said. ‘That was a CNN independent contractor that they keep on their payroll that was advocating the beheading in the Islamic terrorist way of beheading … she knew what she was doing.’”

The Secret Service reportedly investigated this situation, but “completely exonerated” her and “closed the case.” CNN has also cut ties with Griffin, who also apologized for the tasteless joke.

It doesn’t look hopeful, however, for any legal case because commentary and opinion (especially comedy) has generally been protected by the First Amendment and through plenty of Supreme Court case law.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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