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The state of late night ‘comedy’ has suffered since each host declared war on President Trump some months ago. They’re not even trying to hide it at this point, launching monologues ranting against Trump and his policies. Well now, America has responded in a big way – and advertisers on these shows are not going to like the results.

The late night shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC are barely breaking 8 millions viewers. By comparison, Jay Leno used to routinely boast 6 million viewers a night by himself. People are turning off Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and others at an alarming rate.

So what’s the problem? Politics, politics, politics. The Washington Examiner explains:

“What caused the network comics to start flopping? Obviously, the generational demographics and technological developments can’t be discounted — millennials don’t watch as much television, and if they do it’s online or after the fact. Assuming those younger viewers aren’t suddenly going to stay up late to watch broadcast TV, then maybe something else has to give.

“But compare the late-night comedy numbers to Sean Hannity over at Fox News and Rachel Maddow at MSNBC. Those hacks don’t tell jokes (at least not well, anyway) but they still bring in more views. Domenech points out that Hannity averaged 3.5 million viewers, Maddow another 2.65 million last week. (Granted, these shows air before 11 p.m.)

“Perhaps the late-night lineup should consider dialing down the politics to keep the viewers they have and stop alienating the 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump. At the very least, it’s worth a try.”

President Trump himself sparked a national debate with a seemingly throw-a-way tweet indicating the government may have something to say about the one-sided onslaught:

A baseless threat, for sure, but it should send notice to his supporters that it’s time to turn off late-night politico-comedy.

BY Alan Moore

| Managing Editor Of DC Statesman

Alan has previously worked in editorial, marketing, PR, and social networking roles for various websites and news outlets. These include Townhall Media, Newsbusters, MRCTV, and CNSNews. You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  • Richard French

    That sharts funny right there, lol

  • dan690

    I think Jimmy Kimmel lost viewers when he had Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi jumping on trampolines.

    • Gary

      Oh man , now I’ll have to deal w/that image in my head.

      • old codger

        “I feel your pain”!!!! OMG! That has to be a page straight from
        H e l l!!! Had to redo the post!! Their Politically Correct program doesn’t seem to know or accept that H e l l, WITHOUT the spaces IS IN THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!

      • Joe M

        Gary. I hope that the vision of bouncing boobies does not give you nightmares.

      • James Jones

        Bouncing boobs are great as long as they don’t resemble my great grandmothers!

    • deusexmachina1

      Hopefully, they were wearing sports bras….

      • General Lee

        Even sports bras would not help! It would take a lot of spandex to secure a watermelon.

      • deusexmachina1


        More like tennis balls in tube socks…

      • richardjf

        deflated old footballs.

      • dan690

        And bags over their heads.

      • richardjf

        Thank God the Man Show went off if those two were on the trampolines. I would not watch that even for a laugh.

  • mbnick

    Does anyone but lower IQ baby moochers watch these shows anymore?

    • k9maiden

      I never watched them since Johnny Carson. He was the best, very funny, and NEVER spewed hatred and vitriolic comments about the President, no matter who was in office, and NEITHER DID HIS GUESTS. I know that these ego centric, far left entertainers and celebrities, producers and writers seem to believe everyone in our country is a Communist who LOVED BO AND KILLARY, but it is the other way around. They may have had better luck if they just stuck to comedy. They are far from funny, they are the most insulting, hateful, egocentric, despicable group of liberal loons that ever hit the stage. If they weren’t far left liberals spewing hatred toward Conservatives, and when they insult President Trump, they are actually insulting every red blooded America Patriot in this country, and too damn stupid to realize the only ones viewing their programs are liberals. They will just fade away in madness, much like Kathy Griffin did. There comes a point where the sponsors will pull out, because they can’t afford to support them any longer, and then they will wonder “WHAT HAPPENED?” Not that they may have pissed the silent majority, which makes up the populous of this country. Sooner their gone, the better, maybe they can join BO’s silent coup with OFA to harass and block President Trump’s ongoing agenda to MAGA.

      • George Durdin

        Ditto…..fine minds think alike.

      • kderose

        then they will write a book called “What Happened?” 🙂

      • jacqui

        Agree totally Johnny was the best. Everything today is political, so sick of it I just watch Fox and movies now!

    • Martie Giha


  • Gary

    I would never even turn that crap on. I can’t stand the commercials for those shows when I do turn the TV on.

    • Henry L

      There is not much left on TV hat I consider wasting my time on.

  • jack little

    tell your friends,family members not. to turn on those channels.Nielson ratings will pick up on decline money talks ,commercials walk.

    • Sue

      How does Nielsen do the ratings these days? I use an old fashioned rabbit ear antenna.

      • jack little

        actually they call your home and ask if you be interested in there program. at least that’s how they contacted my wife.

      • kderose

        I don’t answer any phone calls that I don’t recognize the number, so I’m guessing they don’t reach a LOT of people with just phone calls. The advertisers need to hear from us (altho I don’t know who they are since I never watch), but if someone would post a list of their advertisers I would boycott AND let the advertisers know why I don’t buy their products.

    • k9maiden

      No one in my family watches them, nor do my friends, they can’t stand them! I honestly wouldn’t go to a show if I won a trip to wherever they produce this crap, all expenses paid by the show, and had a extra thousand to spend while I was visiting. I know I wouldn’t, because that’s how much I despise those people who want to destroy the country I love, and turn it into a Communistic Society!

    • Jan Koecke


  • pedro

    That puke Colbert is the worst of the worst. He was never funny in any definition of the word. They keep bringing in big name celebs to try to boost his numbers. Glad to see it isn’t working. The sooner he is unemployed the better.

    • k9maiden

      Pedro, great post, so true! His sister lost her bid for Senate in one of the Southern States. Guess he isn’t popular enough to get his Demoncrappy Sister elected, I guess, like all these crazy loons, he believes he is more popular than he really is.

      • Maggiemae

        Yep….they all have their heads up their….where the sun doesn’t shine…and have a much higher opinion of themselves than the vast majority of people have about them.

  • pedro

    Jimmy Kimmel and Chuck the Shmuck Shumer need to cut the crocodile tears shtick. It only worked for Slick Willie and even then only with his base.

  • barry1817

    I broke down last night and taped 2,4,7 to see if they had any jokes about Harvey. 3 minutes into monologue was stopping and erasing. They are still anti Trump all the time. And not even funny

    • PC Bob

      If they didn’t have Trump or some other Republican to bash, they wouldn’t have ANY material! As far as I’m concerned, when Jay Leno retired that was the end of the late night comedy!

      • Coachhaggin

        That is so spot on. Networks thought Jay was out of touch with the young viewers. They were never the main audience to start with. Glad the late shows are tanking.

  • Jane Wilson

    I haven’t watched the Tonight Show since Johnny Carson left. Never cared for Leno and these idiots don’t deserve a nanosecond of my time.

  • In my opinion, the only good late night comedian is Jimmy Fallon. He has NEVER gone on a Trump-bashing monologue and his Trump jokes are actually funny.

    The best skit he ever did was when he dressed up as Trump and pretended to “interview himself”. I laughed until I cried at that. In close second was the Trump storybook where the frogs were kicked over the wall.

    Fallon treated Trump like a person, and in respecting him, Trump was a fantastic sport who played along brilliantly.

    The other partisan hacks could learn from real talent.

    • Coachhaggin

      Fallon may be funny to a teenager, but when you grow up, you’ll realize he is just silly, not funny.

      • That is your opinion. Humor is in the eye of the beholder, and I thoroughly enjoy Fallon’s humor.

  • N6J

    Perhaps it’s my age (mid-50’s), but seeing how late night talk and comedy is occupied with a bunch of thirty-something “boys” just does not inspire me to stay up late for the probability of a good laff. From all appearances, the target audience is a younger crowd which then fails to watch. The “Pepsi Principle” is in effect here, go after the younger generation and they will grow up to be your followers, clients, supporters, et al, while the older generation withers away with their older, earlier established “Cola.” Social engineering in another vein.

  • Jmanjo

    Colbert is a puke and even the things he says about Trump are not funny and instead so demeaning that if I was against Trump I would not like them. Turn him off! Kimmel tried his hand at acting and has failed at weanie baby crying to throw the liberals rant. None of that crap is true. Turn him off! Jimmy Fallon was tolerable until the Hillary letter night with Miley Cyrus kissing up to Hillary. My stomach still hurts from that and he is turned off as well. Give it up guys…you screwed yourselves!

  • Ken Becker

    Until several months ago, my wife and I watched like clock work one of the late night tv monologues immediately following our local news. However, these monologues had turned into one sided, political hate speechs. No longer lite-hearted and funny, we both agreed to turn off our TV set. We now use this time to talk “family” or on non-work nights, flip to one of the Hallmark Channel’s.

  • domar1938

    Liberals don’t think anything is funny, even if it is. Therefore this crew of motleys are playing to a failed audience. RINOs are getting their fill of their filth and have shut down the tube. The folks paying the bills are in it for the bottom line not the comedy, which there is none. What a group of low life flakes these so called comedians.

  • VanceJ

    Why waste my time watching these, panty wastes spouting their hate ? they aren’t funny and further never have been.!!!! Give me a Carson or Leno, but NOT these sorry excuses for comedians.!!!!!

  • General Lee

    As for me and my family we don’t watch NBC, CBS, ABC except for our local news. 1/2 hours at the most per day. We used to enjoy, Johnny Carson, Ed M. and Jay Leno but these newbies are disgusting! Even without monologues, they are not entertaining. We prefer the History Channel, Food Network, etc.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    What? You’re saying that whiny, hate-filled leftist tantrums aren’t considered funny anymore?

  • gobrien

    I’d rather watch a repeat of Hoarders than watch any of them.

    • kderose

      love it!

  • Toni Macrie

    In general, tv is a disgrace. There are not many programs I would spend time watching, especially abc, nbc, CBS and some cable channels. I watch Hallmark, hgtv and a select few others. I’ve been waiting awhile for people to say enough is enough.

  • aztex7007

    Guess I no longer enjoy comedy. Cobert is the worst,his Trump jokes suck,
    plus he claims to be such a good Catholic but his talks with God and midnight
    confession border on heresy. Fallon is the only redeemable one. Even
    the young people tell me they are turning off Sat. Night Live, Will & Grace,
    and late night comedians since they are all Trump bashing and that is old, old,
    old………….I’d rather watch Forensic Files on HLN than waste my time with
    them. Reading a book is becoming more attractive for late night fare.
    I prefer to not throw up my dinner.

  • aztex7007

    When will their advertiser get the memo ????

  • George Durdin

    BOYCOTTING the NFL and their spoiled wealthy black players is breaking the back of the NFL….and BOYCOTTING these sad excuses for comics will also break the backs of the networks when their ratings fall and the advertisers take a walk. It works……

  • Toni Macrie

    I stopped watching late night a few months ago after I heard some of his liberal rant. I am happy to see that people are finally making a statement against liberal programs by boycotting them.

    • Toni Macrie

      Jimmy Kimmel’s.

  • Maggiemae

    I am one of those ‘millions’ that have tuned OUT from all late night Communist banter. Period. When you keep bashing OUR AMERICA’S President, you have become a traitor to this country. I never liked Obummer. But I never said anything negative about him….I respected him as OUR PRESIDENT. I voted for him the first time around…but it didn’t take long to see where he actually stood with America and all the people. It certainly was NOT on my side of that aisle.

  • bestgrandma2011

    They are supposed to be comedians!!!!! All they do is TRASH our President Trump. Well, I guess they are saving money on writers. There are NO good comedians on TV. I will not watch them and I know the people who voted for Pres. Trump won’t either. I hope their ratings go down soooo low that they are thrown off TV. They didn’t DARE make a joke about Obama – they might be accused of being racist!!!

  • buster

    You can end these so called comics by not buying from the companies that advertise on the show. Hit them in the pocketbooks.

  • lennah

    Each time I hear that Trump bashing by Jimmy Fallon I cringe and each time I hear that canned laughter of the NY audience I cannot believe it is real. It has to be recorded and added like it was in the 60s. He has gone down into the dumps. And neither Kimmel or Colbert deserve my time.

    They are an insult to every ADULT. Hope those shows flop! Fire those writers without talent and those hosts without class. IMHO they don’t even have the right to take a stand on any disaster, coming out of their mouths that’s an insult too.

  • Philomena

    Good, turn off their stupid garbage.


    On the surface it seems these jackals don’t believe President Trump actually won the last election. If they had half a brain they wouldn’t spend their careers insulting the decision and wisdom of half of their potential audience.

  • Irene Pfannenstiel

    I rarely watch late night comedians since Jay Leno left. I purposely stayed up every night to watch Leno. What few times I have watched Colbert or Kimmel, I turned the channel when the Trump bashing started. It turned me off so I turned it off! I was taught to be respectful toward our leaders. It makes me sick to see the disrespect displayed by these so called comedians toward our President.

  • Patricia Eddy

    I can’t stand those sick night-time shows. I rather watch the weather channel.

  • Keith

    Have not watched these Communists for the last ten tears. They make me ill.

  • patssoxfan

    Because of our boycotts of these shows and their sponsors I hope they all lose their shows.

    Carson and Leno always joked about the presidents, but they also had respect. They told two or three funny ones then let it drop. I had hopes for Fallon initially with his list nights, singing contests and skits, but I now call him Fallen. All of them are angry and vindictive, and just not funny anymore.

    Next victim: Saturday Night Live!

  • higgy01

    I have started watching Johnny Carson reruns nightly. He is funny even when he does his political monologue. He picks on whoever the president is at the time but it is funny, not destructive or vicious. My wife and I used to watch Jay leno a liberal again because he was funny even when he picked on Bush. The latest group of trailer trash are humorless a-holes and should be taken off the air. I can’t even image a person that would watch these miscreants.

  • David McAllister

    I’d watch re-runs of the farm report before tuning into Madcow or Jimmy Himmler.

  • Morgan23

    I’ve turned these morons off long ago. These idiots are repulsive as are most of but not all of their audiences. Jay Leno and Johnny Carson where ARE you?

  • Ray Anton

    Could never figure out why these Late Show talking heads think Americans should give a damn about what they “think”. An hour of sleep is much better for you than an hour watching these jerks.

  • onemanbandwidth

    You failed logic in college, didn’t you?

    You are a moron. Just like that clueless idiot in the White House

  • d missouri

    what they don’t get is that it is not comedy any more, it is political hackery and people don’t want that. They don’t want a person that is suppose to be making them laugh, trying to dictate politics. It is one of the biggest mistakes that entertainers are making, they are watched for their entertainment value not for their political views. and these idiots do understand what the difference is. So they are destroying them self’s. And those that produce them and those that buy advertising time, and its funny, we are Americans. and we have already figured out that these idiots are liars. Have no moral value. and that their decency has flown the coup. They have verbally assaulted children and stepped over the line of entertainment. and as for me, i have turned them off. they portray them selves as trash, and keep proving it .

  • Bob White

    I just watch 2 Seinfeld reruns, no politics and none of these a/holes to keep muting.

  • Welford Allanson

    Thes guys should be brought up on criminal charges with poluting the airways with garbage. My TV has not and will not have any of them on.

  • Zot

    We did – no more fallon. NEVER watch colbert.

  • Robert Ung Jr

    Colbert, Kimmel, Seth Myers are total idiots. I purposely change channel and watch sport or discovery channels to stop the stupidity of their nonsense.


    some one said they never heard a night time host diss Obama and that’s cause he had a mandate out to them he would shut them down if they made fun of him or his wonderful moochie. you see what he did to Leno. and yes c o l b e r t is about the worst thing to come along. hes ridin high or so he thinks. and yep Pedro hes a puke. as is the guy that owns the browns. we are getting a small version of the flying j truck stop. anxious to see what happens there. Haslam has never been on my to like list. its all gonna come down to the big bang ending. hehe. interesting to just watch day after day. have a great Saturday folks.

  • Nosmo King

    BOYCOTT Colbert,Kimmel, and their ADVERTISERS

  • brickboo

    If I had his money, Colbert, I’d get my ear fixed. It makes him look even more like a queer. I’d like to slap em. I never watch em. I only see them when a commercial passes by. I really believe they are all sexual sicko wacko perverts. They look weird.

  • Bob M

    Four useful idiots spewing their own “comedy hate”. They missed the point completely……….. it’s about entertainment, not what their pea brains can conjure. It is all about them.