NFL kneelers

Olivier Vernon has outraged fans with his decision to kneel during the national anthem.  His answer to disapproving fans? “Don’t come to the game.”

Vernon, as the only remaining Giants player still taking a knee, has received some backlash for his choice.

“‘You hear ‘coward’ and ‘stand up’ and ‘disgrace,’’ Vernon said. ‘It’s fine. As long as nobody comes on the field and touches me. You stay where you at, you’re going to be all right. They have a right. Oh yeah, I hear it all the time. If they don’t like it, don’t come to the game.'”

But Vernon got a dose of karma when he was publicly denounced on live TV:

The New York Post ran his comments on Thursday after CBS Sports commentator Boomer Esiason called him “an out-and-out-disgrace.”  

Last year Vernon signed an $85 million, five-year contract with the Giants owner John Mara.

“‘Here is a guy you gave $80 million to basically telling your fans, ‘If you don’t like it, don’t come,’’ said Esiason on WFAN radio in New York City. ‘It is the most egregious act of defiance. It just blows me away.'”

The NFL has struggled this season with the protests that have been held during the games.  Ratings and attendance have fallen since the protests began in 2015.  The statements began as a statement against police brutality against black men, and then surged again when President Trump criticized the players.

Since the protests surged, the number of participating players has drastically decreased, with only about 20 players refusing to stand for the anthem in Week 12.

“‘Do you realize, Olivier Vernon, that you do not make the money unless the fans do come and buy the tickets and buy your jersey?’ asked Esiason. ‘Do you not realize that when the TV turns on, there is a large swath of advertisers that buy around the league so that you can make the freaking money that you make?'”

Vernon, the son of a Miami police officer, has claimed his refusal to stand is “‘about highlighting racial injustice and not about disrespect for the flag or the country,’ the Post reported.”

“‘I’m fine where I’m at right now. Ain’t nothing wrong with feeling bad for what you believe in,” Vernon said. ‘What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. I stand behind my beliefs.'”


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  • GrizzMann

    Protesting the Obama’s divisiveness is fine. The place to voice your beliefs are in the voting booth, not in your workplace.

  • mbnick

    And people are dumb enough to pay to see this crap? Besides I thought BLM said to boycott White owned businesses.

    • old codger

      BLM = Black “LIES” Matter

      BLM = Bloodthirsty Leftist Maniacs

      BLM = Baboons Lizards Monkeys!Courtesy of Don

      BLM = Banana Loving Monkeys

      BLM = Black Living Mulch

      BLM = Black Living MANURE

  • markypolo

    Have you really got nothing better to do than watch a bunch of black monkeys play with balls? I know I do! I never saw any point in watching “other” people play games. Such a waste of life.

    • John D Fronk

      Blacks aren’t doing themselves any favor by playing the victim card, but I don’t think using the term “black monkeys” really moves the ball forward.

      • old codger

        Like my father-in-law ALWAYS said; “If the shoe fits wear it! The way “I” see it they have 2 choices, #1) STAND and respect the flag and anthem or get the <:#)+%$(_&^+&)#)+: out!! To Bad, So Sad!!

      • mbnick

        Agree, but their is also frustration over their anti American and racist behavior while they make Millions off dumb White people..

    • sandralisella

      your response to this article would have held a lot more weight if you hadnt called the players black monkeys no matter what color ,they are being paid by us to play a game and therefore have no rights to kneeling on the field .actually they should all be fined and told when in uniform you are to perform for the game and the game only especially for what they get paid for doing it

  • wga8888

    The NFL players do not respect the fans who pay them. The Mayans did not have this problem as the players of the losing team were killed.

    • dennis w




  • Rich Olmsted

    what a dolt…I love not watching the nfl

  • Lee Cumbie

    Ignorance is a big problem today. Not stupidity, that’s a different thing.
    You can’t argue with someone who doesn’t know a minimum critical mass about what you want to argue about. You have to educate them about it first. You can’t educate them about it if they think they already know it.
    Thus, we have the Kaepernick model of protest.

    • Pathfinder0100

      Damn well said Lee!!!

  • politicviewer

    If you don’t stand and appreciiate the National Anthem then you don’t need to come to the game! Got it???

  • JOE

    BOYCOTT the NFL!

    • mbnick

      And WHY are they STILL tax exempt, compliments of Democrats?

  • JOE
    • old codger

      AMEN!!! See how long it last when the money tap gets turned off!! ROFLMFAO!!

  • rbblum

    GO FIGURE – Advertisers deserving discounted advertising remain ever so quiet. . .team owners beaten down and silenced by Goodell. . .while million dollar boys tell the paying attendees to go away and stay away if you don’t like their actions calling for ‘social justice’ (FOR WHAT ?).

    • old codger

      They, “Million Dollar “BOYS”” should all go and F– Themselves!!

  • Dwimby

    Sports and politics make very bad bedfellows. The NFL, although finally seeing the light slowly, is still, at the moment, pure ghetto ball. It sure isn’t what made the league attractive in the first place. It is now ghetto ball, until it isn’t. And until it isn’t I chose to “not come.”

    • GTJohn

      Well said. NBA has gone the same route. Doesn’t matter to me about the color of the players, if I cannot identify with them, I have no interest and I cannot identify with the people in these professional sports – criminals, not family oriented, act like they have never been in the end zone or scored a basket with all the dancing and juking, tatoos everywhere, dreadlocks, green and purple hair. I used to play those sports but they are nothing like when I played – especially basketball. The fact that NBA players wear a mouthpiece now speaks volumns about how it has changed. We no longer see lean and in-shape athletes but just hulks who cannot even play an entire game. Personally, I wish all pro and college sports would implement a BMI standard for players that would require some degree of fitness and then some sort of mental fitness to verify that they have values and some sort of moral compass. Afterall they are role models – currently poor ones.

      • mbnick

        Looks like our boycotts are becoming permanent.

  • Talcum X

    Website video here are all ads. Unsubbing.

  • tom2

    I too abandoned commercial football because of morons like Vernon who followed that first moron Kaepernick who followed the head moron Obama. And after watching the NFL reward that umpteenth moron Goodell, I’m relieved to spend Sundays out and about. I didn’t even feel bad about not saying goodbye. Funny thing though. I haven’t heard a soul speak a word about football, the standings, the playoffs or even mention football. I know some are like me and still watch their Alma Maters play football and basketball. A few even mention it from time to time. Sadly, seems to me, football days are numbered.

  • gregory clemons

    I used to look forward to Super Bowl Sunday but now I think I’ll watch Heidi.

    • old codger

      Or paint dry……

      • CR

        Or, play the Grandkids, or take a walk!

      • old codger

        YES!! Anything but , I believe it was Charlie said, NOT the Nation Felons League!!

  • Jules ODwyer

    Its6 like Hollywood they Really believe because they are actors n mostly Not Good Ones that People the General Public are Going to Drool over what these Over Paid Fools have to Say.It’s like a Good Demonrat that Keeps Telling You Lies Eventually The Morons Will Believe them.Like the Hate they Preach on Donald Trump the Idiots should have Used that Hate when the Last Fool that Ran the Country into the Ground for 8 yrs and we had to put up with Quote Typical White People n The First Time in My Adult Life I’m Proud to be American Yep that’s the Real We had to Deal with No Christmas Now you can tell me that Ignorant Fool Gave You a Tingle Up Your Leg than May God Bless Your Soul

    • old codger

      I’m wit you!!!! Can’t remember the name of the movie but it was about a baseball strike and the owners recruited girls/ women to play the game! Shut down the big mouth “I’m a hero/ Gods” in a big hurry!

      • CR

        Keanu Reeves was a QB in “The Replacements”. The movie was much more entertaining than the NFL today!!

  • mmmilesll

    Another DAN

  • WesTexan

    After 40 years of following football, I decided that I could better spend my time doing something else — anything else. This Kapernick fiasco has convinced me I was spot on. Good riddance to the whole thing!

  • bless us all

    players are paid insanely amount of money…there is way too much $$$ connected with this ‘sport’ industry…concerned about injustices –right/sure…
    Little Sisters of the Poor have more impact on the injustices in this world.. and theres hardly any $$ for them to work with…
    go figure…
    and they take a different type of knee..much more effective apparently.

    • TVGizmo


  • Rich Glaser

    These players are just ignorant of what the flag means and what our country stands for. Instead of acting like your victims educate yourselves and move the ball forward. That the ownly way you will earn respect. I’m so tired of people portraying them selves as victims. You will alway be a vimtim if you think that way. Life is what you make of it. You have more opportunity than any other place in the world. Stop feeling sorry for your self and apply your brains. There are so many free ways for you to educate yourselves and get ahead.

  • donl

    Tear up the contract, get rid of this thug, we don’t need Anti-Americans in sports or any where else.

  • N6J

    Is it time for the AFL (American Football League) to reappear?

  • Nam vet 2


  • IHaveHopeNow

    Let them kneel in empty stadiums

  • Philomena

    Why are some foolish people still wasting their money to watch disrespectful , ungrateful , overpaid ball players.

  • higgy01

    With participation lessoning sooner or later the only thing these anti-American clowns worship, the almighty dollar, will get smaller and effect their pocketbook. When the NFL becomes second to the NHL they will realize We the People have a voice.

  • Esau’s Message

    When players say “don’t come to the game” and ESPN commentators say ” we don’t want subscribers like you,” they are reading out instructions on how to rocket sled their own way to unprofitability, termination and bankruptcy. Good luck with that.

  • Patrick Carlin

    Professional football has always given Black youth the wrong message . . .that sports are more important than getting an education in school.

  • mbnick

    Further proof that Democrats ARE the Party of hate and divide. Remember this in Nov.
    But then Pelosi says we are all going to die if we get a tax cut so it may not matter.

  • CR

    Saw where tickets have dropped as low as $4…We should buy an entire section of seats, then spell out “No Fans Left” in Red MAGA T-Shirts!!! MSM might not air a photo but IJR fans and others would sure love to see it!!!
    Stand for the National Anthem, then leave before the game starts! — How’s that for a statement!!

  • Gary S

    All American Workers have never been allowed to protest anything in the workplace and have been fired for doing it if they do. Now these rich AHs feel they have the right to do just that and hold this power over there employers heads. Since we’re all American I chose even though I’ve been a Football Fan all my life to never to watch the U (Un American)FL again. Since this is entertainment and being from that industry, “Break a Leg” wish to you all.