Project Veritas just released a damning new video that busts a New York Times employee. The undercover footage shows Nicholas Dudich, the Audience Strategy Editor at the New York Times, boasting of working with Antifa and secretly promoting Hillary Clinton. He claims to put up every video on social media for the NY Times:

“Project Veritas’ latest installment in the American Pravda series takes aim at The New York Times, the supposed “paper of record.” In the first part of this series, Nicholas Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for the Times’ extensive video library speaks candidly about how his left political bias influences his editorial judgement and reveals an unusual connection to former FBI Director James Comey, and a strange association with domestic terror group Antifa.”

Dudich says that he is working to push anti-Trump stories forward:

“I’d target his businesses, his dumb fuck of a son, Donald Jr., and Eric…

“Target that. Get people to boycott going to his hotels. Boycott… So a lot of the Trump brands, if you can ruin the Trump brand and you put pressure on his business and you start investigating his business and you start shutting it down, or they’re hacking or other things. He cares about his business more than he cares about being President. He would resign. Or he’d lash out and do something incredibly illegal, which he would have to.”

When the undercover journalist asks Dudich if he could make sure that the anti-Trump stories make it to the front, he replied, “Oh, we always do.”

Dudich also explains how he has worked for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the past, despite this being prohibited by the New York Times:

Before working at the Times, Dudich worked on the political campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In 2016, he was recruited to work for the Clinton campaign:

“So I have that background, so when Clinton in 2016… they needed a volunteer strategist to do video… well, they needed someone to help them do video, and how to make it heartfelt, for Clinton.”

He even had to quit his job in journalism in order to work for the Clinton campaign: “I had to leave my job at Fusion ABC to then take a job at Upworthy where I wasn’t deemed a journalist anymore to be able to work for the Clinton campaign.”

Dudich explains how his activism motivated him to re-engage in the news business: “Like, after the Clinton campaign, I’m like, no I need to get back into news and keep doing shit because, like, this isn’t going to change.”

The whole video is worth watching, it only gets more egregious from there. It shows just the type of person that the New York Times wants working for them, and it has nothing to do with their trustworthiness.

BY Alan Moore

| Managing Editor Of DC Statesman

Alan has previously worked in editorial, marketing, PR, and social networking roles for various websites and news outlets. These include Townhall Media, Newsbusters, MRCTV, and CNSNews. You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  • markypolo

    This isn’t “news”. Only a moron would not know NY Times was a Left-Wing Liberal rag sucking the rectums of Democrats. Been that way for over 20 years. But, “went all in” for Obama/Clinton.

    • old codger

      Yeah, one never knows when you’ll need to reline a bird cage and don’t have store bought liners or need some papers for when you paper train a puppy!!!! ROFLMAO!

  • PC Bob

    Maybe now even the apathetic non-voters will see just how maligned the NYT it! Nah, probably not. The NYT ceased being a real ‘news’ organization back in the late 60’s, at least. Anyone who still believes they are is a real moron! This just PROVES it!

  • Sue

    Someone that cannot speak without “like” in between words to complete one thought is very low on the intellect scale. He is nothing more than an idiot. He could not see a whole picture if it was right in front of his eyes. An informed person views more than the “paper doll” version of any subject. The world is multi-dimensional, an unbiased view presents all sides.

  • rhondareichel

    Only liberals read that rag

  • rhondareichel

    Trump is going to sue …ha ha ha…I’ll bet this creep is sweating the consquences.

  • domar1938

    IF the NYT is the paper of record, it is a broken one.

  • Morgan23

    Not ”news”, but verification and proof of what we have all known all along.