The Today Show team of Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb will be heading to South Korea to cover the Winter Olympics. They will be covering the first three hours from the venue next month. And it was just revealed that Megyn Kelly will not be joining them. And as it stands, this could signal the beginning of the end for her reign at NBC.

The writing was on the wall recently when Kotb was promoted to take over the spot left open by the disgraced Matt Lauer. Kelly had been ‘at war’ with Kotb for the assignment, leaving the set at NBC in an awkward position:

“According to Radar Online, things are “getting ugly” behind the scenes at the Today Show, even though both women are smiling for the cameras. A source claims that the two women are only pretending to be friends, but there is really a “knife fight” going on because they are both ambitious and know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“’Megyn wants the job and has already made it clear that she is willing and ready to replace Matt. She comes from a hard news background and would be more comfortable hosting the first two hours of the show than her current 9 am slot with a studio audience and fluffy feel-good segments,’ says a production insider.”

But Kelly was never a serious candidate for the job due to her sagging ratings. But now with the Olympics promising to be one of the biggest rating boons of the year coming up, it is a huge slap in the face to Kelly that she won’t be attending. She is staying in New York while NBC executives consider moving the timeslot on her show:

“…Gifford and Kelly will stay at home in New York City, leaving Gifford without a co-host for the fourth hour and Kelly with no hour to host at all.

“As viewers know, Guthrie and Kotb usually host the first two hours of the program, with Kelly getting the third hour, and Gifford and Kotb hosting the fourth. Now the question is, with the Olympic coverage taking over the first three hours, will the network leave Kelly out completely and let Gifford host the fourth hour by herself?

“The source goes on to say that producers are considering giving Kelly the fourth hour by herself and leaving Gifford out, but fans can only imagine what the 64-year-old’s response would be to that move.

“The network also has the option of letting Kelly stay home during the Olympic coverage, but then they would be paying her a ton of money to do nothing.”

Things have gone from bad to worse for Kelly. If NBS is willing to pay her $20 million a year to stay home, although that seems unlikely, then she must be looking at the beginning of the ned for her show. Her place at NBC always seemed awkward at best. She never did anything like what she’s doing now at Fox News. So it’s no wonder that she’s failing.