Eleven blue states are suing president Donald Trump because of a directive permitting an expansion of health plans that sidestep ObamaCare rules.

Red State reported on the issue:

“Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and New York AG Barbara Underwood are leading the way.

“The suit claims the Department of Labor’s referendum expanding access to association health programs is in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act.”

Association health programs allow small businesses to form a conglomerate and purchase health insurance.

“The point of the move is to allow for less robust, cheaper health plans, thus providing alternatives to ObamaCare.

“One of the plans’ cost-cutting measures is their lack of coverage in the area of mental health. They also don’t cover medical prescriptions.”

The Attorney General released a statement on the matter:

“[The rule] upends a decades-old understanding of a foundational employee benefits law for the purpose of exempting a significant portion of the health insurance market from the Affordable Care Act’s consumer protections.”

The 11 states that are suing are California, Delaware, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. Plus the District of Columbia.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had thoughts on the measures.

“We have zero tolerance for any action that undermines the Affordable Care Act.” Cuomo declared. He added that the action “puts health care coverage at risk for thousands of people.”

So, apparently, any policy that crosses paths and is more efficient than ObamaCare is a bad policy. Democrats need a reality check.

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BY Mark Graham


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