Just a few minutes ago President Trump announced via Twitter a series of new gun control measures. In a series of tweets he laid out his plan for coming legislation.

Trump tweeted:

“Very strong improvement and strengthening of background checks will be fully backed by White House. Legislation moving forward. Bump Stocks will soon be out. Highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal carry, subject to State Law. Armed guards OK, deterrent!………..On 18 to 21 Age Limits, watching court cases and rulings before acting. States are making this decision. Things are moving rapidly on this, but not much political support (to put it mildly).”

The push to arm teachers must be the concession to conservatives in order to push other measures that are often unpopular with the right.

Yesterday President Trump hinted at some of these measures:

“The Trump administration on Sunday unveiled a series of proposals on school safety and gun restrictions in the wake of the recent shooting in Florida, including a push for states to provide firearms training for school staff members.

“White House officials said the administration will establish a federal commission to assess how to best address gun violence in schools, though it will not propose any legislation of its own. The administration will also not push for universal background checks or an increase in the age requirement to purchase a rifle.

“Instead, as part of an effort to “harden” American schools, officials said the administration will provide assistance to states to arm teachers, encourage them to pass laws keeping guns away from dangerous individuals and call on Congress to pass legislation strengthening the national background check system.

“The Department of Justice will use existing programs to help schools partner with state and local law enforcement to provide “rigorous firearm training to qualified personnel” on a voluntary basis, after President Trump has repeatedly voiced support for arming teachers, officials said. The president has argued against “gun-free zones,” saying they attract shooters.
The White House said it will also support the transition of law enforcement and ex-military personnel into education careers.

“Additionally, the administration is calling on states to adopt extreme risk protection orders, which would allow law enforcement to obtain a court order and temporarily take firearms away from individuals deemed a threat to themselves or others.”

Of course, gun control is one of the most contentious issues of our time. It still remains to be seen if any legislation will be passed. The Democrats did not even attempt to pass gun control when they held control of Congress and the White House in 2009.

Source: The Hill.

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