Judicial Watch and The Stream have discovered that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton struck a deal with the State Department that they would withhold certain records, like her call logs and schedules, from the public eye and unable to obtain through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Documents can be held from public record if there is a valid exception, but most of these documents don’t appear to have those exemptions. The documents that were kept from public record also include “Muslim Engagement Documents,” which Clinton reported to have carried off five boxes full of when she left her position, as well as some electronic records.

Clinton’s right hand Huma Abedin is reported to have helped her with this project as well. Judicial Watch obtained the reports by requesting “Authorization for the Removal of Personal Papers and Non-Record Materials” forms filed by Clinton, Abedin, and others.

Clarence N. Finney, was the director of the Office of Correspondence and Records and the reviewing officer said that “the Secretary’s call log, grid, and schedules are not classified, however, they would not be released to the general public under FOIA. They are being released to the Secretary with this understanding.”

The note doesn’t say where on the list of nine FOIA exemptions that these documents fall.  Personal items, such as Clinton’s schedule and personal calls on her phone logs would be exempt, but official items there would not be.

It is hard to understand how “Muslim Engagement Documents” are not public records. The FOIA exemptions do not indicate that they would include those kinds of documents.

While Clinton was Secretary, she was doing quite a bit of Muslim outreach. The State Department improved it’s relationship with Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s chief sharia jurist who also promotes jihadist terrorism, while Clinton was Secretary.

Abedin has reportedly close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood since her mother Saleha is a member of the female division, the “Muslim Sisterhood.”  Front Page Mag observed, “The focus of the Muslim engagement under Obama was the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Clinton has also seemed to have removed a log containing a list of gifts she’d received along with photos of those gifts.  It is against the law for the Secretary of State to receive gifts as a motivation to do something and could be considered bribery. Since we don’t know what those gifts were though, it is unclear if she was bribed.

Gifts that are not personal or from family and friends do not fall under the FOIA exemptions. These gifts could reveal ties to the Clinton foundation because Clinton liked to reward donors to the Clinton Foundation with special treatment from the State Department.

Sadly we will probably never know the nature of those documents, not unless the FBI raids the Clinton home to find them. But this is just yet again another example of Clinton either destroying information, like her emails or keeping from the public’s eye.

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  • dan690

    Do they mean Hillary didn’t want he work against the US to come to light?

    • Front Sight


  • CR

    Those Lists, paired with Clinton Foundation Donors’ Lists and DATES, would be ABSOLUTELY DAMNING for HRC!!!

  • Timothy Thompson

    Oh yes and all that gift giving by the Saudi princes, although recorded even pictured all taken out of public view by her illicit behavior and criminal actions. When is AG Sessions going to clip the wings off this criminal??? She keeps getting away with abuse after abuse against the American people protected by the deep state obviously. A killer, a money laundering machine a thief and a lair.

  • Donald Kilb

    Stealing state property is nothing new. Remember her being caught taking the State China bought by Dolly Madison.

    • June Gagnon

      Along with quite a large number of valuable antique furniture pieces – -can’t remember, but think the estimate fell somewhere in the $200K range- -BUT, they were caught red-handed and had to return everything. Of course, their excuse was “the movers made a mistake”!

      • Donald Kilb

        Of course, and the movers wouldn’t correct them about the “mistake” and risk “suicide”.

  • Rebel

    The idiots at the FBI didn’t think to copy the stuff they removed? Hard to believe…..

  • June Gagnon

    The clintonista witch is an expert at the CYA maneuver – -she has practiced that for more than 40 years, so she is quite confident that it will not “fail” her – -the FBI or some SWAT team needs to prove her wrong – -raid their Chappaqua shack and turn it inside out; then throw BOTH PERVERTS in prison!

  • donl

    I don’t believe we will ever know just how corrupt the Obama/Hillary administration was. All I know is they were trying to force Socialism on us, to me that should be a crime.

  • Jerry Morgan

    Better look for visits and meetings just before Benghazi. She had a meeting with the very people who captured Amb Stevens.