The Daily Caller has discovered that Democratic Representative Gregory Meeks of New York brokered a settlement in 2006 after he fired a staffer in retaliation for reporting that she was sexually assaulted at a business tied to a campaign contributor.

Andrea Payne was then a congressional aide in the New York Democrat’s Queen’s office and after filling a complaint with the Office of Compliance was fired by Meeks weeks later.

Meeks has admitted that Payne’s termination had nothing to do with the quality of her work, according to her lawsuit.

“’This is an action to recover for damages sustained by plaintiff when Representative Meeks violated her Constitutional rights by retaliating against her, and ultimately terminating her employment, because of her sexual assault lawsuit,’ Payne’s attorneys wrote.”

Payne’s retaliation lawsuit dealt with how the Office of Compliance was set up to offer limited protections to Capitol Hill staffers but Meeks has defended that the office’s existence means that he should not be financially liable in the suit.

According to the suit, Payne visited Flowers Physical Therapy in 2000 for treatment after she was injured in a car accident. The Therapy center is owned by Neville Flowers, whose wife Joan “is an important campaign supporter and fundraiser for Representative Meeks.”

The physical therapist working there sexually assaulted her, she claims in the legal document. Payne pursued criminal charges against the employee, and a lawsuit against the company.

The next day an article about the assault appeared in a Queens newspaper and Flowers appeared in Meek’s office “in an agitated state and waved a copy of the article in the reception area while complaining loudly about its contents,” the suit says.

“Meeks said ‘when he received complaints from one of his campaign contributors he must treat the matter very seriously’ and told Payne he was not going to pay her for overtime work she had performed, the lawsuit says. Meeks and top staff began allegedly retaliating in other ways, such as refusing to reimburse Payne for expenses, verbally abusing her, removing files from her computer, and requiring her to work more unpaid overtime.”

Payne filed a complaint with the Congressional Office of Compliance which is in charge of enforcing labor law, in 2000 she wrote to the House Ethics Committee to say she believed the overtime issue was retaliation for her lawsuit against the donor’s company.

Less than two weeks later, Meeks fire her saying “I just don’t feel that this is working,” the lawsuit alleges.

An employee testified that the New York office manager “admitted to her that Ms. Payne was fired because she sent the letter to the House Ethics Committee,” according to the lawsuit.

The abuses don’t stop there when it comes to Meeks office. He then denies Payne her unemployment insurance saying she had quit voluntarily.

Payne and Meek’s office go back and forth for a while until Payne plans to sue Meeks’ congressional office and Meeks personally for $7 million.

But Meek’s argues under the existence of the Congressional Accountability Act, which is the act that created the Office of Compliance, he should not be personally liable.

“Case law says holding an official personally liable wouldn’t be appropriate if there is ‘another remedy, equally effective in the view of Congress,’ the judge summarized.”

Victim advocate groups have been stating that the Office of Compliance forces victims of sexual harassment or assault in the workplace to go through a slow and unsatisfying gauntlet and prevents voters from learning about the member’ conduct.

Representatives like Jackie Speier have been advocating for a change to the policy on Capitol Hill and a redesign of the process that staffers have to go through when reporting sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.

One thing is for sure, that these disgusting Democrats who only harass their employees need to be thrown out of Washington and processes be put in place so things like what Payne had to go through never happen again.

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  • Moon Mullins
  • GrizzMann

    Another Democrat resume enhancement. They do like their outlaws.

  • mbnick

    Standard behavior for most Democrats. Something to do wen they are not busy trying to steal our wallets.

  • regulus30

    Everything was hunkie dorie as long as the libocrats controlled the DOJ/Ethics committee and other cover up depts. The liberals are already starting on questioning Roy Moore when he gets to DC;; if these idiots were smarter they would shut this down . VOTE CONSERVATIVE 2018 save the House and America.

  • Pat

    Finally – the Real War On Women is being exposed for what we all knew was the truth. These sick pukes knew all of this, all collaborated to hide it, all the while claiming Republicans War on Women Fake story and the news lapped it up like a dog on his own vomit.

  • Big Daddy

    another crooked ape…

  • Esau’s Message

    This doesn’t involve his own sexual advances toward her. It is rather a retaliation against her for complaining about a donor.

    • Doug_S

      So what. Basically he pulled a Hillary Clinton and retaliated against an accuser in support of a third party, in this case his donor. Basically the money trail won over ethics.

      • Esau’s Message

        When you engage in this kind of retribution, you are enabling the sexual offender.

      • Doug_S

        So you agree he’s slime regardless?!

      • Esau’s Message

        Indeed, I do. I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop on this cad.

  • domar1938

    Soon the CBC will cease to exist. Has the surface only been scratched? There seems to be an alarming trend here.

  • Marina

    Another great example, how democrat elites holding and office, take money on hand as a priority vs the benefit of society in general.