Judge Andrew Napolitano

The FBI recently was forced to admit that 2,800 government documents were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Weiner, the estranged husband of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, was recently sentenced for sexting with a minor. The documents were revealed after Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the State Department.

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News recently to declare this is the smoking gun that will lead to Hillary Clinton’s indictment. But there is one catch: The DOJ must reopen the case. And so far, they have not done so. Judge Nap explains:

“‘This yet again shows the culture in the Hillary Clinton State Department of a cavalier attitude about the handling of government secrets,’ Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Fox Business Network. “It also shows the FBI awareness of it.”

“He said that President Donald Trump should have Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reopen the Clinton email probe.

“‘I’m not saying she should be indicted. Go where the evidence takes them. The evidence will take them to an indictment,’ Napolitano said.

“He explained that Clinton could face an indictment for sending classified material to Abedin via an unsecured email account.

“‘And Huma will be a witness against her. That’s the way the Justice Department works,’ Napolitano said. ‘They are not bound by the ill-advised, politically-motivated decision that James Comey made in July 2016 not to seek her indictment.'”

The revelation that Huma Abedin would have to be a witness against Hillary Clinton is particularly striking. She has been her most loyal aide. But if she is subpoenaed would she commit perjury to protect her boss? We shall see.

BY Alan Moore

| Managing Editor Of DC Statesman

Alan has previously worked in editorial, marketing, PR, and social networking roles for various websites and news outlets. These include Townhall Media, Newsbusters, MRCTV, and CNSNews. You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  • Linda

    Maybe we should all send an email or text to our friends and neighbors asking them to put pressure on Sessions if he doesn’t move on this fast. You know it will be swept under the rug if we don’t. Sean Hannity is the only one that will keep it alive, and Clinton needs to be indicted immediately. She is the biggest criminal in recent history.

    • Evermyrtle

      At age 87, I never remember any president with as many anti-American, evil imaginations and desires, for our country!!

      • Welford Allanson

        At 83, I had no idea how corrupt the goverment had become in the last 8 years. Wow! Subeverting the US security for huge speakers fees even exceeds the malfeasance of destroying cell phones deleting e-mails and lieing to the public and the widow on Libya. The swamp has a lot of bad actors, I pray we have individuals with enough courage and pricipals to righten the ship despite the likes of Waters, Wilson et. al.

  • dan690

    Lock her up.

  • Expecting Jeff Session to act is as expecting molasses to flow in cold weather. He really want to help but keeps asking, which side?

    • Bill Smith

      IF I WAS TRUMP I WOULD HAVE FIRED SESSIONS AND ROD! AND McCabe the second in command at the FBI!
      I think the real problem is that they are so many crooks on both sides that they are protecting each other!

  • DonRS

    The thoroughly ROTTEN, CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT, BIASED, COMPROMISED FBI harbors possibly the LARGEST CONTINGENT of SWAMP RATS in the Federal Government. What has AG Sessions done about it? NOTHING! What has the new FBI Director Wray done about it? NOTHING. The FBI continues to run amok, further destroying their reputation, built over years!

  • Jmanjo

    That loony wench deserves to be in jail and if those two nitwits in DOJ can’t do the job they should be replaced!

    • Evermyrtle

      You got that right but don’t hold our breath, there are too many antichrist peoples in our country, right in our government, and they will fight to the death fore her!!!

  • wga8888

    Between Huma Abedin and regular meetings at the White House during the Obama Administration, the cause of the Muslim Brotherhood has advanced greatly since Obama got elected. If only the Egyptian people and military had only cooperated.

    • deusexmachina1

      Some say that it was Huma that told the Muslim Brotherhood where to find Stevens….

    • Evermyrtle

      This fits right in what the word of GOD says in 2 Timothy 3:1-17, especially notice verse 13!! It would be good if conservatives were familiar with what this scripture says, it gives us warning about the growth of the evil in the last days!

      First thought that come’s to my mind is how the liberals think they own the US of A and are prepared to make it exactly like the want it, which will fit perfectly with this scripture!!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Don’t you know by now, Democrats – and the Clintons most of all – are above the law.

    • Evermyrtle

      They certainly appear to be!! 99% of the evil acts come from the Democrats! Think back over the “Reign Of Obama!” Now they are crucifying our presidents wife for praying THE LORDS PRAYER!! Tell me has anybody out there, ever heard of such evil!!!

      They are not above the law and we best react to the evil now, before it is too late!!

  • Oldfart1939

    To say that I’m disappointed with Jeff Sessions would be a massive understatement! I thought he was a warrior, not a wuss! He needs to take action on this case instead of going after states which have legalized marijuana, and renewing the failed “war on drugs.”

    • carpkiller

      I could not have said it better.

    • Bill Smith

      I AGREE 100%

  • CaptTurbo

    Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! …

  • John T. Koszalka

    The Justice Department must reopen the case against the Queen of Lies Clinton.

  • Welford Allanson

    With Hillary, the DNC tried to remain in power by selling the US security to the Russians. Thank goodness the American voting public is smarter than the crooks in the DNC, Hillary, Bill C, O’Bama, Lynch, Holder et.al

  • jackw97224

    I like Judge Napolitano, but he has been wrong in the past, so I’m doubtful that an indictment against Clinton will occur. Furthermore, I have little confidence in Sessions or Rosenstein as they are clearly “statists.” And as for “The Donald” well, he seems to be a mix of “statist,” might makes right, and then one who respects God given free will. I am disgusted with the commie/socialist, hate speaking, snowflake, social justice warrior DemonKraits. With the revelation that the Russia Gate was orchestrated by the DemonKraits, it is clear that they have discredited themselves and those who bought the lie have discredited themselves, too.

    • Evermyrtle

      Napolitano proves, that he usually knows what he is talking about and is not afraid to let it be known! Problem: it is not what many people want, the truth is a “NO NO” far too often!!

      • jackw97224

        Yes, I agree, most people are just plain inherently disingenuous with themselves; they are economically immoral; they deny the simple truths of Austria School Economics. In fact voting is immoral as it effectively contracts thugs/politicians/overseers to use violence against the stinkin’ slaves on the plantation state, which means all of us.

  • donl

    It seems to me everyone is telling LIES, and Covering -up for someone else in the Obie Admin. I do not see it ending, to much at stake in their Socialist Party.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Forget Little Rod, he will be INDICTED very soon.

  • 7818TD

    Huma is a Muslim, and they live their Life on a Lie, so if she thinks she can save her neck, it is a possibility she will throw the old Hag under the bus. Only if she gets a deal on immunity. Her Weiner is roasted.