John McCain seems more like a Democrat these days than a Republican. After all, he led the battle to end Republicans plans to repeal Obamacare. He criticizes the president at every chance he gets.

McCain also almost left the Republican Party in 2001 and voted against the Bush tax cuts. And a recent poll shows that he is more popular with Democrats than Republicans:

“Nearly three in four Democrats, 74 percent, hold a favorable opinion of McCain, while only 39 percent of Republican have a favorable view of the GOP senator, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday.

“Forty-nine percent of Republicans hold an unfavorable view of the Arizona lawmaker, while 18 percent of Democrats have an unfavorable opinion, according to the poll. Twice as many independents view him positively than negatively, 60 to 28 percent.”

Democrats struggle to name the leader of their party. And it seems that McCain is doing more leading for them than any self-proclaimed Democrat. So what do you think?


Is John McCain the real leader of the Democratic Party?

Not Sure

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BY Alan Moore

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