Predictably, the gun control lobby has been hard at work since news emerged about the horrific shooting massacre in rural Texas over the weekend.

But people like legendary actor James Woods are not letting them get away with it.

Rabid anti-gun activist and MSNBC host Joy Reid was quickly back to her usual talking points. The NRA is evil, Republicans are to blame, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

So Woods just let her have it. Reid tweeted, “The @NRA is soaked and bathed in blood. How do its adherents sleep at night?”

To which Woods responded, “With a Beretta on the nightstand in case yet another #Democrat decides to go on a rampage.”

Check it out here:

Well played sir, well played.

But he wasn’t done commenting on the recent shooting:

Democrats can’t help themselves. Whenever a tragedy occurs, they are quick to pounce. They never let a crisis go to waste. It’s gut-wrenching when terrible tragedies like the massacre in Texas happen. We don’t need pompous self-promoters using the deaths of others to push their radical left-wing beliefs to make it worse.