A protester yelling at Vice President Mike Pence about immigration was drowned out by booing and chanting of “USA” by Pence supporters at the vice president’s Kansas City, Missouri, speech on Wednesday, according to Live Satellite News.

“Where are the children? Shame on you,” a protester yelled as he entered the event, as seen in a video posted by Live Satellite News on Wednesday.

The crowd started booing loudly while the protester was removed from the event. The crowd then began chanting “USA, USA,” the video shows.

“It really is great to be back,” Pence said, laughing as security removed the protester.

The Daily Caller had more to report on the event:

A second protester, who there is not video of, also heckled pence, though there is no report of what he said, according to The Kansas City Star on Wednesday.

Pence used the Kansas City speech as an opportunity to speak out against Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, The Kansas City Star reported. “Every single Democrat in Congress voted against President Trump’s tax cuts … when it came time to cut your taxes, Senator Claire McCaskill voted no,” Pence said in the speech.

McCaskill’s Senate seat is up for reelection in November. The seat is rated as a “toss up” by the Cook Political Report, meaning that it is one of “the most competitive” races.

This scene is a remarkable moment to see, and it is fantastic to see the fanbase backing Pence as they did at the speech.

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