A moderate Muslim reformer, Imam Mohammad Tawhidi today revealed that he had personally attempted to warn NY City Mayor Bill De Blasio about specific terrorist threats but was ignored. According to Tawhidi, De Blasio was more interested in “trying to bring down President Trump and not Islamic Extremists.”

Late yesterday Tawhidi tweeted, ““About #NYC terrorist attack, I personally sent letters to Mayor De Blasio online & in person about terrorist breeding in NYC.He did nothing,” tweeted Tawhidi, adding, “In 2016, I told Mayor De Blasio that I was in NYC and noticed some hot radical centres. I was willing to point out serious cases. Ignored!” He also said, ““Not only am I a Muslim Imam who understands the threat of Islamic Extremism, I also hold a certificate in counter-terrorism. Now what!?”

He then declared that De Blasio was more interested in playing politics to bring down President Trump saying, “Fact: In the last two years, De Blasio spent all his energy and resources in trying to bring down President Trump and not Islamic Extremists.”

Tawhidi was probably referencing when De Blasio skipped an NYPD ceremony after the assassination of a cop in order to join a protest of the G-20 summit in Germany.

Also, back in 2014 Mayor De Blasio shut down a controversial police unit that tried to detect terrorist threats from the Islamic community:

“The New York Police Department said Tuesday it would disband a special unit charged with detecting possible terrorist threats by carrying out secret surveillance of Muslim groups.

“The squad that conducted the surveillance, known as the Demographics Unit, was formed in 2003. It brought the NYPD under fire from community groups and activists who accused the force of abusing civil rights and profiling.

“New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said his administration has promised ‘a police force that keeps our city safe, but that is also respectful and fair.’

“‘This reform is a critical step forward in easing tensions between the police and the communities they serve, so that our cops and our citizens can help one another go after the real bad guys,’ he said.”

BY Alan Moore

| Managing Editor Of DC Statesman

Alan has previously worked in editorial, marketing, PR, and social networking roles for various websites and news outlets. These include Townhall Media, Newsbusters, MRCTV, and CNSNews. You can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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  • antilib

    Even when good Muslims speak out the “Progressives” ignore them. The Democrats really are the worst enemy of the USA.

    • Maggiemae

      I totally agree!!!!! They have become the new face of the Nazi’s….they want total control of everything and absolutely do not care what they have to do to get that control. Electing De Blasio…..events like this should show the people how out of touch he is with EVERYTHING.

  • Bruce

    De Blasio is just what NYC needs. Re-elect him. He is good for terrorism.

    • Sam I am

      That keeps them out of our town, by all means “please “ re-elect deblowsio

    • Marc Leap

      They likely will re-elect him. He’s a Liberal lunatic…just perfect for the idiots in NYC, who arrogantly see themselves as so superior to all those “hicks” and “racists” who live in fly-over territory.

  • McFerguson

    De Blasio’s a moron. He’s one of those big-city liberals who like so many of the others big city Mayors – Detroit, San Fran, Baltimore, Chicago – turned their cities into playgrounds of crime and corruption. People flee to the suburbs, the tax base suffers, and the Mayors are forced to govern like Mafia dons while accepting kickbacks to get anything done. And all of these cities, it seems, are governed by people of de Blasio’s stripe – bed wetting liberals who have no sense of the Rule of Law

    • Maggiemae

      So very true!!!!!! Chicago may become a ghost town…and that may be a blessing.

      • McFerguson

        Yes, a blessing indeed…

      • old codger

        Correct spelling is SHITCAGO!! LOL!

      • Paul

        Maggie be careful what you wish for . If these people are displaced the where will they go?I do not want them around me.

      • Adrian Johnson

        Colorado used to be a red state until high taxes drove so many ex Californians to move there that CO turned–and voted– blue.

    • Gerry Costa

      He is just like cuomo, emanuel and moonbeam — illegal loving, muslime loving PsOS who are worthless to the U.S. They need to be tarred and feathered and run right out of this country.

      • McFerguson

        Yeah, I forgot old Governor Moonbeam. What a piece of work that turkey is…remember when Linda Ronstadt was his main squeeze?

      • We need common sense.

        He’s ruining California faster than they
        can turn around. I Knew his daddy.

      • Adrian Johnson

        Californians who couldn’t take the high taxes there fled to Colorado, and thereby lowered the IQ of both states.
        Ex-Californicator snowflakes swamped the natural conservative population of Colorado, so that it now votes Democratic.

      • John Flynn

        “You won’t have Richard Nixon to kick around, anymore….”

    • We need common sense.

      They can’t seem to get anything right; but worse, they
      keep doing the same wrong things over & over again.

      • McFerguson


  • Bill

    Does this really surprise anyone? The liberals are totally out of touch with the real world.

    • We need common sense.

      No wonder our major cities are sucking.

  • LJJ1937

    Great Mayor you have New York City. Enemy of the U.S.A.!!!!!

  • Marc E.

    Wonder how many residents NJ or CT gained since DeBlaBlaBlasio was elected.

    • denniel

      none Because the are Both taxed heavely too!

  • Big Daddy

    NYC is getting exactly what they voted for. Get ready, more’s on the way dummies!

  • Dan

    And I’ll bet even after this incident, the mayor will just go about business as usual. And that would be attacking President Trump every step of the way.

  • MSG Leo

    Hopefully whoever runs against this liberal fanatic will use this to show New Yorkers why they are better off without this idiot being in charge.

  • jobird

    And now the chickens have come home to roost in this “donkey’s hair”.Both the mayor and the governor of NY should be run out of the city/state government .To be sure there are many more “Saipov”waiting to mow,blow up,shoot up any and all NewYorkers.I suggest profiling men with beards and skull caps.I f you look like a terrorist,hey you maybe be one.PS same goes for burka’s with faces covered.

  • Paul

    These political figures that are shirking their responsibilities need to be removed from office.
    No investigation -really? What about your oath TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE?

  • Raul Jimenez

    With stupid, ignorant and parasitic voters…..what else do you expect from their leaders?

  • Esau’s Message

    In any decent political culture, Big Bird would be dragged from Gracie Mansion by his heels, tarred and feathered, run out of Manhattan on a rail and hanged in some obscure Newark parking lot.

    But one more thing. Hizzoner is not the only failure. If this imam is telling the truth, then he also certainly informed the NYPD and the FBI. So continued failure from all the organizations that are supposed to protect us.

  • dallasorf

    So much for “See something, say something”. And even if our officials were to listen, what exactly would we be looking for that would be suspicious?

  • steve

    De Blasio is a kneeler.

  • Fred Barton

    There is a probability that the Left-Wing, Radical, believes the Republicans are more a threat to their Utopian dream than radical Islamists. The Republicans support responsibility and respect for citizens, while radical Islamists move people towards a quest for security, which gives the Left power.

  • Ralph Johnson

    I heard said deblasio was going to try and run for President can you imagine this joker in the WH.. He should be thrown out of office as of right now.. The people of NYC should demand this jerk go..

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      …but…but…but they LOVE him. Every time they get murdered en masse by someone who shouldn’t even be here, it just reminds them of what a racist meanie Trump is…

  • Corsica

    De Blasio is a big pompous doofus who champions and reveres the criminal element. Unfortunately he will be reelected mayor by the vast majority of morons in NYC.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I guess that must make this guy an Islamophobe, huh? Now you see what happens when you elect someone like Mayor Wake & Bake whose sole qualification for the job was marrying a black woman.

  • DonRS

    How can New Yorkers be SO STUPID as to elect this BOZO Mayor? It is time to abandon everything New York City!

  • gobrien

    Guess the “See something — say something” admonishment is all BS. That’s how the politicians fool people into believing they’re doing something or even care.

  • Ger M

    Interesting “news” but balance this with the Imam’s other associations (see link http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2017/04/11/4651763.htm ) given that (no excuse for DeBlasio’s political puke) then even as a conservative presented w/similar news I have to say “acknowledge w/caution”

  • tom2

    Easy comment. De Blasio’s a meat-headed, ham-fisted imbecile. As radical as New York is, surely its voters can come up with a better leader.

  • Sue

    NYC is a sanctuary city for anyone except native residents. Thanks jackholes for protecting terrorists.

    • Adrian Johnson

      And mafia, and gangs, and other miscellaneous criminals. . . .

  • iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    another evil liberal

  • WentworthBarclay

    The upcoming election in New York City gives the voters a chance to remove Mayor Bill de Blasio by voting for a young, exceptionally bright woman, Nicole Malliotakis. I can only hope that New Yorkers see what a dreadful mayor we have had and realize it’s time to replace him and remove NYC from Sanctuary City status.

    The NYC police department must call these killers what they really are, RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS. Also, Senator Chuckie Schumer must be called out ( with the previous president of the United States ) for inventing these “diversity” programs that bring in these killer thugs and their families.

  • Jmanjo

    De Blasio..the biggest foo lever elected to Mayor of New York City! One step down the food chain is California’s Gov Jerry Brown! Whoever heard of not making it worse to use a gun committing a crime! Only tricky dicky Jerry could come up with that one!

    • We need common sense.

      You got that right……..the 2 fools who’ve managed to
      fool everyone…….A gov and a mayor.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    deblasio (Big Bird), is an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization and only cares about destroying America.


    di flabbio’s picture is right next to the word $$hithead in the dictionary.

  • Marc E.

    In a way, it might be easier to track potential terrorists. Like animals, they’ll go where they can find tbe easiest “prey”. Translation: Communities led by the weakest politicians, first.

  • William Sasman

    Another show of idiot side of those on the left. They have one goal in life and that’s to bash Trump. To bad these people don’t wake up.

  • Thomas L. Stafford

    his is a very brave Imam. His faith needs many more of his ilk.

  • denniel

    and Yet the Idiots in NC will vote him back in

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    “Silence! I’m busy selling my office to donors, consolidating power for another 4 years and ranting & raving about an imaginary ‘fascist’ in the White House! If you think I’m gonna waste my time trying to save anyone’s life, you can go EABOD!”