One of Hillary Clinton’s top aides, Huma Abedin, swore under oath that she did not pass on State department emails after she left the department, but it was just discovered that Abedin saved ‘classified’ emails on her estranged husband’s laptop, reports The Daily Mail.

After examining the emails, it was discovered that they were backup copies created in the dates after Clinton left the State Department in 2013. The FBI discovered the emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop after it was seized just weeks before the 2016 election.

At least five messages released from the laptop were marked as “classified” which included discussions on Israel and other Middle Eastern issues from 2010-2012, reports The Daily Mail.

When Abedin was interviewed by the FBI, she told them she did not have a way of preserving her email exchanges with her boss on a private server. She claims to have lost most of them as a result of the transition from the state department, which means she has effectively lied to the FBI a second time.

Abedin was Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department and remains her closest aide.  A tech expert told the Daily Mail that Abedin would have to activate the backup program and may well have plugged her device into the laptop, which raises further questions over her testimony to the FBI.

After new information coming to light about the possible bias running rampant in the FBI, especially in regards to the Clinton email server investigation, the Justice Department last Thursday said they are looking into the investigation again.

Then-FBI Director James Comey had cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing in regards to her email server, but now it is known that he was probably influenced by other agents to change the wording of Comey’s final verdict so as to lessen the consequences.

The emails were discovered by the FBI just weeks before the 2016 election when the agency seized Weiner’s laptop after the Daily Mail revealed he was sexting a 15-year-old girl, an offense for which he is now behind bars.

This is another example of a glaring oversight or just plain mistake in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and a new investigation needs to begin to not only look into Hillary’s email server but also a look into how Comey conducted the first investigation.

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  • Tomas

    Mishandling classified material is a felony. When will someone, anyone of these people be charged, prosecuted, convicted and jailed? And don’t try to tell me that Clinton, Obama and his advisors didn’t know what was going on. They most certainly did. So what is going to happen to these criminals?

    • Appreciate

      The wiretapping of President Trump and his campaign for political purposes is also a FELONY for which obama should receive jail time immediately. I can hear your frustration and anger and I absolutely share it. They continue this ridiculous “russian” witch hunt of the President costing untold millions of dollars while these other crimes are there and PROVEN and yet we hear nothing of punishment. There will never be any modicum of peace in this country until justice is served against these blatant criminals. The whole “russian” BS was drummed up in case the “disastrous” happened and Trump won. And it was all so blatant because they were just so sure the Corrupt Clinton would win and they could just continue “business as usual” and hide everything with the FBI and DOJ’s cooperation since obama had staffed it with his operatives and weaponized it against US citizens. Why else was clinton so concerned that if President Trump won they “would all hang”? It’s almost funny to think even SHE believed there would be some justice in this country for a dim when we have yet to see any evidence of that. So we have the Queen of Corruption admitting it, the evidence to prove it and yet what is happening? Everyone knows it, even the lying, hypocritical left who continue to pretend it’s about “election integrity” (all the while they refuse to cooperate with President Trump’s initiative to clean up the voter rolls to stop illegals and others, like the dead, from voting for the dims — how very typical). How will American citizens EVER again trust the FBI and the DOJ without seeing that the laws are applied to for EVERYONE, not just regular hard-working, tax-paying citizens? How can there be peace when such criminality at the highest levels of our government goes unchecked? It’s almost nightmarish — it seems that at this point in time, after the MASSIVE damage obama has inflicted on this country — it is being revealed that our government is no better than that of any banana republic. How can we survive when a president can arm our enemies with nukes to be used against us, the citizens of the country, with absolutely no ramifications? The government operates at the will of the people and We, The People need to see immediate action if there is ever a chance of believing we are truly a republic again.

      There is an attempted coup of a duly-elected President going on and if we don’t see our government officials putting an end to this and administering justice evenhandedly to the criminals who infiltrated the Oval Office, how can there ever be “liberty and justice for all”? Is it already too late for that? Have obama and the clintons divided and therefore, ruined our country forever? There is no crime greater than that for an elected official, legally and morally, and should be punished accordingly. They need to be sent to GITMO and they need to be sent immediately. No more of this nonsense.

      • Tomas

        I’m afraid that we will have to put up with this game playing until democrat operatives are purged from all federal agencies. The deep state is still in charge and until the deep state is removed from decision making positions, meaning removing democrats, I don’t think we will see any justice. Democrat do not obey the law and they haven’t for decades. They hate the constitution and want to do away with it. They also want to disarm American Citizens so they can take actual physical control of all aspects of our lives. That is the intent and they will not cease trying to gain that end. We are in for a long hard slog and the slog will be painful. All we can do hang in there and keep voting for non-democrats and demand our elected officials do their job. At least for the time being. Justice will eventually win out one way or another.

      • Appreciate

        Thank you, Tomas. Today I particularly needed a dose, a glimmer of hope. It’s very hard to fight an enemy with absolutely no honor or integrity. But like you, I do feel we will, one day, be rid of the deep state and Obama will just forever be a stain on American history. I also agree it will be a very long fight since there is nothing the dims won’t do for power and to implement their globalist utopian vision where 99% of the population has been reduced to serfs. For the sake of my descendants, I will never give up the fight. We are literally battling for the human beings who will come after. And one day, we patriots will be remembered for having been on the right side of history. I wish you a peaceful evening and thank you again.

      • Tomas

        We are not alone, there are a lot of Americans in America. Be well.

      • Pat Sugrue

        Appreciate unfortunately a lot of this falls on us the American citizen for being silent for too long. We had our jobs our middle class life our families and the fringe loonies well we just let them rant and we’d give them their way like the spoiled children they are. Too many have pampered their children, give them everything expect nothing, no accountability send em off to college give them credit cards, let em take 5-6 years to get some worthless degree then let them stay at home forever, get all tatted up and don’t require them to get a job. Every child is a winner on & on…. I saw this happen when my kids started playing little league 25 years ago everyone gets a trophy and kids got to play any position they wanted even if they barely knew where that position was. I yanked my son out of cub scouts when the parents were making the kids pinewood derby cars and the kids are watching cartoons at the meetings. Yes believe me I made mistakes too and some of my tough love and decisions cost me a marriage but I wanted my kids to grow up being responsible.. My son in HS actually on his own started going to Libertarian meetings, and had a strong opinion regarding politics after 3 years of college he was indoctrinated and became a huge Obama lover and liberal. Until we as parents and Americans stop the madness and start holding children, and others accountable things will continue to deteriorate. I have hope, I saw what the silent Americans accomplished getting Donald Trump elected in 2016. It’s a start, but we are a long way form getting our country back and we all see the nonsense by the left and too many RINOs in washington, the liberal media the shameful behaviour of rich spoiled athletes ignoring and disgracing our police, military and flag. The hollywood babies that want to dictate to average Americans how we should live our lives according the the filth and trash they put out and call them movies. Turn it all off, stop supporting these American, police and military haters. In a few years they will be out of jobs and and our country will start to come back but show your kids tough love get involved and stand up for the country we all love and remember. We can’t please everyone, not everyone is a winner but through God, hard work and tough love we can do this but it will be a fight every step of the way for a good bit. Look what our forefathers went through. God Bless You All and God Bless America!!!!!
        Sorry for the long rant

      • Appreciate

        Good American, thank you for such a thoughtful reply and I agree with everything you have said. We have three really good, hard-working children — 21, 21 and 23. It’s interesting how the one who went to a specialized school for cooking and who is now a chef at her young age, and her brother who went to a university in the south, both see a lot of the absurdity in the left. But our one who is in her senior year for early childhood education seems to have swallowed the liberal agenda whole. It makes me very sad but I also believe in that saying “If you aren’t a liberal at 20, you have no heart, if you aren’t a conservative at 40, you have no brain.” I just hate that this child we raised to be an independent thinker seems quite comfortable spouting the party line of the left. I know it’s because they’ve made her believe that makes her more compassionate and loving and she wants to be perceived as that,when adults realize the true destruction they are causing all of us. I think it kills most parents to feel as though their really strenuous parenting has been co-opted by an indoctrination system that, in the end, doesn’t care for them as people one bit. For the dems, it is ALWAYS votes over people, every time. And I suppose it’s worse in the field of education which is why our children are so indoctrinated in public school. We sacrificed and scrimped to send our children to a Christian private school through the 8th grade and I don’t regret one penny spent. And then since we live in a rural area, they attended a high school nationally recognized for their STEM studies particularly. So we got lucky. But it’s in college where they really indoctrinate these young minds and it infuriates me. We entrust these places, and pay them massive amounts of money, to educate, NOT indoctrinate, our children. But I have to be satisfied with the fact that as individuals they are all employed, they are all good citizens and that there is a great deal of love in our family. I hope the critical thinking will come with life experience (and paying taxes!). So thank you again. I was feeling rather down yesterday about the plight of our country but everyone has been so kind in their remarks, it has helped tremendously. It’s so important for me to remember that it is only a very small percentage of people who post on political boards but there are so many regular Americans out there who agree with the direction President Trump is taking us. We are the silent majority and we just have to keep fighting back against those who would destroy our country. (And stop being so silent!)

    • deusexmachina1


  • Pat

    How many federal violations from this 8itch do we need to read about before something is done? AND, not just this one, but numerous others in their attempt to control the election and the US Government.

  • Gerry Costa

    90% of the obama administration lied under oath and nothing has happened. Stop talking about this being a big deal and take some action — otherwise just STFU !!!!

    • Good American

      agree get involved and stand up to this nonsense politicians count on us doing nothing and fading away

  • Dan

    Nothing but criminals surrounding Clinton and Obama. Meanwhile Donald Trump and his administration has been distracted by false claims and accusations preventing him from proceeding with his campaign promises. When the swamp is drained, truth and honesty will prevail!!!

  • Good American

    Are we surprised that Huma lied, wow with a mentor / boss such as Hillary and her husband slick willy the king and queen of of deceit and deception. Yet the deep state continues, the liberal media protects them. We have a long way to go but it is up to us to get involved and rally our friends, neighbors and countrymen to take action, yes some might not be pleasant we may lose a friend along the way but we might be able to get our country back on the right track. It will be a fight

  • dan690

    Okay, go ahead and charge her and take her into custody.

  • John P. Morris

    Note that day after day the ugliest facts emerge to expose one Leftist after another; yet nothing comes of any and all of it. Our Soviet-style media make for a collective moat around their agenda.

  • domar1938

    They don’t operate by any truth, therefore it is not lying.

  • jlbs

    This is the result when the government has been allowed to take the place of God. Those in government believe they can do whatever they want whenever they want to do it and they will get away with it — because they think they are God. We, the people, are between a rock and a hard place, because those we elect, with the understanding that they will actually see that those such as Clinton, etc. will receive due punishment for their actions, end up doing a 180 once they get into their respective offices and we are, once again, left holding the bag. Even if we get on their backs and try to make them follow through with the promises they made in order to get elected, we are ignored and they do whatever they want. I think I understand the problem, but, unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. If anyone does, or thinks they do, please speak up.

  • TroyGale

    Guess Huma didn’t know that when you lie down with dogs, you’ll get fleas.

  • Nikola’s Notion

    So Mueller’s mandate extends to the Deutsche Bank records, which contain no suspect transactions, but do not extend to the the misrepresentations to the FBI, These screwballs should be denied any classification clearance at all, ever.

  • Wmichaelmic

    Huma Abedin knew exactly what she was doing. These documents were her insurance policy in the event Hillary threw her under the bus. I would like very much to know what these emails contain. Might be pay to play deals concerning her boss. I think Strozk aided and abetted these crooks a great deal and may have destroyed as much incriminating evidence as he could concerning Clinton. He may have overlooked a few confidential documents, however; I am willing to wager there were thousands to deal with. He could not allow his queen to be indicted for anything, regardless of the seriousness of the crime.


    “Huma Abedin Busted Lying To The FBI While Under Oath About Emails”

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a trial and possible jail time. There are two standards for law set in the USA.

    I higher standard for the common man and a much lower bar set for criminal politicians.

    I said criminal politicians in the same sentence. Seems redundant doesn’t it?

  • Sue

    Please, please, please. Indicte them all.the fbi needs to do its JOB.

  • MSG Leo

    They need to offer her immunity to rat out Killary to finally get her behind bars for the rest of her miserable life.